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What Color Goes With Travertine Tile

What Color Goes With Travertine Tile

Here in this article we explain about what color goes with travertine tile. And also explain about the importance of travertine tile and uses of travertine tile. Let’s see about the article.

travertine tile

Colors that work well with travertine

When dealing with travertine color one color direction i choose is blues. When you are dealing with colors which cover a big position of space, usually the last thing you want to do is add in more of the same.

Some travertine goes more yellow: The palette below is the color of porcelain which is similar to some travertine.

travertine goes more yellow:

Actually this one goes warmer and more yellow. In this case adding antique brass hardware would work as echoes of that warmth tile color.

Always add whites with travertine: As travertine is a bit of muddy mottled beige hence it is either read as yellow, pinkish beige. This won’t be neutral in space. Putting whites in the travertine adds crispness and turns travertine into a distant color in the room. By adding the warm white palettes will brighten up their look.

Blue / Green or Peacock compliments travertine nicely: We can also go with blue or green color shades. A dark green color works well hence this green shade brings a strong contrast between the light tone of travertine color.


This travertine color is picked up as a cashew color in a darker form in leather finish of wood flooring.

Grey can work with travertine too: The most popular blog posts is one that shows hoe grey color works really well. When you marge them together by using dark grey or medium grey with travertine you will really get a smart look.There are so many different fabrics that mix with these two colors. By using them we can create a really beautiful palette.We can use this tile for many purposes like kitchen and living room and hallway and dining room. Some kitchen models by using travertine tile floors as these tiles ran throughout the downstairs of the house.

Greys can work with travertine too

By adding this travertine tile in the kitchen room makes the room feel good and looks pleasant. For extra look add the flooring with white color shaded tiles and add the matched shades colors kitchen items for the room which makes a natural look.

Best Wall Color With Travertine Floors

Here we guide the best wall color with travertine floors which includes ideal paint for neutral and dark tiles. Travertine tile is a material that stood the time considering it is a material used in homes around thousands years ago.

Paint Colors With Travertine Floors

The shade of blue seems to be a popular choice which goes well with travertine tile. The travertine tile you have chosen helps to identify compatible paint colors.

 Paint Colours With Travertine Floors

When you choose dark travertine tile you won’t go for warm colored paint colors since it would be too bright. The travertine color tile is elegant to look at.

Neutral Colors with travertine tile

Neutral colors are compatible with everything. This neutral color gives the travertine tile more shade and makes the room feel good.

Neutral Colors

Adding these neutral colors makes the tile more attractive and seems to look massive. Some neutral colors that would be great with travertine tile are discussed below.

1.White with travertine tile: Basically white color is a classy and highly compatible color.

Country kitchen, granite worktop, range cooker, tiled floor, pine table

For this travertine tile with white shade when you add for extra look add the matched furniture or items related to that room. Additionally white color by mixing with travertine tile looks great.

2.Grey with travertine tile: Grey when combined with travertine tile both dark and light shades feels good.


This combination of grey and travertine tile gives a smart look.

3.Dark Colors with travertine tile: Usually dark colors with light colors floors give the room a dramatic vibe.

dark color

When you go with a dark color wall you will need light colored travertine floors hence the room looks bright and functional.


In this article we have discussed what color goes with travertine tile. And also explained about the importance of travertine tile and different colors with travertine tile.