What Color Kitchen Cabinets With Gray Floors

What Color Kitchen Cabinets With Gray Floors

In this article we are going to discuss and give you a brief information about the topic what color kitchen cabinets with gray floors. Now that you’ve installed gray floors in your kitchen, it’s time to think about what color to paint your cabinets. You want to avoid any colors in your kitchen that will clash so that it feels clean and cozy. 

What Color Kitchen Cabinets With Gray Floors

We’ve found the best kitchen cabinet colors to pair with your gray flooring to help you on your journey. If you have cool-toned gray floors, aim for cool tones in your cabinetry like navy or olive. If you want a warm gray floor, aim for colors that pair well with warm tones, like browns or wood tones with red or orange. The best, straightforward cabinet colors to pair with gray floors include: 

  • Darker or lighter grays
  • Black
  • White

Can you contrast cabinet colors with your flooring, or should they match? What is the difference between darker and lighter floors in relation to cabinets? Do you think your gray floors will ever go out of style? If you’re looking for advice on what color to paint your cabinets to match your gray floors, read on for answers to some frequently asked questions and a complete guide.

Darker Or Lighter Grays

Darker Or Lighter Grays

When choosing a color to compliment your flooring, consider a darker or lighter shade of gray. To achieve a sleek, modern look, try to match the grays as closely as possible. To create more depth and texture, opt for a gray that is lighter or darker in color. This will create more variation and interest. Remember that a lighter gray will reflect more light, making the space feel more airy. A darker gray absorbs light and produces a more intimate vibe.



Black can be paired with many colors to create a bold look. Contrasting it with a light color, like gray, can make the black stand out more. Since it isn’t a color, you have the option to change the rest of your decor over time if you get bored with a certain color scheme. Paint your kitchen walls with satin black paint to add elegance. The sleek and modern reflective surface does not reveal dirt or fingerprints like a matte finish.



If you want your kitchen to be bright and full of light, choose white cabinets.  Your gray flooring grounds the furniture and makes it feel like the furniture isn’t floating off in space. White cabinets are a safe option because they look good with any color.

Cool-Toned Gray Floors: Blue or Green Cabinets

If your gray flooring has cool undertones, blue cabinets will give your space a fresh look. Blue kitchens can provide a sense of calm and peace. If you often cook for your family, have a lot of traffic in your kitchen, or just want a more zen space, blue can help achieve a more peaceful kitchen atmosphere.

Cool-Toned Gray Floors Blue or Green Cabinets

Along those same lines, green reflects nature and feels like a breath of fresh air. When paired with cool-toned gray flooring, green cabinets can create a more natural-feeling color scheme. Adding an herb garden to your windowsill will increase the natural feeling in your home even more.

Warm-Toned Gray Floors: Brown And Wood-Toned Cabinets

Warm-Toned Gray Floors Brown And Wood-Toned Cabinets

Gray floors can be warm-toned and look great with brown and wood tones. If you’re looking to create a rustic feel in your kitchen, this is the perfect color scheme for you. The outdoor elements of stone, wood, and gravel create a rustic feel that feels like an oasis. Lofts with industrial decor can benefit from a gray concrete and wood tone cabinet combination. This is a great way to add some character to your kitchen or dining room if you have exposed brick. To finish off the industrial look in your kitchen, add a couple of pendant lights with an industrial style.

Should Your Cabinets Match Your Floors?

Adding different colors to a room can create interesting lines and textures. When choosing to contrast gray flooring, it is best to use a wood-toned cabinet to avoid a strict color. If your floors have a cool tone, choose honey-colored or even red-toned wood furniture.When your floors have a warm tone, choose a gray cool-toned wood to help create contrast.

Should Your Cabinets Match Your Floors

Using wood tones instead of strict colors helps the contrast feel more organic. If you use color in your kitchen, be careful not to create too much contrast, or the kitchen will feel disjointed and overwhelming. If you’re unsure if you can pull off a color scheme, it might be best to stick to complementary colors instead.

Will Gray Floors Go Out Of Style?

Although some materials, like linoleum, become dated, the color gray will always be in style. The best way to ensure that your flooring doesn’t become outdated is to choose a natural material, like hardwood, stone, or concrete. Gray can be paired with many different cabinet colors.

This means that it is a great neutral tone for floors, even if you decide to repaint or replace your cabinets through the years. Gray can be seen as a safe color because it can reflect the colors brown, black, and white. If you want to highlight the undertones of your gray flooring, the way you decorate around it will be important. Gray will continue to be used in new design styles for a long time.


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