will brake fluid remove paint

Will Brake Fluid Remove Paint

In this article we are discussing about will brake fluid remove paint. Break fluid is a chemical agent. It is sometimes mainly used in the hydraulic braking systems of most cars. It is generally used to boost the force from your foot to the brake pedal which it converts into pressure on the brakes. This break fluid can remove paint from small metal or plastic objects. Brake fluid are done regularly by car owners to keep their cars running well.

Will Brake Fluid Remove Paint

brake fluid

Brake fluid works as an effective alternative to paint stripper in removing paint from any small metal. since it is claimed to be a good solvent for many such substances. Brake fluid serves as an effective alternative to paint stripper in removing paint from any small metal. When ever break fluid is left to remain in contact with any painted surface for an extended period it can loosen the paint from the surface. The process of brake fluid removing paint certainly works perfectly for even lead paints and also lead-free metallic alloys too. But ensure to take quality care with plastic models since this fluid can become weaker of some types.

How Does Brake Fluid Remove Paint From Plastics?

First to remove paint from a surface make slightly wet outside areas on the surface with a spray. However you should refrain from any dry sweeping as it can spread dust particles all over the place. Then using a tool take the dust dirt into big or heavy-duty plastic containers or even bags. After completion of that process next remove any top later of polluted soil and put them in shape and sealable plastic bags as well. Whenever brake fluid is left on any surfaces such as on plastics or cars it will effectively begin to break down the layer of paint coating on the surface. Hence make sure to not left brake fluid on any of surfaces.

This is known to leave behind vertical marks over the surface as it eats down using the glycol agent in it. This can become so severe that it will eventually expose the surface on which it was applied. Therefore when brake fluid is mistakenly applied on any surface then you need to wipe it off as it can eat metal or any surfaces onto which it was applied. Brake fluid works as an efficient paint remover for either lead or lead-free metal alloys. But be careful with plastic models since it can cause the softening of some types of plastics.

How Brake Fluid Damages Car Paint?

Brake Fluid Damage

You might not know how brake fluid can harm your car because there are chemicals in the brake fluid. Glycol is the main chemical in it. It has molecules that make brake fluids effective at dirty up your coating. The reaction of glycol in your car’s paint functions like a very aggressive solvent.
If you leave brake fluids sitting on the paint it will start to break down the layer of coating in your car. It can leave vertical marks all over the car as it goes down. There can be severe damage to your car as the glycol eats through the paint. It can get as severe as showing the metal of the vehicle.

How To Clean Off Brake Fluid?

If you have a newer car with higher quality paint so simply wiping the fluid off is enough to prevent any harm. Now you know how important it is to act fast. Then what you need to simply is

Blot Up The Fluid

blot up the brake fluid

Use a paper towel or a towel to soak up as much fluid as you can. Avoid wiping it off. This will only make the fluid spread the brake fluid around and expand the affected area. Press the towel where the fluid is and blot it up.

Wash The Fluid Off

Wash The Fluid Off

Clean whatever is left in the car as soon as you can. To wash it it’s better to use a washing detergent, but this is an emergency so grab any soap you have around. Apply it and wash it with a clean sponge.

Rinse Well

rinse well car with water

The final step is to flush the area with a lot of water. This will neutralize the brake fluid and stop any corrosion.


Break fluid is a very good alternative to paint thinner since it can do whatever the paint stripper is capable of. Since brake fluid removes certain substances such as some types of rubber while paint stripper does not. Make sure to find out before you use brake fluid to remove paint from any rubber surface whether the rubber is the type that is susceptible to its attack or not. Here, I have come to the end of the article on topic will brake fluid remove paint. I tried my level best to include all the necessary points that are required related to the article. I do hope my article would be interesting and may be ever knowledgeable.

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