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Will Rubbing Alcohol Remove Paint From A Car

In this article we are going to discuss about will rubbing alcohol remove paint from a car. When used at full strength, rubbing alcohol can cause permanent damage to your car paint. And that’s why you should always dilute isopropyl rubbing alcohol before applying it on your car surfaces. High concentrations of ethyl found in alcohol can eat through paint and leave behind some damage.

Will Rubbing Alcohol Remove Paint From A Car

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Rubbing alcohol remains the number one go-to ingredient for many professional car detailers. It has several uses ranging from inspecting correction results, polishing residues, and removing oil or grease that is stuck on car paint among other uses. If you were thinking whether rubbing alcohol will damage car paint what you need to know is that provided it is diluted accordingly, it’s safe to use on your car. However, please note that it shouldn’t be used on freshly painted cars.

Is It Okay To Use Rubbing Alcohol On Car Paint?

rubbing alcohol remove paint from a car

Car paint maintenance involves a lot of things. This includes regular cleaning, polishing, waxing, and detailing. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is very effective. As there being so many solvents and cleaners out there, most experienced detailers prefer to use rubbing alcohol. It is more than okay to use rubbing alcohol on car paint. But car owners can use it to clean and disinfect their cars and remove stubborn stains such as grease. Isopropyl alcohol can also be used to remove old layers of wax and to prepare your car for wrapping or application of fresh paint. Below I am going to explain further whether rubbing alcohol can damage car paint.

Can Rubbing Alcohol Damage My Car’s Clear Coat?

rubbing alcohol remove paint from a car

Every car has a clear coat that is applied on top of the paint. Its role is to protect the paint from scratches, UV rays, and other harmful elements.  The biggest worry for many car owners is that rubbing alcohol can damage this clear coat. Because rubbing alcohol is a solvent and the clear coat is a bit softer than actual paint, this concern is valid. Fortunately, the alcohol evaporates faster so the odds of this happening are quite low. Not unless you leave behind a wet rag soaked with undiluted rubbing alcohol on your car paint.

Why Should I Dilute Rubbing Alcohol?

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Spraying undiluted rubbing alcohol will damage your car paint. Hence do not use rubbing alcohol on your car if you are not going to dilute it. Instead it will be better of using other cleaners or solvents. Full-strength isopropyl alcohol can severely mess up your car paint. The safest way to use rubbing alcohol is by diluting it in water. You should dilute it between 10% and 15%. You won’t find diluted rubbing alcohol on store shelves. You have to do dilute it yourself. In a container fill quarter with 50% rubbing alcohol and fill entire container with water. The mixture will be safe to use on your car paint.

Uses Of Rubbing Alcohol

At home, rubbing alcohol is mostly used as a cleaning agent. Here it is used in higher concentrations mostly to kill germs and bacteria. When you are going to use rubbing alcohol to clean your car it should be adequately diluted so that it doesn’t damage the paint. Below are some uses of rubbing alcohol that involve its contact with car paint;

Removing Wax

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Car wax do a deserving job at preventing paint from fading and discoloring caused by UV rays. These also give your car paint a mirror-like finish. When you want to polish your car or perform paint correction you need to remove sealant or wax then rubbing alcohol can help you do this thoroughly.

Removing Sticker Residue

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Applying stickers on car is easy process but when it comes to removing the process will be to hard. But the rubbing alcohol is strong enough to penetrate through the pores in paper and glue.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

If you have hazy headlights then some rubbing alcohol can clear it up right away removing any dust or polish on the lens. By doing this you car mirrors and headlight will be clean and your look will be clear.

Removing Obscuration From Windows And Windshields

Removing Obscuration From Windows And Windshields

Similar to headlights windows often get hazy and rubbing alcohol does an excellent job at removing those streaks. In the case of removing haze from a window some of the rubbing alcohol may drip onto the paint. The best course of action is to dilute rubbing alcohol. For those who are offering car cleaning services on a professional level as great and affordable as rubbing alcohol is you need to purchase the necessary solvents and cleaning agents designed for these applications. Rubbing alcohol is just like vinegar. It is mostly a DIY ingredient and should be used for minor applications.


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