Wall Painting Designs for Living Room

26 Simple Wall Painting Designs for Living Room

No matter the level of architectural skill and finishing you have in your home, it’s the actual painting design that will crown the whole appearance of the place. Thus, the reason why we’ve curated these simple wall painting designs for living room that you should try today.

And think of it, which part of your home will first greet you as you step into your little paradise after a probably nightmarish experience outdoor? Is it not your living room? It’s the same part of your home that gives your visitors the definition of your taste.

However, more often than not, people get bored with dull colors that they have to wake up with right in their homes every day. You may wish to have a chance to change the color of the walls to a livelier one. This article presents some 26 simple and creative wall painting ideas for living room for your consideration.

Fortunately, you don’t have to overspend on these ideas. Painting your walls can be within budget if you borrow a leaf from any of the following 26 easy paint designs for living room walls. You don’t need to take after any of them altogether.

You can define your theme. They’re just there to stimulate your thinking to see how brilliantly folks can do with colors on the walls of their living rooms.

Please feed your eyes and fuel your imagination.

Simple Wall Painting Designs for Living Room

Simple Wall Painting Designs for Living Room

Here are the 26 creative wall painting ideas for living room that should serve as an inspiration for your next living room painting.

All the living room simple wall painting idea images we shared here are super beautiful and pretty easy to emulate, you just have to get a professional painter and show him the exact design you want, or simply get a good paint sprayer for DIY projects, and you’ll be on your way to getting that enchanting living room color you’ve always craved for.

That said, below are the 26 easy paint designs for walls you should try today:



Stripes are simple painting techniques that have no time-bound. They have always been and will always be as long as painting technology remains in use.

This simple wall painting idea lends itself to a lot of creativity and is one of the most accessible and practical ideas. You may get out of the norm by trying just anything you’re inspired to do with it.

Instead of two colors, for example, you can try three or four, or even make a rainbow of the stripes. (But having more than four colors might make your living room noisy) Here is an example of how this idea is incorporated.

The painter of the color here is probably expecting a baby or is a new parent. He’s making a bold statement here with his wall painting, for the baby or the visitor about the baby.

Your stripes can be of different width for different colors. You’re thereby using this technique to highlight your favorite color or your taste.


If you have not used it before, you may have observed how painter’s tape is magically used to create something more than stripes.

You have seen it used to mask a straightedge. Apply the versatility to your living room and create magic with your tape and see the effect on the stripe you’ll paint on the wall of your living room.

You’re going to be happy with the variety of unique lines and designs that you’ve created by the time you remove the edge of the tape.

Your wall is a blank canvass that you need to fill up with colors to make it come alive. Leave behind those common ideas. This is a simple, innovative idea and it’s cool.

You’ll be longing to get back to your living room if you make its walls appear more welcoming with stripes that you produce from painter’s tape.


chevron paint idea for living room

You’ll agree that painting stripes aren’t going to be a big deal after all. The same is with the Chevron stripes. If you do it the conventional way, you’ve produced something.

However, you can coordinate them to ensure that your wall painting blend with the other interior décors of your living room. It’s about adding a fun twist to those regular stripes and putting the correct color in the right place.

You’re doing something classic! You can also think of an oversized approach. Try to connect adjacent walls.


large scale stripe paint idea for living room

Who says your stripes have to be parallel before you produce that eye-catching design?

The more you diversify, the more the fun. And the more the fun, the more interesting it becomes.

You can boldly come out with a definition if you avoid thin lines. Paint broad-scale stripes and see what your mood will turn to.


If you don’t fancy straight stripes, you still have cute ideas around. You may try out something like waves.

They can be as alluring as you love them to be if you adroitly use more than two contrasting colors as you can see here.

This idea is suitable for, not only the living room but also any other part of the home. If you freehand them, your wall can resemble an abstract painting.


abstract paintings for living room

Let’s back out from exploring stripes and do something abstract. It’s a great idea that may seem numb at the beginning.

But when you leave behind the formal setting and free yourself to express yourself in no specific way, you’ll achieve a brilliant abstract painting.

To get something attractive done here, you have to let your mind loose from any pattern or particular design that you may have tied your mind to. Set your mood ablaze and let it guide you.

Another thing that will aid your abstract wall painting is to use those colors and shapes to recreate something from your past.

Yes, your visitors might not find it easy to interpret the message of your wall painting. But, is it not an abstract painting? That’s one of its features. Others might wonder if what you have on your wall is not a mere random combination of colors.

Never mind: Modern arts lend itself to simplicity. The use of clearly identifiable images is not so common again.

And since abstract paintings are minimalist and non-representational, don’t let the painting on your living room wall do all the talking for your visitors. Get them using their imagination.

And each day you gaze at your own painting in your living room, you’ll be reading more essential messages on your wall.


freehand painting for living room

A highly creative and talented painter can borrow this idea. A freehand painting creator can just come up with some outlandish drawing with his pencil on his wall.

Before long, something remarkable can appear that all you will admire and start to relate with are different terms.

If you feel good about what you have on your wall, use your paint and define it. A great idea there! You can see in the picture here.


topographic paint design for living room

If you hope to personalize the walls of your living room and make your home layout more practical, a good idea for you might be a topographic design on your living room walls.

Consider the result you will get if you paint a large monogram on one of the walls of the living room.

The personalized message you’re creating may be cool and inspirational. If your dining or your library is adjoining your living room, you can paint a neat and straightforward display that portrays what the area of the living room is being used for.

Painting the word “W” might be a welcome word that anyone gaining access to your living room or exiting will notice. Numbers can also be used to define spaces. The beauty of a topographic design is in its versatility.


faux painting for living room

Faux is one of the simple wall painting designs for living room that produces a symbolic representation of realities. As simple as this design is, it can bring nature into your living room if you do it carefully.

For instance, if you like seeing the texture and warmth of wood in your living room and you don’t want to bring them in, paint faux. You’ll realize that those elements are with you in your home and can always bid you farewell and welcome.

Another idea of this is to paint moldings in the rustic and traditional fascination. Thanks to the faux painting, you enjoy the serenity without physically installing them. Having the paint on your wall gives your living room that relaxed and casual feeling.

10. BACK

back painting design for living room

This can be another tremendous yet simple wall painting idea for a living room. Though it involves the use of solid color, it only requires thoughtfulness to create uniqueness and fun.

Here’s an idea: You can paint a thin white as lines around the blocks of color. You’re already bringing out tones.

Another one: You can look at all the furnishings in your living and consider all the colors present in your living room so far. You can have all those colors represented on your wall.

A rectangle of different shades might achieve this. By this painting, you’ve tied everything in your living room together harmoniously on your wall. What a beautiful living room you will have!

You can also use a simple design to highlight the contrast created by two strong colors. Your doors can make a good canvas here for a continuous design. You can consider what you’ll put on the area of the wall that is closest to the door so that the door can bring out that shade.


white painting ideas for living room

The White color will always have its admirers. Painting it saves you of too many thoughts about themes and tones. But if you find it annoying and stark, you may still be creative while maintaining your neutrality of color.

Cream or off-white can come to the rescue. You’ve eliminated that stark feeling and your nook is unassuming.

One beautiful thing about white is that it brings out the beauty of everything you have in our living room. There’s no doubting the fact that white accentuate all colors around it.

Check out this living room here as an example.


green living room painting ideas

If you can be creative, you can produce a lovely simple wall painting from the green. Consider using jade green. Using this jewel-tone color, you’ll have a feel of a Caribbean oasis any time you enter your living room.

The sage green is another option; it gives you a feel of earthy grounding to soothe your nerves. What about the blue-green?

You enjoy the serenity of the combination of both colors in your living room. And if you paint your walls with olive, you’re getting the traditional feel of green. Olive green is beautiful for millwork and trims in your living room.


ocean living room paint designs

The Ocean is a simple jewel-toned color that gives your living room the feel of a beach or an island.

Your wanderlust will be taken care of if you paint your walls with this color. It’ll be as if you’re vacationing right in your living room.

14. PINK

pink paint designs for living room

You can be creative with pink also. A few elements like wood accents, textiles, and just about any pattern can make a whole lot of difference from the usual very feminine pink.

This can pale up the pink to give some funky and bohemian feeling. A coral shade having cooler undertones can create something stylish.


peach living room paint designs

You may not fancy the actual girly pink on your living room wall. Peach can come in-between. You can be modest with it and get mauve.

This will give you a color striking a balance between gray and violet and yet wholly relaxing. It can provide subtlety and perfection.

16. GRAY

gray color painting for living room

Though the color can be somehow subtle, you can use gray to give your living room wall that beauty of the added texture from the wood paneling.

This can segment the grayness of the wall. And if you can, choose a soft, pearl shade, and accent it with silver-tone and whites, it won’t be dull.

Another idea in this area is the introduction of a colorful rug to get another dimension.


crimson color design for living room

Red is never the color you’ll like on the wall of your living room. It may be too loud and too bright on your wall since your house is not a fire center.

That’s why a vibrant shade of crimson will warm-up space. It will, at the same time, contrast your furniture in pink and blue. You’re witnessing a breaking of the bold hue.


Don’t think black always gives a very wrong impression on your living room. While it can make a bold statement, it can also be relaxing at the same time, mainly when used throughout.

Being the direct opposite of white, this color can also show you how every other color in your living room will blend. You don’t have to control your eyes from roving about.

Just be creative with this simple idea. You’re already painting.


amethyst living room paint design

This can be a brilliant way to give the walls and the ceiling of your living room some consistency. And it will add some beauty to every other thing there including the sofa, the lamp, the blinds, and even carpets or tiling.

It won’t be too silent; it will make statements with a little contrast.


purple paint design for living room

Taking it all down from the ceiling to the cheetah print, purple can also make a good idea as you see here. If the paint is high gloss and the sofa is in velvet, the purple with gray undertone can do wonders too.

And if your sofas are covered in the array of colors, you have it great with lilac purple. Creams and blues can give accents.


ebony paint designs for living room

For a modest compact living room begging for more space to accommodate contents, ebony can give a feeling of more intimacy in the living room.


blue base living room paint designs

Blue can be a brilliant idea to give different shades of color to living rooms. It can help bounce backlights across space and provide a bright, open feel.

For instance, navy blue can also look beautiful in a living room. As dark as it can be, its camouflages can give cozy vibes. And it’s utterly timeless.


sky blue living room painting ideas

Sky blue can be calming and also blend with any décor style. Your blinds, lights, ceilings, and general furnishing will be happy in the company with a sky blue wall.

24. CLAY

clay paint ideas for living room

This shade of pink is neutral, natural, and colorful. Your living room wall will bring out pleasant memories of the traditional family rooms before the era of modern paintings.

And every décor feels entirely covered by the clay wall if your color idea is a cooler undertone of coral shade.


blue-green paint designs for living room

It’s another idea that can be surprisingly great. You can choose a shade of blue-green that will take your psyche to the relaxed mood of the rainforest.

Still, you’re not leaving your living room for anywhere. It’s the blue-green painting on your wall that is doing fantastic.


orange living room paint ideas

Not so grey or pink, some shades of orange can be the central point that can provide your living room with a dynamic backdrop. If you have furnishings of red lacquer and colors like this, your living room will be sunny.


If parents are to spend quality time with their kids, the living room must be welcoming. If you want to be enjoying your movies and meals in the living room, the paintings on the walls of your living room have a significant role to play.

The 25 simple wall painting designs for living room the ideas in this guide can be your inspiration. And you can improve upon any of them.

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