wet and forget reviews

Wet and Forget Reviews

Ever walked up to your door and you suddenly notice a fine, green coating of grime on your wooden deck?

Or you noticed that one section of your siding is suddenly promoting the growth of algae or moss?

Well, you’re not alone. It is a problem we all will probably face at one point or the other. In this wet and forget review, you’ll learn about a very active product that’ll help you handle the situation.

Just like any other consumer product, you will often run into a plethora of choices during your search. Each product will have numerous reviews and results from users. And browsing through limitless descriptions can be hard work. https://spraygadgets.com/post-sitemap2.xml

But there’s good news, finding an effective product to help clear up this unappealing development doesn’t have to be rocket science.

The Wet and Forget cleaner is specifically designed to do just what the name suggests – eliminate Mold, Algae, Moss, Mildew, and lots of other stubborn stains.

Now, let’s look at the product features and benefits.

Wet and Forget Reviews | Key Features

Let’s be honest – none of us wishes to spend countless time cleaning shingles or siding after applying a cleaning product.

Thankfully, the wet it and forget it formula is meant to coat an outdoor surface and it’ll hand the remaining job without requiring much cleaning or rinsing. Just a small rainfall will wash the product away, doing all the dirty work for you.

Isn’t that great?

Wet and Forget is an excellent stain remover formula for those who don’t want to spend a bunch of time scrubbing algae, mildew, mold, and moss from their outdoor surfaces

  • Does not require scrubbing, scraping, or rinsing
  • It’s very effective even on stubborn stains
  • Easy one-step application
  • Non-acidic and non-caustic
  • It’s bleach free
  • You can use it on any outdoor surface
  • It’s biodegradable
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • May take some months before a visible difference
  • May need a second spray for full effect

How Does Wet & Forget Work?

wet and forget reviews

This product works by first immediately penetrating the stain to eliminate bacteria, and then it gets reactivated each time there’s a rainfall – gently getting rid of debris and averting future growth.

This is indeed a very convenient formula, especially when you have stubborn stains in places that are hard to reach.

For instance, if mold is growing on your roof and you would like to remove it, other similar products may need you to repeatedly scrub your shingles before the mold can be removed completely.

On the other hand, with Wet and Forget, you only have to spray the formula once or twice and it’ll provide cleaning power for a period of one year.

Additionally, unlike most other DIY roof cleaning products that are formulated with harsh chemicals, Wet & Forget involves a completely beach free formula that is both non-acidic and non-caustic.

This enables it to penetrate stains deeply while gently eliminating debris from the surfaces of your home without getting them damaged.

Compared to similar products out there, Wet and Forget provides a super effective and convenient cleaning solution for removing hideous and nasty stains.

From experience, the product works slowly but continuously and you may be required to respray after a month or thereabouts if your stains are very stubborn.

However, for the homeowner who isn’t ardent on the dirty job of scrubbing away mildew and mold, the benefits of this easy spray formula far outweigh the drawbacks.

Wet It and Forget It Reviews | Key Benefits

I’ve already mentioned lots of amazing features and benefits of this product above.

But another thing you should know is that most other DIY garage mildew, algae, and moss remover products are made with harsh chemicals that are not only harmful to nearby pets, landscaping, and plants, but they could equally damage your surfaces.

On the contrary, Wet and Forget Patio Cleaner is non-acidic, bleach-free, and non-caustic. This means that it can eliminate bacteria and stop growth without posing any danger to your landscape or outdoor surfaces when used correctly.

This quality difference is also apparent in the product’s pH balance, which can be considered natural at a pH balance of 8 (water has a pH of 7), while the majority of other similar products on the market have a pH of 10 to 13 – boosting the chance of corrosion.

Other wonderful benefits of wet and forget are:

  • ​It’s economical.
  • ​Environmental friendly solution.
  • Required no rinsing – just wait for rainfall.
  • No harmful chemicals in its formulation.
  • Won’t harm your surfaces – ideal for decks and patios.
  • The product does not include any bleach or heavy metals.

Active Ingredients Used On the Cleaner

Below are the active ingredients that were used in the composition of the formula:

  • Dioctyl dimethyl ammonium chloride = .010%
  • Octyl decyl dimethyl ammonium chloride = .025%
  • Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride = .034%
  • Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride = .015%
  • Other Ingredients = .99.916%

How to Use the Wet and Forget Cleaner

wet and forget application

To use Wet n Forget, simply dilute it with water, and use a garden sprayer to spray the diluted formula directly to your walkway, garage door, roof, patio, or any other outdoor surface, and let the cleaner start taking effect on its own way.

To get the best results, it’s advisable to apply the solution to a dry surface and let it saturate the stain completely.

The perfect time to apply it is either in the evening on cool weather when there is a low chance of rainfall, or very early in the morning.

This will enable the formula to be able to immerse into the stain and dirt for at least 4-5 hours without being washed away too quickly or evaporating.

Wet n Forget For Lichens

Lichens are a mixture of fungus and algae that form a mutual relationship on your surfaces, making them harder to get eliminate.

To get the best results, try to saturate the problem affected area completely during the first spray, then wait for about 15 minutes and spray again.

This will enable the solution to better soak into the two lichens layers to completely break them down.

Wet and Forget For Moss

Bear in mind that moss turns naturally brown when it dies – be mindful of this and confirm that the product is truly working!

After some days, you should notice that the moss is changing color and falling away from your surfaces. Wind and rain will equally help to speed up this formula, making your surface look clean once again.

From experience and based on the other numerous Wet and Forget reviews on the internet, you may be required to respray tough stains after one month to really achieve the best results.

This product will keep working for up to one year as rain will always reactivate the formula to continue cleaning away debris, breaking down growth, and keeping future mildew, mold, moss, and algae at bay.

Meanwhile, watch the short video below to further learn how to use the wet and forget outdoor cleaner:

Wet And Forget Warnings

The active ingredient in Wet and Forget is noncarcinogenic. However, it has some amount of toxicity, but its dilution reduces the danger.

Just like every chemical, it’s best to apply this formula dressed in pants and long sleeves, and putting on a face mask to avoid breathing in the fume. Wet N Forget spray won’t kill your plants, but it may lead to temporary browning.

Furthermore, keep your pets away from the sprayed areas for about 5 hours. The spray is safe to touch once it has completely dried. But you can rinse off the sidewalks and such the next day using a hose so nothing lingers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wet and Forget safe?

Once the Wet and Forget patio cleaner has dried very well on the surface, you’re safe to walk on it. Even though the surface gets wet after some rains, it is still very safe for you and your pets.

However, we recommend that you stay away from the surface after the application of Wet & Forget until it’s totally dry.

What is the main ingredient in wet n forget?

The main ingredient in Wet it and Forget it formula is “Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride.”

This ingredient is perhaps already in your home in the form of an anti-bacterial cleaner or a similar product.

How long does it take wet & forget to work?

The staining will dissolve over a short period and is not entirely permanent. The good news, however, is that when you use Wet and Forget the next season the cleanup will take place within weeks.

In the worst-case scenario, in a case of severe contamination, it may take between 6 to 12 months to work.

How much wet n forget do I need?

The mixing ratio of the product is “1 part Wet and Forget formula” to “5 parts water.” If you’re using a 1-gallon garden pump sprayer, then pour 20 oz. (2.5 cups) of Wet and Forget into the sprayer.

Then fill your sprayer with water to the 1-gallon indicator and you’re all set to go.

NOTE: You can multiply the mixture if you have a larger sprayer.

How long does it take for wet and forget to work?

2-3 months
It depends on the type of growth and the intensity of the contamination. If it’s a new growth or a small amount of staining you can see results within days. Otherwise, it may take 2-3 months to see improvement.

Is Wet and Forget harmful?

Toxic or Non-Toxic

This Wet and Forget product can be dangerous when inhaled directly, even when diluted. Wet and Forget Moss, Mold, Mildew and Algae Stain Remover is highly corrosive, so applying it in windy weather can result in some big issues if it falls on your skin or in your eyes.

Is Wet and Forget bad for your roof?

This outdoor cleaner is safe to use on virtually any type of roof and will help to keep your roof free of moss, mold, mildew, and algae all year long. To find a Wet & Forget retailer near you, click here.

Can you scrub wet forget?

Wet & Forget works with the rain and the wind to remove stubborn growths, so you don’t have to go back and do any scrubbing! … The wind and rain will not reactivate the product.

Do you have to rinse wet and forget?

Do not spray Wet & Forget directly onto plants. Protect landscaping from overspray by rinsing with water before and after application or covering them during application. Wet & Forget has an unlimited shelf life. It’s bleach-free and non-acidic.

Do you have to rinse wet and forget

How do you make homemade wet and forget?

Pour 3 tbsp. of dish detergent, 2 cups of bleach and 1 cup of alcohol into a 5-gallon bucket. Add 1 gallon of water. Stir the mixture until everything is incorporated.

Does Wet and Forget hurt grass?

When Brett was asked what this means for the consumer, he replied, “Because Wet & Forget has a pH of 8, it is non caustic and non acidic, making it safe for application on any exterior surface.” Wet & Forget is easy on the environment. It won’t leach into the soil and kill plants.

What is the main ingredient in wet and forget?

Benzalkonium chloride

The active ingredient is Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, which is 9.9% of the product. This ingredient is also known as Benzalkonium chloride, and it is one of the active ingredients in Clorox wipes.

Will Wet and Forget clean shingles?

You don’t need to use harsh chemicals that will damage your downspouts, or a power washer that is a hassle and may damage shingles, to get rid of these pesky growths, though. Wet & Forget Outdoor is the premium option when it comes to zapping these stains and keeping your roof’s surface healthy and attractive.

Does wet and forget work on asphalt?

Wet & Forget Hose End’s gentle formula is safe to use on just about any outdoor surface, including: Decks. Driveways. Porches.

Can you apply wet and forget in the rain?

In general, it’s best to apply Wet & Forget Outdoor Cleaner on a cool, cloudy or overcast day. It’s ideal to apply on a day below 80ºF, to limit product evaporation. Apply Wet & Forget to dry surfaces on a day when moist conditions (rain, heavy mist, etc.) aren’t in the forecast.

Wet And Forget Patio Cleaner | Conclusion

From experience, and judging by the various reviews on the internet, it is easy to conclude that the Wet and Forget Outdoor formula truly works with time.

Since wet and forget is very easy to apply, and does not require scrubbing and rinsing except you want to, it’s a great choice to fight mold, mildew, moss, and algae.

In this wet and forget review, I believe you can now better decide whether this product is really good for you or not. Good luck!

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