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Red Metal Roof House Color Combinations

In this article we are going to discuss about red metal roof house color combinations. Which house color works best with red roofs? We’ve gathered information from our experts on color combinations that are super interesting. Let’s take a look at these combinations.

Red Metal Roof House Color Combinations

Some great house colors that would look great with a red roof are listed here. From neutrals to bold and bright, we’ve found a bit of everything: 

  • White
  • Celadon
  • Brownish grey with pink undertones
  • Pale grey with white trim
  • Denim blue
  • Yellow
  • Sand and taupe

We have examples of each of these color choices to show you, and we’ll also talk about which color roofs last longer, how to choose your gutter colors, and how to match your roof and house colors. So please, continue reading. 

A Red Roof And The Great Colors That Go With It

Red roofs are a great addition to any home. They add a pop of color and can really make a house stand out. Having a visual to go along with an idea can be helpful, and that’s what we’ve done for you here. Take a look at these beautiful homes and how they’ve used red roofs to enhance their style.



The sight of a white home with a red roof is charming and brings to mind images of summer, porch swings, and rolling fields. The farmhouse has a red roof that matches the big barn. It’s a tradition with a happy feeling. This is a classic combination that is utterly charming. The style of having white homes with red roofs is an iconic look in housing.

Brownish Grey With Pink Undertones

Brownish Grey With Pink Undertones

This Craftsman-inspired home features a beautiful, warm brownish-grey color with rose undertones that is perfect for pairing with a red roof. The brown’s subtle tones create a warm, rose-like effect that looks great with this metal roof. The warm Cedar wood enhances the red tones of the combination, making it a real winner!

Pale Grey With White Trim

Pale Grey With White Trim

This red tile roof looks great with a soft pale grey and white trim. The roof’s bold color is balanced out by the soothing tone of the siding. The white trim is a beautiful addition that separates the two colors perfectly and looks great next to both of them. This is a great mixture of both worlds – it’s soothing on the siding and impressive on the roof.

Cheery Yellow

Cheery Yellow

If you like sunny and bright things, then you might like this color combination. This cottage is cheerful and joyous in its curb appeal. Sunny yellow is placed next to a red metal roof. The bold green door and the plants make the space charming. The white picket fence and trim give the house an adorable look.

Why Are Roofs Red?

Why Are Roofs Red

Many homes in European countries and in the desert Southwestern U.S. have red or reddish-orange clay tile roofs. These roofs are made with local materials that are in abundance. Tile roofs were also able to withstand fire better than other materials at the time. The clay available to make these tile roofs was often reddish in color. Different parts of the country have different types of red roofs. If you want a red roof, you can choose to have a red tin roof. They make metal roofs that can simulate the classic tiled roof’s look with the ease and durability of it being metal.

How Do You Match House And Roof Color?

If you have an HOA , you will need to follow their guidelines for exterior paint colors. Many homeowners’ associations have a set of colors Pre-approved for the exterior, trim, and roof of your home. This may take away any guesswork you need to do. If you don’t have an HOA, there are a few things to think about when choosing your house and roof color.

How Do You Match House And Roof Color

If your home is a light cool color, like grey or blue or greige, a grey, charcoal, or black tile will look nice. If your home is a warm color, like brown, terracotta, or yellow, then a brown or reddish roof will work well. For white homes, you can choose any roof color you want. 

What Color Roof Lasts The Longest?

The consensus among roofing companies is that both shingle and tile roofs come with a multi-year guarantee. This guarantee is generally true. Lighter-colored roofs may outlive darker roofs by a year or two because they absorb less warmth from the sun. The color of roofs will change over time, but this change is not related to how well the roof functions.

What color house goes best with a red roof?

White, A white home with a red roof is a traditional combination that is right at home in the countryside and the suburbs.
Greys, Softer grey tones for exterior and white trim is a colour scheme that you will see everywhere you go because it tends to be very harmonious.

What exterior Colour goes with a red roof?

Red is under the warm category, so it might be a great idea to pair it also with warm tones. Houses with red roofs normally use light brown, creamy yellow, and beige as their exterior paint, since they’re all warm tones as well.

What color metal roofing is best?

Muted shades are going to be the best bet here, so stick with things like black, brown, and gray. Blue is also a good option, but don’t choose bright shades. Blue exteriors rely on cooler shades, and the roof should complement that color. Blacks and grays are the best choices.

What country has houses with red roofs?

Croatia: of Old Walls and Red Roofs

What house Colours go with red roof?

Below are some house paint colors that go very well with a red metal roof:
Denim blue.
Muted Yellow.

What color siding looks best with red brick?

The best siding colors with red brick include light neutrals like white, gray, brown, and off-whites like beige and tan. Greens and blues also work. The main thing to remember is to choose colors that highlight the tone of the red brick

How do you brighten a red brick house?

Paint the Brick, Painting the brick is the most extreme solution for a dark brick exterior, but it brightens the look. It’s a good option when you don’t like the brick color at all. Neutral paint colors ranging from white to taupe tend to look best.

Does GREY go with red brick?

Gray has been a very popular exterior color for years now and it’s a perfect pairing for red brick. If your brick has any variation with darker sections here and there, these colors might be the perfect choice for your next painting project

What color door and shutters go with red brick?

Black shutters are by far the most popular color with red brick. It’s the most classic shutter color that’s been used for centuries. It doesn’t matter what style your brick is or how red, black shutters still look great.


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