Spray On Paper Mache: 5 Inspiring Paints

Hello Spray Lovers! Here we’re to discuss the topic of spray On paper mache. Along with including the main topic we’re also going to discuss basic topics like What does spray paint means? How to spray on paper mache? What are the paints that work well for spray-on paper mache? We will give information to you in the form of video and images in an interesting way. Keep on reading for more details in this article. Before completion of this article, we will include the main details you require in an easy manner.

Spray on Paper Mache

Have an overall idea on the topic spray On paper mache in the form of a video

Spray on Paper Mache: In Detail

Before going to the main topic let’s first know about spray paint.

What Does Spray Paint Mean?

The product for the multipurpose works is spray paint. Used on Metal surfaces, decoration, art, crafts, wood furniture impact, and shock absorption (cushioning) can be improved with this product. The paint dries faster and covers the surfaces with a single coat of paint. The product works well when added to the aerosol application.

What Does Spray Paint Mean

Keep the paint in a cold place and avoid direct sunlight when using it. It has good coverage. This product has long durability, and a gloss finish, and is best applied on dustless surfaces. It should be shaken at least 5 to 6 times before spraying. After using the spray paint, you should clean the spray button.

Spray on Paper Mache

Are you going to work on your paper mache project for the first time? or looking for suitable materials to plan out your project? Don’t worry there are many paint types available, based on your option the other materials collection will depend. When you don’t have the perfect materials required for your project it may project may take to dry.

Spray on Paper Mache

You can have a question for us which paint works well on paper mache? Great question! In short “Acrylic paint”, while there are many paint types you can use on paper mache, using acrylic paint is the foremost option we recommend to you. These acrylic paints are easy for beginners to use and at the same time highly affordable. However, you need to have a proper prime, sand and should seal the paint to the surface for topmost results.

Best Paints To Spray On Paper Mache

Paper mache is compatible with a few different paints, so you aren’t too limited to what you are able to use. The paints are all different to work with, and they all offer slightly different effects once dried. When you want to spray on paper, there are 5 best paints that work best. Below we’ve explained to you what are the best paints to spray on paper mache. Have an overlook at it!


Type Of Paint

U.S Art Supply 24 color Acrylic paint jar set


Crayola Tempera Paint Set


Ohuhu Oil Paint Set


Castle Art Supplies Watercolors Paint Set


Winsor & Newton Designer’s Gouache


Acrylic Paint To Spray On Paper Mache

Acrylic Paint To Spray On Paper Mache

As we already said acrylic paint is best to use for paper mache. By using acrylic paints you can get creative with decorative painting techniques and different faux finishes. If you want to form your shades these acrylic paints are very helpful. Almost every acrylic paint is water-based, and it is better to choose a water-based acrylic paint as it will work better on the paper mache. Acrylic paints are very easy for cleaning after finishing your project. It is also waterproof, so make sure to wash your tools properly after use.

Tempera Paint To Spray On Paper Mache

There is so much that you can do with tempera(poster) paint, and it is such a great paint to keep at home for many different craft projects. Tempera paint is generally non-toxic, water-soluble, and very safe to use. This paint has a fun texture that is easy to work with, which creates some beautiful effects on paper mache. It can be used in very much the same way as acrylic paint but dries faster. This tempera paint is fully washable, hence you no need to worry about any messes sticking around for a long time.

Tempera Paint To Spray On Paper Mache

As it is water-soluble, tempera paint can be diluted to create a water-color style texture, or it can be mixed with some PVA glue to form a glossy, thick, oil-paint texture. Mix the tempera paint with other mediums, get started painting your paper mache project, and be as creative as possible. The best part is that you can clean up any messes really easily afterward with some water.

Oil Paint To Spray On Paper Mache

Oil paints are a little difficult to work with, but can give some beautiful results. They stay wet for longer than acrylic paint, which allows you the flexibility to continue painting over a few days. If you are wanting to blend colors together, oil paints are the best option. As the oil paint dries slowly, you can easily create subtle blends, working wet-on-wet to create smooth transitions in your painting.

Oil Paint To Spray On Paper Mache

However, this also means that it could take quite some time to finish your project, as you would have to wait a day or so for the paint to dry before you can start adding layers or finishing off edges. Oil paints can help you achieve some stunning effects on your paper mache project, you just have to have the patience to wait for the paint to dry!

Watercolor Paint To Spray On Paper Mache

Watercolor Paint To Spray On Paper Mache

Using watercolor paints on paper mache can give you some unexpected results,  be careful not to get the paper mache too wet as it might bubble, buckle and warp. You need to seal the paper mache surface properly before painting it with watercolor paint. Watercolor is a great option if you’re looking for a soft surface. These colors are washable and easy to clean. If you’re diluting watercolor paints, don’t forget to not dilute it too much, since it makes the mixture very wet.

Gouache Paint To Spray On Paper Mache

Gouache Paint To Spray On Paper Mache

This gouache paint can be simply described as more opaque than watercolor paint. This paint is commonly used for posters, comics, and design work, but works well for paper mache projects as well. This gouache paint dries to a matte finish, and it gives a solid finish when dried. This paint can be used on paper since it is a great option for paper mache. However, true pigment color gouache paints can be quite expensive. This paint works best for beginners as it can be versatile for making changes.

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In Closing

Paper mache projects are fun and so easy for both professionals and DIYers. In addition, multiple acrylic formulas help you deliver sophisticated results. Before you start painting a paper mache project, think about the paint you plan to use. Many paint types work well on paper mache. However, acrylic and tempera paints are among the best. Go with acrylic paint if you want to add detailed decorations or spray the paint on, while using tempera may be better for projects with young children.