15 Timeless Wall Paint Design Ideas with Tape

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Have you ever seen beautiful wall paint design ideas with tape?

Here’s the fact: Creativity is not bound by any limits in wall painting. Ideas can come up from just about anywhere and evoke the onlookers’ admiration. Believe it, equipped with a painters’ tape, the ideas can be unlimited.

Here are some cool ideas for creating different designs, including various forms of geometric triangles, on your wall. Interestingly, you don’t need to hire anyone to elicit the exhilarating wow in your painting.

You only need strong sticky tape, a razor or scissors, spray can of colors that you want to paint, a pen to draw the desired pattern, and a mask and gloves for protection of skin and face. And there you go!

This article gives a few ideas you can develop while thinking of trying some wall paint designs with tape.

Best Wall Paint Design Ideas with Tape

wall paint design ideas with tape

1. Black and White Gallery Wall

Black and White Gallery Wall

With the two colors recognized as universal colors, you can produce such a simple idea of paintings. This can be especially good for your kitchen, bedroom and other parts of your home that are less frequented.

The combination of quiet black and white by careful use of the tape will complement the privacy of those areas. The impression here is a product of artistic intelligence of a kid with creative intelligence.

You can try your hands on this with tape or even produce something more that turns your home into a gallery.

2. Half Black And Half White Wall Paint Designs

Half Black And Half White Wall Paint Designs

This is another feat you can accomplish by allowing black to be the dominant color in the painting. Without the colors running through each other, black and white can be allowed to dominate different compartment of the wall.

And it will be simply magnificent. Take a look at the brilliance in the idea exemplified in the painting here. It will be the best welcoming bidding expressed through the painting in the guest room.

The simplicity offered on the wall of the room you lodge your guest will undoubtedly serve as a complement of your hospitality.

3. Crisscross Wall Paint Design

Crisscross Wall Paint Design

We’re still on black. Painting a crisscross on your wall can be another exciting sight to behold. One fascinating aspect of this painting is that it doesn’t require any outstanding brainpower.

All that you need is to think of a crossroad. Just lay a tape of your desired width on the already painted wall with white.

Then make an imaginative composition of intersecting black lines and the crisscross black, and white wall painting will appear. Scrutinize what you have below and see how you can achieve the same artistic effect.

4. Confetti Painter’s Tape Design

Confetti Painter’s Tape Design

With a little more thoughtfulness you can make your wall painting with tape a fun and easy. The easy confetti accent wall you’re seeing is an example of confetti painter’s design ideas out there.

You’re not bound by measuring different components so that they can come together in a form. Instead of throwing those small pieces of colored paper over people toward the end of festive occasions or spraying them over the bride and her groom at a wedding, think of what they’ll form on your wall when you engage your painting tape.

5. Cane Inspired Wall Paint Design

cane Inspired Wall Paint Design

You can still enjoy designing with tape even if you don’t want anything black on the wall around your house. You can move as far as possible away from black if you try to look in the direction of cane inspired wall painting design.

It can be a bright green a la mode as you can see in an example given here. However, you’re not restricted to green. You can switch out the hue and work with any other one that freaks you. You may not need more than a quart of paint to do this to a standard room.

6. Triangle Paint Design

Triangle Paint Design

Apart from your living room, porch or patio, triangle paint can be useful in areas of your house where you can easily get bored or bogged down with work.

Easy triangle wall can brighten things up for you there. It can also be a great one on in the guestroom if you want to get the mind of your guests busy when everyone in the house has been to their respective rooms.

The room will not feel bland at any moment your guest’s eyes are being greeted with triangles on the wall. What if the triangles are tape drawn upside down as seen here?

7. Chevron Tape Wall Design

Chevron Tape Wall Design

This heraldic ornament that can appear in the form of an angular shape is an excellent finishing to your private bedroom or a more general living room.

Thanks to the tape that is friendly to most of the painters who desire to do a painting of this pattern. Simple broad stripes have been adding visual pops to home.

This design lends itself to a limitless array of uses of colors bound together by a painter’s tape. Check out an example here in this simple bedroom.

8. Mix-and-Match Shapes

Mix-and-Match Shapes

As you can see in this work-in-progress wall, you can also combine elements of various shapes to create some unique mural mosaic paint.

Still using your painters’ tape with a free hand, you can bring together triangles, rectangles, hexagon, and unlimited polygon figure on your wall and finish up with the paint.

However, you can achieve a more elegant definition if you use unique stencils or template. This takes your painting above misses. But not only that, it makes your work faster and neater.

9. Different Sizes and Same Shape

Different Sizes and Same Shape

You can experiment with just one shape and get a distinctly different image and size on your wall. Rather than be dull, it can be very lively and quite energetic. Believe it; children will love to try their artistic proficiency with it.

And you’ll be more than amazed with what they’ll produce in their living room (if they have) or bedroom. Don’t forget to take the time to prepare your stencils. It’ll be better if they can be up to three in the minimum and of different ranges.

10. Pastel Coolness

Pastel Coolness

This bedroom elicits coolness of pastel because some extra thoughts have been given to the wall painting. And if you factor in the fact that blue hues dominate the entire environment, you’ll understand the reason for its richness. All the four dominant colors fuse as one.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to be a highly-trained professional painter to be able to create something like this. With proper practice, making use of the painter’s tape, you can do something more beautiful than this.

11. Soft Tones Paint Design

You may not want to have tones that are loud and noticeable, especially in your bedroom. And in fact, you don’t need extra vivid colors before you create an environment that is as stylish as the one you see here.

You can use your painter’s tape to create a muted palette that’ll be close to the colors of nature.

You’re thus quietly bringing naturalness to your bedroom or living room. More so, it makes it less challenging to produce sharp corners of the pattern.

12. Oversized Paint Design

Oversized paint design

How does it make you feel to have on your wall shapes so significant to the extent that only one angle of the shape can show at once? That’s another beauty in the wall painting designs.

Sometimes, it may be good to exaggerate a bit on your wall. You can create such giant shapes design even on the walls in a big room. The painters’ tape is up to this task as well.

And it can be a good background for any room. The asymmetry looks even more magnificent in this illustrating image. So you don’t need to center the pattern to get sound output.

13. A Bit of Geometry

A Bit of Geometry

You don’t have to go as far as covering the entire area of the wall with squares, triangles, and trapezoids before you create a geometry wall panting. As you can see in the image here, just a splash of those shapes can be enough to give the interior wall the welcoming appeal.

14. A Point Sketch

A Point Sketch

If you’re looking to geometric wall paint with tape, you’d better think outside the box. Geometric wall paint is not just about covering the surface of the wall itself with color or a combination of colors.

Posters have helped some people to come out with whatever with admirable colors effects. You can produce stunning results with various poster colors making different statements or even showing the same motive.

15. Two Tones Paint Design

If you find it a bit challenging to be cutting colors or setting things, rest assured that just two simple tones can give your living room the design that’ll glue your back to the sofas.

There’s virtually no one that’ll say he can’t use a painter’s tape to create this stunning paint seen here.


Painters tape is a simple but versatile tool for beautifying your wall. Drawing with it produces fresh and colorful paints. It’s also changeable if you love to change the taste of colors. Above all, it’s easy and inexpensive.

I hope that these timeless wall paint design ideas with tape have given you some inspirations on how to properly paint and decorate your bedrooms and living room.

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