What Kind Of Paint Is Safe For Skin

What Kind Of Paint Is Safe For Skin: 6 Striking Paints

In this article we are going to discuss about what kind of paint is safe for skin. Not all the paints go best for skin only some will work best for your skin. Here in this article we will guide you some of the terrific paints which goes great for your skin and will be safe. We will give information for you in the form of video and images in an interesting way. Keep on reading for more details in this article. Before completion of this article we will include the main details you require in easy manner.

What Kind Of Paint Is Safe For Skin

Going into this topic let’s get an overall idea about what kind of paint is safe for skin in the form of video

What Kind Of Paint Is Safe For Skin

What Kind Of Paint Is Safe For Skin

Great question! As we said there are many paints which you can use for your skin but only some are safe. It all depends on the paint you choose. Let’s see what paint is safe for your skin. If you’re the people looking for safe paint the great option from our side is to “Use Suitable Paints”. Many of the people think that “Non-Toxic” does not mean Safe for Skin. Some of the paints like acrylic paints, watercolor markers and pencils are not meant to be used on skin. Because the package itself says “Non-Toxic” does not mean for Safe for Skin.

What Kind Of Paint Is Safe For Skin: 7 Awesome Paints

In process of identifying the safe paints for your skin, Firstly we have to look what type of body paints available on market today? We have researched and got you 7 best body paints for your skin. Keep on reading for stunning information!

1. Water-Based Paint​

Water-based paint​

Today water-based paints in market are doing good and it’s is safe paint for body as well as for skin. Water-based paint is well regulated and it has a strict set of guidelines that need to follow. This water-based paint is enormous for kids because as it is non-toxic and great advantage of this paint is easily washed away after use. For applying this paint you can use a inclusive range of equipment. For naming a few you can use materials like airbrush, sponge or a paintbrush. One of the pitfall of this water-based paints is that they are admitting of cracking. These water-based paints also rub off easily.

2. Metallic Body Paint

The other safe paint for body is metallic body paints. Do any one have remember the performer on the streets who looks like a golden/silver statue? If you have go it for your mind, that guy mostly use this type of body paint to attain that shiny gleaming look. This metallic body paints contains of real metal powder in them along by mixing with special liquid to create “statue” feeling.

Metallic Body Paint

Before buying this metallic body paint be sure to check whether they will effect your body or not. Because some metallic paints can irritate the skin as that paint contains of metal powder component. One of the disadvantage of this paint is it doesn’t come off easily when compared with water-based paint. Better to avoid this type of paints for your body or skin unless you really need emergency.

3. Alcohol-Based Paint

This alcohol-based paints are mostly used for only special effects applications or for making airbrush tattoos. These paints are great too use in hot and sunny areas or for underwater body painting. As alcohol-based are waterproof it won’t make to get off sweat from our body and won’t make it crack or come off. Better to avoid this alcohol-based paint because when touched it will come off.

Alcohol-Based Paint

As we said this won’t come off easily from your body, for getting off it from your body you may require some rubbing alcohol to remove that paint away from your body. As you use rubbing alcohol to remove the paint from your skin or body you might need to wait for a day to get your skin back as that rubbing alcohol might irritate your skin.

4. Latex Body Paint

Latex is also called as liquid latex which can also be used for body paint. This paints are best choice for cos players as its inexpensive when compared with custom costume designs. When you compared with other forms of body paint this latex paint doesn’t leave any residue behind. Before using this latex paint there are some few deliberations that you need to take.

Latex Body Paint

Before start painting your body with this latex make sure you do not have a latex allergy. Don’t use latex on your skin if you are allergic to it. When you use latex in times of extreme heat it can effect heatstroke. Because of this it tends to block the body from perspiring. This body paint should be applied for the ares of the skin that are damaged or get irritated.

5. Commercial Body Paint

Commercial Body Paint

It is said that body paint can be used by everyone by companies(like Starlight). The paint will be in the form of spray bottles or in containers and don’t contain any latex and non-toxic. You can make test on these paint products whether they well for you or not.

6. Markers

Markers won’t damage you skin or body, but the markers which you use everyday will you skin or body. These are special markers which are only used for body painting. These markers are non-toxic and safe for usage for both adults and kids. Before usage of those markers first read the outer packaging cover for detail information.


All types of paint which we mentioned above are safe for use on your skin and will not irritate you. Always get remember before going to use any type of body paint. For checking whether it works for skin or not just apply small amount on your skin an wait for few minutes to see if there’s any irritation. By doing this process you can get whether the body paint will work for you or will not work for you.

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Here, I have come to the end of the article on topic what kind of paint is safe for skin. I tried my level best to include all the necessary points that are required related to the article. I do hope my article would be interesting and may be ever knowledgeable.

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