wagner furno 300 review

Wagner Furno 300 Review

The key to a successful paint job is adequate preparation, which sometimes involves stripping old paints off. The Wagner Furno 300 Heat Gun is perfect for the job.

While you can actually apply a fresh coat of paint on top of existing paint, the consequence is that you won’t be happy with the finish, and the new paint will not last.

That is why most expert painters often try to scrape peeling, flaking, and old paints before starting any paint project. This is especially important if you’re working on an old house.

The good thing, however, is that there are many tools such as the Wagner PaintEater, Wagner Heat Gun ht1000, and others that you can use to easily remove the paints to ensure a neat paint project.

But if you need something that’s more user-friendly, and even more affordable than most other paint stripping tools on the market, then he Wagner 0503059 FURNO 300 Heat Gun is your best choice.

Here’s everything you need to know about this tool.

Wagner FURNO 300 Heat Gun Review

The 503059 Furno 300 dual temperature heat gun is a fantastic tool with multiple uses. It can be used for thawing pipes, bending plastic, and most especially removing paint and flooring.

The tool has two heat gun adjustable temperature settings that help for easy completion of almost any DIY or household project; the heat output is approximately 750°F on low and 1100°F on high.

Apart from that, this heat gun paint remover also has a bunch of unique design features that make the tasks even easier. The integrated stand offers you hands-free operation, while the ergonomic design provides extended comfort while working.

Once the painting project is done, you can easily hang the tool from the inbuilt loop on the handle for proper storage. The package comes with one fully functional Furno 300 heat gun, along with additional accessories sold separately

  • Very easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Hands-free operation
  • Multiple uses
  • Convenient storage
  • 2-year warranty
  • Some users complained that the switch is not durable

Furno 300 Features

wagner furno 300 review

Dual temperature settings: The heat gun is a household hot air tool that has a 750°F and 1100°F dual temperature setting, which is designed to help you complete countless tasks easily.

Offers extended comfort: With the ergonomic design, you’ll enjoy extended comfort and balance to minimize fatigue while working.

Ideal for a range of household projects: This hot gun is specially built for removing paint, removing flooring, thawing pipes, bending plastic, etc.

Convenient storage: It features a hanging loop for easy storage in your garage, workshop, or peg wall.

Hands-free operation: It also comes with an integrated stand for hands-free, safe operation and the side bars stops the hot nozzle from touching the work surface.

Finally, the product equally has a 2-year warranty.

Click here to download the Furno 300 User Manual.

What’s the Furno 300 Designed For?

This DIY heat equipment is suitable for first-time users and small projects in and around the house.

It is a versatile product for dozens of applications – and is one of the best prepping tools that every DIYer and professional painter will need for removing paint from surfaces before painting.

Its dual temperature is ideal for a majority of heating applications – and as I mentioned earlier, it can also be used for bending plastic, and thawing pipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with any accessory tips and a case?

No! It’s just a basic model and does not come with attachment tips or case. The package contains only the tool and a user manual.

Is the Heat Gun cordless?

No! The 300 Furno heating tool is neither cordless nor battery powered. It features a three-prong AC cord which can be used for 110-120V only.

How loud is the tool?

The machine is not as loud as a hairdryer but it is obviously hotter.

Does it have a setting to blow air without heat?

No, the only settings are the low and high heat.

What’s the length of the cord?

The cord is 48 inches long. But you can use at least 12 gauge or higher rating if you need to use an extension cord.

Are Wagner heat guns good?

The Wagner HT1000 heat gun is one of the best tools available for removing paint, loosening rusted bolts, working on phone repairs, and more. The ease of use of the Spraytech is unmatched and is one of the most popular options among home DIY-ers.

How hot can a Wagner Heat Gun get?

This hot gun air tool heat output approximately 1100°F on high and approximately 750°F on low to tackle a wide variety of heating jobs.

Why is my Wagner Heat Gun smoking?

In several places in the Porter Cable Instruction Manual for this tool it states, “You may occasionally notice some slight smoking of the tool after it is turned off. This is the result of heating the residual oil that was deposited on the heating element during the manufacturing process.”

How long can you leave a heat gun on?

You can use the DW340 for 15 minutes continuously then you have to leave it to cool before you can use it again. While cooling don’t bump the unit as this can damage the element.

Is heat gun better than hair dryer?

Hair dryers, obviously, are used to dry your hair. Because of this, the maximum temperature emitted is much lower than that of a heat gun. Heat guns are used for applications such as shrink wrapping and removing paint so the temperatures are much higher than that of a hair dryer, varying from 100°C and 700°C.

What are heat guns good for?

Typically, people use heat guns for removing paint and wallpaper, heating and bending plastics and softening glue and adhesive. They’re also useful for thawing frozen pipes in the winter and for shrink wrapping, working much faster than a standard hair dryer.

What all can you use a heat gun for?

  • Heat Gun Uses: 30 Versatile Ways to Use a Hot Air Blower
  • Thaw frozen pipes.
  • Loosening old bolts and screws.
  • Give your car some TLC.
  • Clear up foggy headlights.
  • Restore car trims.
  • Roast coffee beans to perfection.
  • Become a master chef.
  • Lift up old or damaged flooring.

Will a heat gun remove adhesive?

Yes, yes, and yes! A heat gun will help you remove almost any adhesive: glue, putty, grout, flooring glue. The whole shebang. There are a few more steps if you want to get technical about it but you’ll basically heat up the adhesive with your heat gun and then peel the adhesive away.

How loud is a heat gun?

Not quiet, but only about half as loud as a hair dryer. Do you find this helpful? It has two settings like a hairdrayer, high and low both make noise, the low is a bit quieter as expected.

How many watts do I need for a heat gun?

Your heat gun is probably about 400 watts, so it should be fine.


We hope there’s nothing else you’ll want to know about this electric heat gun. It’s simply a safe and effective substitute for using a blow torch.

You’re certainly going to enjoy this product for all your paint removing needs at home. Just check it out and see it offers. And if you’re not happy with it, remember it has a 2-year warranty, so you can always return it.