Red Door

In this article we are going to focus on keyword red door. You’re walking around your town when you see a striking red door on a beautiful home. It makes you think about why people choose to paint their front doors bright colors. A red front door typically means that the homeowner is patriotic and welcomes visitors.

Red Door

There are a number of things that a red front door can mean:

  • Symbolize welcoming energy
  • Mean you’re mortgage-free
  • Announce a place of protection
  • Indicate a welcoming spot for travelers to rest for the night
  • Bring luck and prosperity
  • It’s a beautiful color that many people love, just for its beauty

Different cultures have different beliefs around the meaning of a door painted red. Please continue reading this post to see our examination of these items. 

What Does A Red Door Mean Spiritually?

Different cultures have associated different meanings with a red door over time. In Scotland, a red door was traditionally seen as a sign that the homeowner had paid off their mortgage. Certain religious communities believed that a red door would provide protection for those who entered. 

What Does A Red Door Mean Spiritually

The color red is often associated with welcoming energies in Feng Shui traditions. A red door during early American times typically symbolized a place where travelers were welcome to rest for the night. This became a symbol of welcome. All cultures have their own unique interpretation of a red door, but in general, a red door is seen as a positive sign.

Is It Good Luck To Have A Red Front Door

Is It Good Luck To Have A Red Front Door

Red is considered a lucky color in Eastern culture and mythology. Many families believe that painting your front door red during the holiday season brings good luck and fortune to your household. In China, red is not only a symbol of good fortune, but also of joy. One possible explanation for why a beautiful red entry door makes us so happy is that it subconsciously signals to us that we are safe and welcome. 

Is Red A Good Color For A Front Door?

Is Red A Good Color For A Front Door

After reading about the various symbolisms of a red door, do you think it is a good color? This color is perfect for your front door! The feng shui of a space is said to be able to ward off evil, bring good fortune, and create a welcoming environment. Additionally, it is said that feng shui is packed with positive energy. I don’t think you’ll want to wait long before painting that door. This brings us to our next section. 

How Do I Paint My Front Door Red?

How Do I Paint My Front Door Red

The first step is to choose a shade of red. Benjamin Moore has good ones, and this palette below gives you a starting off point for your choice. It will depend on the color of your home and its exterior trim. Which finish should you use for painting? The three most common types of exterior door finishes are high gloss, semi-gloss, and satin. 

After you have procured your paint, the next step is to gather your supplies. You’ll need a brush with an angle of 2″.

2 angle brush


Our favorite long-lasting brand is Purdy, but you might choose another. You will need: – Fine-grit sandpaper – A damp cloth – A drop cloth – Painters tape – A scraper. 

blue painters tape

This blue painters tape is great because it doesn’t leave marks and is easy to remove when your project is done.

Razorblade scrapers


Razorblade scrapers is a handy tool to have if you have sidelights or panels on your door and need to get paint off of the windows. This type of scraper removes paint from glass easily.


To prepare your door, you will need to take the third step. Use your sandpaper to prepare the surface to be painted. Wipe up the sanding dust with your damp cloth. Then use painter’s tape to seal off any areas you don’t want to be painted. Finally, place a drop cloth below your door. 

After you have completed the first three steps, you can start painting. First, paint the molding, then paint the larger areas. Use long and even strokes when painting to minimize brush marks.

Red Door

You’ll need at least two coats of paint for a nice smooth finish on your door. After your paint has dried for the recommended amount of time, remove the tape, fold up the drop cloth, and you will have the red door of your dreams.


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