top 5 automotive spray guns

Top 5 Automotive Spray Guns That Are Reliable

We spent countless hours on research, writing, and editing, to review the top 5 automotive spray guns that’ll instantly give your car a new life.

Let’s be honest; a car is one of the most prized possessions anybody can own. As such, you need to give it a fresh look to suit your lifestyle if you have one.

Painting your car with eye-catchy colors is one of the best ways of giving it a new look. For the best results, you need an automotive spray gun.

Top 5 Automotive Spray Guns

Purchasing an excellent automotive spray gun can be confusing if you are not an expert in the world of painting.

Hence, to help you make an informed buying decision, we have put together the five automotive spray guns that you ever find on the market. After the review, we’ll also show you what to look for while buying automotive spray guns.

Without further ado, let’s walk you through these powerful sprayers.

Best 5 Automotive Spray Guns | Reviews

top 5 automotive spray guns

Here is a list of the top-rated auto paint guns you can find on the market. We have carefully researched them and believe you will find them highly useful.

1. Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 Automotive HVLP Spray Gun (Our Top Pick)

If you are a DIY enthusiast and you feel you have the confidence to give your car a fresh look, then the Fuji 2203G Semi-Pro 2 Automotive HVLP Spray Gun has all the trappings to make your painting job appear professional.

This automotive spray gun is designed with an adjustable pattern fan control to help you control the paint flow rate and thus give your car the finishing it deserves. Plus, it comes with a 1.3mm air cap set to cover the feed cup when in operation.

Still, on the design, the Fuji 2203G Semi-Pro 2 Automotive HVLP Spray Gun is made with a metal turbine case and a handy gun holder to fit your hand.

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The hose is about 25ft long, and it includes an air control valve nicely positioned to prevent bounce back and overspray.

The system is designed with a powerful 1400 watt 2-stage motor and turbine filters to guarantee 95% efficiency.

If you are passionate to change the color of your car by yourself, you won’t go wrong this product.

  • It has a powerful 2-stage motor
  • This spray gun is very versatile
  • It requires less maintenance, and it is easy to clean
  • It is designed for DIY enthusiasts
  • The price is a bit on the high side
  • The nozzle requires regular unclogging to operate efficiently
  • The metal case is prone to dust
  • The attached hose may become loose over time

2. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Automotive Paint Gun (Strong & Reliable)

Graco Magnum is like a household name in the painting industry across the United States and some parts of the United Kingdom.

Whether you want to kick-start a car painting career or you want to paint your vehicle by yourself, the Graco Magnum Auto Paint Gun was designed with you in mind.

It is durable and comes with two roller tires for easy maneuvering. It is designed with an adjustable paint controller to give you ultimate control of the spray for any project size and to guarantee an excellent result.

If you are a professional painter, this vehicle paint gun will enable you to spray paint unthinned even at very high pressure.

It comes with a flexible suction tube to allow you to spray your vehicle directly from a paint bucket. The Graco Magnum Paint Gun also comes with a flush adapter that can connect with a garden hose for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Whether you have in mind to spray a salon car or a limousine, this spray gun can make your job appear professional.

When next you are preparing a list of tools and supplies needed for an auto painting project, include the Graco Magnum Paint Gun in your shopping list.

  • It is effortless to clean
  • It is highly resistant to clogging
  • You can adjust the pressure levels for control spraying
  • It comes with tires for smooth movement
  • It is durable
  • The hose is not too long
  • It can cause overspray if the spray controller is not adjusted correctly
  • Some users complained that the sprayer’s tip easily gets clogged when they use thick paint

3. Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670 Solvent Based HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun

The new HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun from Devilbiss is another paint gun for vehicles that is worth a place in your shopping list.

This product is designed for both industrial and car paints. It can deliver several paint patterns using its three fluid nozzles.

This spray gun can be adjusted to horizontal, circular, and vertical spray patterns. It is fitted with 3-size nozzles (1.3mm, 1.5mm, and 1.8mm). The 1.5mm nozzle is ideal for primers and base colors.

It uses HVLP technology to atomize materials into smooth and fine particles; thus, providing an excellent finish that is ten times faster compared to when using a brush.

Still, on the design, the new HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun from Devilbiss is designed with a flow control knob which can be adjusted to regulate the paint output. This model will help you achieve more coverage with little effort.

So, if you are looking to purchase an automotive spray gun that would enable you to paint without hassles, the new HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun from Devilbiss is a force to reckon with.

  • It is lightweight and durable
  • It comes with 3-size nozzles
  • It is very affordable and can be used for multiple projects
  • It requires an air compressor
  • Some users complained that it doesn’t have a filter
  • This product’s fan pattern could be wider

4. Wagner 0529031 MotoCoat Car & Truck Paint Sprayer (Most Affordable)

The Wagner Car and Truck Paint Sprayer is a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) auto sprayer which atomizes materials into smooth and fine particles; thus, providing an excellent finish that is ten times faster when compared to when using a brush.

Apart from spraying cars and trucks, the Wagner Car and Truck Paint Sprayer are also great for painting or staining cabinets, priming, door trim, furniture, decks, and woodwork projects, among others.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, the 2-stage 500W motor makes it easy to paint surfaces and walls.

Plus, you can customize the flow rate using the pressure control knob to achieve a perfect finish. With this sprayer, you can spray horizontal, round, and vertical.

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If you are looking for a durable and compact automotive spray gun, you need to include this sprayer in your shopping list when next you hit the market.

  • This sprayer has a decent finish
  • Sprays large projects in less time
  • It can spray horizontally, circularly, and vertically
  • It is difficult cleaning hidden areas
  • It clogs often
  • It has a small container
  • It requires regular cleaning

5. Titan ControlMax 1900 PRO Airless Car Paint Gun

When talking about an excellent finish in a car painting project, nothing brings this reality home than using the Titan ControlMax Car Paint Gun.

If you are a serious DIYer with so much confidence in a painting project, this sprayer was designed with you in mind; it would make you spray your car like a pro.

The Titan ControlMax Car Paint Gun features the HEA technology that reduces the problem of overspray by 55%. The technology also helps to provide a more consistent finish. It operates at a pressure of 1500PSI and can spray up to 300 gallons per year.

This sprayer has a 0.60HP pump that can spray unthinned paints, ensuring high productivity. If you want to paint a fleet of cars, this device has got you covered. The hose can be extended up to 100ft.

  • It has a powerful pump and motor
  • The pressure is high and consistent
  • It has an extra-long hose
  • It is portable
  • Some users complained of spray direction
  • The hose can get worn after a prolonged usage
  • Uneven spray force

What to Look For When Buying Automotive Spray Guns

best automotive spray guns

Below are some of the critical factors to consider when buying car paint guns:

1. Nozzle Size

The nozzle size you’ll need totally depends on the type of paint you intend using. For example, heavier paint such as primer requires a nozzle with larger holes as the paint is thicker and needs enough room to pass through.

On the other hand, thin paint such as overcoats and metallics are ideal for a nozzle with smaller holes to ensure the coverage is even. Therefore, try and pick spray guns with nozzle size based on the paint you’ll be using.

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2. Nozzle kits

If you’re planning to use different types of paint (metallic, primer, and so on), look for a spray gun that includes a range of nozzle sizes in a kit.

Basically, nozzle sizes are universal, and this will significantly minimize the time you’ll spend to look for the exact sizes you need.

3. Quality Parts

Car painting is an expensive project to pay for, and that’s for a good reason. Applying it requires accuracy and consistency for a smooth finish.

You don’t want to be at the point of finishing a paint job only for your gun to breakdown in the 11th hour and ruin all the work you put in.

This is why it’s of utmost importance to invest in a robust and dependable paint gun that’ll provide you years of quality finishes.

4. Air Compressor

To put succinctly, air compressors create pressurized air that emits paint via the nozzle and need to sustain your paint gun to maintain the right pressure.

When deciding on which air compressor is suitable for your needs, look at the tank size, output in pounds per square inch (PSI), and cubic feet per minute rating (CFM) to determine the one that’ll perfectly work for you.

5. Feed

A feed is the container/cup attached to the paint gun, which holds the paint when you’re using the paint gun and can hold either a siphon or a gravity type feed.

Gravity feeds are attached upside-down from the machine – and they use less air pressure than the Siphon feeds by forcing natural gravity to apply pressure, guaranteeing a more atomized spray.

Siphon feeds, on the other hand, are attached from the bottom, and they release the paint using air pressure. Furthermore, they are the more affordable option and generally have bigger size options than the gravity feeds.

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6. Recommended CFM

If you’re looking to buy an air compressor, pick one that can produce 1.5x the CFM that the spray gun requires.

7. Weight

The weight of whichever product you’re going for should be within the product description – and you should compare it with other products for ease of use and portability.

Choose a spray gun that is not too heavy to prevent your wrist or hand from getting hurt while in use because the car painting gun is too heavy for comfort.

Watch the short video below to learn how to spray paint a car:

What is the best spray gun to use?

Best Overall: Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer. A versatile and popular paint sprayer, the Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus is designed to be used for a wide variety of applications, and the adjustable spray speed makes it easy to achieve the finish you’re looking for.

What is a good quality HVLP spray gun?

  • BEST OVERALL: Wagner Spraytech Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: NEU MASTER 600 Watt High Power HVLP Paint Spray Gun.
  • BEST COMPACT: REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer, High Power HVLP.
  • BEST PRO: Master Pro 44 Series High Performance HVLP Spray Gun.

Is DeVilbiss a good brand?

DeVilbiss are a company that has amassed a formidable reputation over the years in the finishing industries. Their products are trusted and relied upon by countless professionals in the finishing industries all over the world. Their brand has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and affordability.

Are spray guns worth it?

As long as you’re into taping sheets of plastic on the walls and you’ve got a bottomless budget for paint, a sprayer is worth considering. It has its strong points, but it’s not a truly practical replacement for the old brush and roller.

Are Wagner sprayers any good?

Wagner has a long history of making small, consumer-grade sprayers and offers many models of both airless and HVLP-type sprayers. This HVLP sprayer with built-in turbine is a solid performer that can apply a better-than-average finish with properly thinned material. This “double-duty” model includes a larger, 1-1/2-qt.

Is Graco better than Titan?

The winner here is Graco, at least with the two sprayers I own. Performance wise, the Contractor and RX-80 spray guns by both companies are great, but the filters in the gun and manifold of my Graco sprayers are a lot faster to disassemble and clean than Titan.

Is Graco better than Titan

Is airless or HVLP better?

Vertical spraying: An HVLP is better for vertical spraying small projects than an airless, especially if you’re new to spraying. You’re far less likely to get paint runs because you’re spraying at a much lower pressure. An airless cranked up to 2,000 PSI throws a lot of paint onto the surface quickly.

Will Graco tips fit Wagner?

You can use Graco guards on Wagner spray guns, and Wagner guards on Graco spray guns. FARBMAX and Titan also use the standard 7/8″ thread, so you should be able to use the spray guards across all models and brands.

What is the most expensive automotive spray gun?

Tekna 703567 Prolite Spray Gun. The Tekna Prolite made by DeVilbiss is the most expensive paint gun on this list.

How big of an air compressor do I need for a HVLP spray gun?

HVLP guns require plenty of air, so you need to have a larger capacity compressor higher than those used for diy home works. In order to spray the full range of finishing products, however, you need at least a 21⁄2 to 3 HP compressor with a 75 liters (20 gallons) tank.

Are Sata spray guns Good?

The SATA paint guns are famous worldwide as high quality and excellent for even film-build, high transfer efficiency, great metallic control, and durability. The newest topcoat model, the SATAjet X 5500, has taken all of that to an even higher level.

Best Automotive Spray Guns | Conclusion

One of the greatest mistakes a DIY painter can make is to embark on a painting project with the wrong equipment.

To avoid making this mistake, using one of the top-rated vehicle paint guns we have reviewed is a no-brainer.

These sprayers are durable, rugged, and guarantee an excellent finish, and will also make your car painting job easy without wasting time. So, when next you hit the market, consider including any of them on your shopping list.

What are your experiences with auto spraying machines? Share your thoughts with us using the comment box below.

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