What Type Of Sherwin Williams Paint Is Best For Kitchen Cabinets?

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Sherwin Williams is a household name across the United States and other developed countries. They are reputed for selling a product line of paints and primers that would bring back your kitchen’s lost glory.

The company’s products are less expensive than Benjamin Moore, though they provide the same quality. You may ask; what type of Sherwin Williams paint is best for kitchen cabinets?

As a homeowner, you will agree with us that your kitchen one of the places in your home that needs to look good.

Apart from being your “engine room,” a kitchen can also serve as a place where you eat and relax. If you have an outdated kitchen, how do you bring back its lost glory without breaking the bank? The simple answer is by repainting your kitchen cabinets.

Why You Need a Good Paint for your Kitchen

What Type Of Sherwin Williams Paint Is Best For Kitchen Cabinets

Undoubtedly, painting your kitchen cabinet is an easy job to do, but it can be time-consuming if you don’t have the right information.

Apart from preparation, shopping for quality paint is also one of the significant parts of a kitchen cabinet painting project. If you want your kitchen to look good, you need to buy a quality and durable paint.

In this post, we have put together two types of Sherwin Williams’ paints that are good for painting kitchen cabinets. Sherwin Williams’ paints are formulated to provide the following:

  • Good hiding ability
  • Easy touch-up
  • Stain-resistance
  • Good coverage
  • Spatter resistance
Before you kick-start the painting project, it is essential to sand your kitchen cabinets using a quality primer undercoat thoroughly. The essence of the primer is to block stains, seal the sanded cabinet wood, and form a tacky surface that will bond well with the paint.

We recommend using oil-based ProBlock primer from Sherwin Williams. The primer has an offensive smell, but it has an excellent stain blocking property, which is suitable for kitchen cabinet painting project.

However, if you can’t find oil-based ProBlock primer from Sherwin Williams where you live, you may try KILZ Odorless Oil-Base Primer, which is another excellent primer that would give you good results.

Let’s now take a look at the two types of Sherwin Williams’ paint that are good for kitchen cabinet painting.

What Type Of Sherwin Williams Paint Is Best For Kitchen Cabinets?

1. ProClassic Acrylic Enamel

The ProClassic Acrylic Enamel paint is one of the best paints from Sherwin Williams you will ever find on the market. This paint is classified into two – Enamel oil-based and latex paints.

Before you make a buying decision, you need to decide whether or not an Enamel oil-based paint or latex paint would be suitable for your kitchen cabinet. Each of these paints has its benefits and drawbacks. They are both great for kitchen cabinets.

Oil-based Enamel paint is the most durable, and it dries hard. On the other hand, latex paint tends to be yellow after a while. Oil-based paint is very tricky to apply if you’re not experienced. Plus, the paint smells awful.

2. SuperPaint Acrylic Semi-Gloss

The SuperPaint Acrylic Semi-Gloss paint is another beautiful paint from Sherwin Williams. It is a step down from ProClassic, but it can perform wonders on your kitchen cabinets. It is a lot easier to handle than ProClassic, though it is overly expensive.

The SuperPaint Acrylic Semi-Gloss paint provides better coverage on cabinets that have been primed. To achieve a stipple-free finish, we advise using a 2 inches brush that would reach the edge, plus, a foam roller.


These two paints from Sherwin Williams are the best you will find ever on the market for painting kitchen cabinets. They will help you to achieve excellent results.

What’s your experience with these two paints? Share your thoughts with us using the comment box below.

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