Removing Paint Over spray From Concrete: 5 Useful Steps

In this article we are going to discuss about removing paint over spray from concrete. We are also going to explain about what are the materials required to remove paint over spray from concrete? How top remove paint over spray from concrete? Instructions to remove paint over spray from concrete? We will give information for you in the form of video and images in an interesting way. Keep on reading for more details in this article. Before completion of this article we will include the main details you require in easy manner.

Removing Paint Over spray From Concrete

 What Is Concrete?

Concrete is an important material for constructing different buildings and structures. Concrete is a alloy which is made of Portland cement, sand, gravel or aggregate and water in varying proportions depending on the task. Concrete is used more than any other man-made material in the world. As of 2006, about 7.5 billion cubic meters of concrete are made each year—more than one cubic meter for every person on Earth. Concrete is strong in action but weak in tension. For some purposes it needs to be brace with steel rods. Prop up concrete buildings can be made to link all the parts together(like foundations, walls, floors and roofs) but concrete construction does not make buildings earthquake-proof.


The main pitfall to this stain is that concrete is permeable. Concrete is a penetrable material, hence it can take action like a sponge. To get back your garage floor or concrete wall to normal you need to appeal extra elbow grease and few reapplications to get it back. Address the stain as quickly as possible to steer clear of permanent stain. Yet, the steps below help you remove paint over spray from concrete in easy way.

Removing Paint Over spray From Concrete

Removing Paint Over spray From Concrete

How surely do you get remove paint over spray from concrete? Mercifully, it can be done, in some cases it’s much simple than you’d visualize. That’s why we had researched and created this helpful guide to cleanse your concrete of spray paint hopefully for all! So, before you try to removing spray paint from concrete, I recommend you read our guide below to learn how to do it as easily as possible!

Supplies You’ll Need for Removing Paint Over spray From Concrete

  1. Paint remover or paint thinner
  2. scrub brush
  3. Pressure washer or power washer
  4. Bristle brush
  5. Safety goggles Scraper
  6. Goof off

Steps for Removing Paint Over spray From Concrete

Now with the proper supplies you’ve gathered, below are the 5 steps for removing paint over spray from your concrete wall, garage floor or any other slab of concrete that’s been affected! Have a look on it.

  • Use a Solution to Saturate the Area
  • Go over the area with a sprayer full of hot water
  • Scrub with a firm bristle or wire brush
  • Reapply solution until paint fades completely
  • Thoroughly rinse the concrete with hot soapy water until clean

Step 1: Use a Solution to Saturate the Area for Removing Paint Over spray From Concrete

Use a Solution to Saturate the Area

With your chosen paint remover solution the main thing to do is saturate all the paint stains. We recommend Goof Off for most stains since it’s a tried and true paint remover for spray paint. First to see how it reacts, before you saturate the entire stain try your remover on a small area of concrete. If it’s too abrasive and seems to be stripping your concrete too quickly, opt for a different solution. If it works just fine and you’re seeing some result, go ahead and saturate the entire stain and let that absorb for a few seconds.

Step 2: Go Over the Area with a Sprayer Full of Hot Water

Go Over the Area with a Sprayer Full of Hot Water

Next step you need to do is go over the area you want remove paint with a pressure washer, pump sprayer or use any other form of power washer you have access to. Along with blasting away the paint that the solution slacken up it will also dilute the paint thinning solution on your concrete and minimize any damage. How much of stain it’s removing keep on eye after spraying the stain. Because in sometimes you’ll get the result in first try itself. But usually you’ll have to repeat these steps a few times to completely remove the spray paint from the concrete.

Step 3: Scrub with a Firm Bristle or Wire Brush for Removing Paint Over spray From Concrete

Scrub with a Firm Bristle or Wire Brush

The amusement part among the process : scrubbing. If you’re one of lucky mortals who got all the spray paint off in step 2, this scrubbing won’t apply to you. But when you start to see some passage and you want to completely banish the paint, you need to do the process scrubbing with a firm bristle brush of some sort. Apply some elbow grease don’t be terrified. By having scrubbing the paint will move around and liquefy a bit. This is a pointer that it’s working.

Step 4: Reapply solution until paint fades completely for Removing Paint Over spray From Concrete

Reapply solution until paint fades completely

In order to get great results as early as possible we start broadcasting steps 1-3. It’s safe to reapply them several times as long as you’re watching carefully for any concrete erosion using most solutions. When you think your concrete can handle it, you can keep applying to get every last speck of paint off of your concrete floor or wall.

Step 5: Thoroughly Rinse Concrete With Hot Soapy Water Until Clean

Thoroughly Rinse Concrete With Hot Soapy Water Until Clean

When you get all the spray paint off the concrete, now it’s time to give it a thorough cleaning. This is an crucial part of the process because if you leave your concrete with paint thinner, nail polish remover, or any other thinning agent it will gradually destroy over time. Hence it is important to completely remove all the rest of the thinner as well as the paint from your concrete.

I would recommend giving it a rinse at least 2 times with some soapy solution, if you still have that pressure washer handy. I would direct for 3-4 rounds of cleaning just to make sure you got it all off, when you’re scrubbing by hand. And once that’s all done, you get to enjoy your newly-spotless concrete again!

Removing Paint Over spray From Concrete Naturally

You want to consider soda blasting if the paint affects a large area. Soda blasting is a relatively new way of stripping paint from concrete, and it works in the same way as sandblasting but is gentler on your concrete surface. For doing this soda blasting there are two things you require:

1. soda blaster                                                                 2. special sodium bicarbonate

Removing Paint Over spray From Concrete Naturally

Prepare the blaster and spray the sodium carbonate evenly from a safe distance so that you do not end up blasting off the concrete. Remember to wear a respirator while doing this. You can hire charge a soda blaster if you don’t want to make it purchase. As well as the special sodium bicarbonate from a local hardware store.

NOTE: Regular sodium bicarbonate or baking soda will not work.

If you don’t know how to operate a soda blaster, you may engage the services of a professional. If your surroundings contain any plants make sure to remove them so that they will not affected by the high pH levels which present in sodium bicarbonate.

Products And Tools You Require for Removing Paint Over spray From Concrete

  • Protective gear: Make sure to wear gloves and a respirator when dealing with paint fumes.
  • A vacuum cleaner or a broom: These will help you clean up the affected area.
  • TSP alternative: This will help you clean your paint surface thoroughly.
  • A scrub brush (preferably long-handled): This helps scrape off the paint.
  • Putty knife (optional): A putty knife can help you peel off chipped paint after you’ve applied the TSP alternative, if necessary.
  • Paint stripper: This is a chemical product designed to remove the paint from the concrete while cleaning the underlying surface.
  • Hose or power washer: Using a high-pressure washer or hose helps wash away the chipped paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Remove Dried Latex Paint From Concrete?

Latex is fairly easy to remove from a concrete surface compared to oil-based paints. Most of the dried up paint will easily come off with a little scrubbing. If there are stubborn paint stains, apply a paint remover (not stripper) and let it sit for a few minutes. Once it dries up, scrape-off the stains.

How Do You Remove Oil-Based Paint From Concrete?

While oil-based material is long lasting, it’s rather difficult to remove. You might need to use a paint absorbent along with the paint stripper. Mix the two and apply them to the affected area. Let the solution sit for 30 minutes to one hour and scrub the surface with a nylon brush.

Can I Use A Floor Grinder To Remove Paint From Concrete?

Yes, you can. A floor grinder is normally used to level, polish, and clean concrete surfaces. Depending on how hard the concrete surface is, use the correct pressure so that you do not end up creating pits.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Seal The Cleaned Concrete Surface?

As mentioned, concrete is porous and will readily absorb liquids. The expansion and contraction of liquids in weather conditions may end up destroying the cleaned concrete surface.

How Soon Can I Use The Surface After Sealing?

As the chemical formulation of sealants varies, check the manufacturer’s instructions. However, most coatings can withstand light traffic after 24 hours.

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Final Thoughts about Removing Paint Over spray From Concrete

Removing spray paint from concrete driveways, floors, walls, and sidewalks requires a little effort and patience, but is totally feasible. If you have a small area to treat, start with soap and water, TSP, paint thinner, or paint stripper. These methods are cheap, easy, and effective. Just remember to protect yourself and your surroundings, especially when using TSP or paint thinner/stripper. If the area is huge, use a method that covers the most square footage efficiently, such as a power washer (outdoor), sandblaster, or concrete grinder (indoor/outdoor).

If the job seems overwhelming, you can always hire a professional. Use a site like Home Advisor to compare services and pricing for professionals in your area. As a reminder, I ordered these methods based on the level of difficulty, so I suggest starting with step 1 and working your way down. So, if you find yourself needing to remove spray paint from various surfaces, these tips should be helpful.