Spray Paint Hoodie: 5 Simple Ways To Paint

In this article we are going to discuss about spray paint hoodie. We are also going to explain and give you brief and detail information about how to spray paint hoodie? What is spray paint? What is meant by hoodie? How to paint on fabric permanently? Instructions to spray paint hoodie? So we guide you about spray paint hoodie and how to spray paint on different fabrics. We will explain you in an interesting way about it.

Spray Paint Hoodie

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 What Is Spray Paint?

What Is Spray Paint

As we said earlier the topic spray paint hoodie get an idea on the spray paint. It makes you that your work easy. It is available in different applications and home depot. With this you can paint by hand on difficult small places too. Try once the spray paints you may like it. It costs 389 Rs/- only. Using this spray paint you can paint different places, materials, clothes, vehicles etc,. We can paint many beautiful designs we like. Using this spray paint we can design your own also.

What Is Meant By Hoodie?

What Is Meant By Hoodie

The word hood derived from the Anglo-Saxon word hod. Medieval Europe traced back to garment’s style when preferred clothing for monks which included a hood called “cowl” attached to tunic. Outdoors workers commonly own this hooded cape. Its appearance was known in England in 12th century. The US in 1930’s for workers in cold New York warehouses originated hooded pullover. This clothing style was 1st produced by Champion in 1930’s and the marketed to laborers who are working in freezing temperatures in New York. This hoodie became popular usage in 1990’s.

How to Spray Paint Hoodie?

If you want to put a paint on hoodie to customize it you can easily and quickly paint you own design on it using spray paint. Let’s have a look how to spray paint hoodie and what are materials required? Steps to paint hoodie. Below we had explained you in brief way by uploading videos and images for you. Keep on reading!

Step 1: Getting paint Required to Spray Paint Hoodie

Get fabric spray paint in the colors you want to use for your hoodie

First thing you want do is getting spray paint required for you fabric in the colors you want to use for your hoodie. As fabric spray paint dries fastly and stay flexible as well as it is safe to put in washing machine. This fabric spray paints are found in craft store or you can also look at online for a pack which contains colors you want for your design. Make sure whether the spray paint is for fabric use or not, if it is not for fabric use it will not work well for painting.

Warning: Avoid using regular spray paint since it will cause the fabric to stiffen once it dries.

Step 2: Well-Ventilated Area to Spray Paint Hoodie

well-ventilated area

To prevent fume build-up work in well-ventilated area. Even though fabric spray paints have lower emissions than standard paints, fabric spray paints can create harmful fumes. By choosing the room that has open window the fumes dissipate in the air. Place drop cloth on flat surface and settle your hoodie on top of it. When working with fabric spray paints you need not to wear face mask.

Step 3: Cover Areas to Spray Paint Hoodie

Block off any areas you don’t want to spray with cardboard.

Cover off the areas by using cardboard that you don’t want to spray. Choose scrap pieces of cardboard then cut it into the size and shape of area you want to cover by using scissors. Place cardboard pieces on hoodie to frame the spot you’re painting. Stay away from tapping cardboard down as the shapes of the strips will show up in you design.

Step 4: Apply Paint in Short Bursts to Spray Paint Hoodie

Apply the spray paint in short bursts to prevent overspray on hoodie

To prevent over spray apply the spray paint in short bursts. For thoroughly mixing of fabric spray paint shake the can for about 10-15 seconds. Press down on the button and spray it where you want to paint. Move the spray paint front and back across the design to apply an even coat on you hoodie.

Step 5

Make horizontal stripes with different colors if you want an ombre pattern on hoodie

If you want an ombre pattern make horizontal stripes with different colors. For ombre pattern pick out 3-4 colors that range from a dark color to light color. Start painting with dark color and then spray a stripe across the bottom of hoodie. After completion of this process move onto next lightest shade and use it to apply another stripe of color. If you want to blend edges together make sure the 2 stripes overlap by about 1 inch(2.5 cm).

How to Paint on Fabric Permanently?

How to Paint on Fabric Permanently

Before start painting your fabric the first thing you need to choose is right paint. One of the finest option is specific fabric paint. Though, you can also buy standard acrylic paint. When you are proceeding with acrylic paint, think of to buy bottle of fabric medium too! Let’s have a look how to paint on fabric permanently in 5 steps.

Step 1

When you selected your paint, you need to prepare your garment. Before adding the paint make sure to pre-wash. By doing this it will help to remove any dirt or chemicals from manufacturing process. When pre-wash avoid fabric softener as softeners will connect more chemicals which will obstruct the adherence of the paint. Any chemicals on fabric between fabrics may limit paint’s ability to stick to cloth.

Step 2

Test a small garment sample to see how well the paint attach to it when your garment id dry. Examine to see how well the paint covers the fabric. Depending on the effect you are looking for, you may need to add another coat of paint.

Step 3

To remove any wrinkles in the area you want to paint give your garment a quick going over with an iron. These wrinkles will create crack the paint, which is great if you want a design with gap.

Step 4

Paint your garment. Make sure to put some cardboard inside your garment if you want one-sided design, so the paint doesn’t seep straight through. Then use a brush and stencil or paint free-hand as if you were painting on a canvas or paper.

Step 5

Allow your painted garment to dry for at least 24 hours. Then using heat set the paint. For low heat setting You can use a dryer set on a low heat, but the best method is an iron. Turn your clothing inside out and iron the garment on the back of the design. The heat will set the paint, giving you a permanent and unique finish.

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