What Happens If You Paint Over Rust?

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Have you ever wondered what happens if you paint over rust? Rust is caused by the interaction between the surface of the metal and the environment. It is a form of corrosion, and so, must it be prevented by all means.

Once rust is sighted on any metal, the next move for the homeowner is to get rid of it immediately, and you begin to ask yourself of the best way to get rid of the rust? Paint it!

Painting is the most commonly used method for preventing rust. Take note of the word preventing. Preventing the surface of the metal is more of a proactive step which must be taken before the metal even begins to rust.

That is just the right thing to do. Remember the famous saying that “Prevention is better than cure.” It is absolutely true.

What Happens If You Paint Over Rust?

what happens if you paint over rust

Now, let’s quickly find out exactly what happens when you paint over rust.

Painting a metal after it has started rusting

Having made a point of being proactive earlier, that is only for a case where the metal has just been manufactured or recycled.

There is more to that. So, how about a scenario where you want to paint the metal after it had undergone a certain level of corrosion?

That is after some rust has been formed. Well, the reasonable and usual thing to do is first to get rid of the rust, which can be done in several ways.

This includes using an appropriate cleaning agent to clean the surface of the metal or the most common approach, which is sanding. Sanding the surface of the metal proves to be very useful, as it does not only remove the rust, but it also smoothens the surface of the metal.

A few things can go wrong if you apply paint over a metal that has rust. Rust is nothing but the metal itself. And by that, it means rust is just like some layer or part of the metal that is loose and has weakened.

Its usual brown coloration also makes it easily recognizable. One of the things that happen if you paint over rust is that depending on the level of corrosion and how bad the rust is, the brush that was used could gradually wear away, unless if you had used spray paint.

Rust makes the metal uneven

You may wonder, how about the metal itself?

What exactly happens on the surface? Firstly, since the rust makes the surface of the metal rough, no matter how big the brush is, the painting would be uneven throughout the metal’s surface, giving the metal an undesirable look after painting.

It could also change the color of the paint. Say, for instance, you want to use a white color of paint, if the rust is significant and really bad, while painting, the white color would react and mix up with the brown color of the rust, and I bet nobody wants that to happen.

A critical purpose of painting is to keep the metal surface protected for as long as possible. With all the points made earlier, when you paint over a rusted surface, you will find out that the part you painted will continue to rust in no time, and nobody wants that to happen.

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