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Will Muriatic Acid Remove Paint From Metal

In this article we are going to discuss about will Muriatic acid remove paint from metal. Muriatic acid is a chemical primarily used in swimming pool treatment. It can also be used for removing paints and other substances from surfaces. This is a very corrosion and dangerous material. You should only use this if you cannot remove the paint in any other way.

Will Muriatic Acid Remove Paint From Metal

muriatic acid remove paint from metal

Muriatic acid can also be used to remove paint from wood. While it will remove paint very well its strength will tend to make the metal brittle no matter how well it is rinsed. Do not let it touch your skin. It’s corrosive and must be handled with care, but muriatic acid will dissolve paint that has seeped into deep pores and lodged between the bricks and mortar.

5 Important Steps

Step 1

wear gloves

Cover all areas surrounding the paint stains with tarp. At the same time wear long-sleeved clothing and gloves that will fully protect all body parts and add protective eye wear.

Step 2

Mix the acid with water pouring the acid carefully into the water from a glass graduated container you need four times as much water as muriatic acid.

Step 3

brush into the water

Dip a stiff nylon brush into the water or acid solution. Let all excess water drip from the brush over the bucket before moving it toward the stains.

Step 4

Scrub the stains

Scrub the stains out of the surface with the acid-soaked brush.

Step 5

Rinse off the scrubbed area quickly after scrubbing using a rag soaked in fresh water.

Steps To Remove Paint From Any Metal Surface

remove paint from metal

It is an easier task to paint on a metal surface but when coming to remove paint from metals it wont be easy. The reason why it is such a hectic work is that paint usually bonds well with all metals. So, if you need to remove paint from the metal surface you can prefer either home remedies or professional products. The following are a few of the methods by which you can remove paint from the metal surfaces with the least efforts.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

You would have used baking soda every day in the kitchen, but it would be a surprise factor for you that baking soda as a solution, is one of the effortless ways to remove paints from the metal surface. The process of removing paint with baking soda is simple. Take the metal product and immerse that in a bowl filled with a mixture of hot water and baking soda. This mixture reacts with metal and lets the paint to loosen its bond with metals. Usually after an hour’s immersion, you can see the paint stripping off from the metals.


paint steamer

If you are accessible to a steamer here comes the solution to remove paint from the metal surface. Take the painted metal surface and start to steam gently on the metal. Once the metal starts reacting to steam increase the temperature at a slower pace. When you continue steaming the metal for 30 to 40 minutes, the paint on the metal begins to strip and end up curling on the metal surface. Then, you can use a paint scraper and wipe off paint from metal.

Chemical Solutions

Chemical Solutions

Most of us are not fond of chemicals and their fragrances. But, as a solution to remove paints from the metal surface, chemicals are considered as one of the best options in recent times. Ammonia and Acetone are the two widely used chemicals to remove paint from the metal surface. As a result of this, metal loosens its bond with the paint and allows the paint to peel off from metal. It is recommended to use gloves and masks before contacting the chemical solutions as they can be responsible for creating allergic sensation to some of the skin types.



In earlier days when people had no other options to remove paint from the metal surface mechanical scrapers helped them a lot. After the technological development many chemicals and new techniques were brought up to wipe off the paint from metal. The tip of this tool has many pores to let the chemicals flow on the metal surface. Hence, this tool gives you the dual benefits of mechanical scraping and chemical solutions.


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