man painting a wood furniture

Best Paints For Outdoor Wood Furniture

You’re probably hesitating to paint your outdoor wood furniture because you don’t know how it will greatly enhance the life span of your furniture.

Indeed, painting can be a great way to affordably refreshen the look of your furniture and add curb appeal to your landscape.

Although there are varieties of brand’s products on the market, which can make choosing the best paints for outdoor wood furniture a difficult one.

Unfortunately, if you have no experience in the painting industry, you could end up making the wrong choice. That is why we’ve carefully assembled the perfect outdoor wood furniture paints for you here.

Take a look at them below.

How Did We Choose The Products?

man painting a wood furniture

We concocted a list of only the best paints that provide a smooth and durable finish on exterior wood furniture.

We considered several factors before making our decision, including the effectiveness of the products, user reviews, and affordability.

With the products listed here, it takes less time to round off your project, as the formula dries quickly and hide wood furniture flaws excellently.

Can’t Wait Any Longer? Here’s the List

1. KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint

If you are rearing livestock, one of the biggest challenges we often face is selecting outdoor paints that are eco-friendly. Opting for paints with higher VOCs is harmful to our farm animals.

For those of us who have livestock around, whether pros and DIY alike, you should always choose paints that are safe eco-friendly.

That said, I highly recommend using KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint. For every problem, KILZ has a solution.

With KILZ unique paint, the film will not harm the livestock. Moreover, it safe to use around animals of all stripes and spots.

In addition, it’s a good exterior paint that provides long-lasting protection that resists fading, peeling, cracking, and scuffing – while adding curb appeal to your landscapes.

Furthermore, KILZ incorporates a great water/oil base formula for versatility, exceptional adhesion, and longevity in almost any weather conditions.

The paint can be used on tons of vertical exterior wood surfaces, similarly to, stucco, masonry and sanded glossy surface. Although, it requires little prep work before painting. You can use sprayer, paintbrush or roller to apply the paint.

Lastly, the paint dries to touch about 2-3 hours. On the other hand, it requires 6 to 8 hours of drying before recoating.

Furthermore, the coverage differs by porosity from up to 200 square feet per gallon if applied on porous surfaces. Whereas, it covers 500 sq ft per gallon on nonporous/smooth surfaces.
Easily to clean up with water and soap

  • Once cured, the film is mildew resistant
  • It resists fading and peeling
  • Highly durable
  • Self-priming formula
  • Long process application
  • Priming needed
  • Uneven coverage of the tools applied to the paint

2. Rust-Oleum 240284 outdoor wood Painters

First and foremost, the Rust-Oleum 240284 is a water-based acrylic formula with low VOCs –which makes it eco-friendly. It resists chips, peels, scuffing, and offers long-lasting protection.

This product can be used widely for both outdoor and indoor project surfaces such as wood furniture, metal, masonry, plaster, and unglazed ceramic.

The application and coverage are quite impressive. The paint covers about 120 square feet and takes less than 30 minutes to dry upon touch. Thus, it’s the go-to option for quick project completion.

Are you talking of durability? The Rust-Oleum 240284 is highly durable whether for indoor/outdoor applications. Although, the paint is very big on sand surfaces with approximately 180/200 grit sandpaper.

Secondly, wash with a degreaser, then you should allow the surface to dry before applying the paint. There is a bit of prep work on the path.

With its strong natural tendency to give an excellent cover, the satin finish minimizes any flaws within the surface area. Thus, providing smooth and great hide.

In brief, the Rust-Oleum 240284 is a combo-paint that always without fail provides a durable and smooth finish that lasts longer than average paints.

  • It’s highly versatile.
  • Durable coating.
  • Quick to dry.
  • Offers wider coverage.
  • Less expensive.
  • Serious prep work before application.

3. Montage Signature Interior/Exterior Eco-Friendly Paint

Thirdly, is the Montage Signature; an eco-friendly and pollutant-free paint ideal for professional painting either for exterior or interior uses. Also, the paint is versatile; can be used on a large commercial building or small residential spaces alike.

It’s excellent on ceilings, trim, walls, and outdoor wood furniture. Besides, the product is available in low-sheen and semi-gloss finishes.

Another quality is superior coverage and protection. Unlike other outdoor wood furniture paint, the Montage is a scrubbable paint that offers smooth and even finishes despite your tool or surface condition.

On top of that, it enhances surface sealing technology against moisture, mildew, and mold.

The Montage Signature paint is offering a 10-year warranty, trust me, you don’t want to be left out. I have known this brand for almost a decade now; they focus on quality, rather than quantity.

100% produced by Raw and post-consumer latex paints in the USA. It’s time to update your outdoor wood furniture with high-end quality, low-impact paint.

  • For both exterior and interior use.
  • The low sheen finish is available in all colors.
  • Smoothly coverage.
  • Good resistant to mold and mildew.
  • Backed up with a 10-year warranty.
  • Not ideal for hater of pastel colors.
  • It requires more coats for Water-based paints.

4. KILZ L573611 Interior/Exterior Enamel wood furniture Paint

If you are searching for a classic paint that has a compactable coverage in or around the house, KILZ L573611 Interior/Exterior Paint is the right DIY paint for the job.

This product will make it easier for you to create representative makeover furniture both outdoor/indoor. You can paint wood, non-ferrous metal, masonry, and architectural plastics. Besides, you don’t have to be an expert painter, before using this paint.

One of the biggest advantages of KILZ paint over traditional method paint is versatile coverage.

As an acrylic paint that offers a low-luster enamel finish, they are flawless in terms of the long-lasting, mildew-resistant coating. In addition, the coverage helps resists fading, scuffing, cracking, peeling and variable weather damages.

In short, their high durability helps protect your investment. Ideal for decks, basement, siding, outdoor furniture, trim, and trellises.

A gallon of the KILZ paint covers 200-300 square feet if applied on rough surfaces. On the other hand, it covers 300-400 square feet on smooth surfaces. The coverage is more impressive for DIY homeowners.

Should you know, you can apply the paint with a polyester/nylon brush, a high-quality roller, or an airless sprayer.

  • No priming needed.
  • Used on varieties of surfaces.
  • Also good for painted or primed surfaces.
  • Spreads well.
  • High-quality coverage.
  • It takes a longer period of time to dry.

5. Rust-Oleum 249843-6 PK Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover

For people like us who are DIY homeowners, who love the simple application, I present the Rust-Oleum 249843-6 PK. It is an oil-based paint sprayer.

The paint has 2x ultra coating that offers superior coverage. Thus, making it the best pick for faster project completion.

Secondly, the product gives a tough and attractive finish almost on any exterior/interior surfaces.

The one thing I love about this product is the oil-based formula is low odor. It courses no allergies or irritation of any sort. At the same time, it’s chipped resistant and provides long-lasting protection.

Another coolest feature is convenience. The handling format is so comfortable; with a wider finger pad designed to reduce hand fatigue caused by continuous spraying. Additionally, the manufacturers went even further to develop a comfort spray tip, as well.

Also, the paint dries to touch in 20 minutes, whereas the coverage is approximately 12 square feet per can. The durable formula is capable of providing a smooth coating for an excellent hide.

You can stand conveniently at almost any angle to apply the spray paint, leaving a well-fixed color that brings out the authenticity in your project. However, for the best use, kindly refer to the user manual.

  • Convenient use.
  • Ideal for smaller exterior projects.
  • Dries quickly.
  • It is versatile.

How To Choose An Outdoor Wood Furniture Paint

wood furniture paint

While choosing paint for outdoor wood furniture, there are certain crucial features that you should take note of. These qualities we are about to discuss is a must-have feature for every great outdoor wood paint out there.

Without wasting much time, in order to land home with the right product, it must have the following below;

Highly Resistant Formula for outdoor Elements

A good outdoor wood paint should be durable. Durability is essential particularly in an area where the surface is exposed to moisture or rain.

Ensure the model you are looking for has the ability to withstand any weather conditions.

Look closely if the product has a water-based acrylic formula. The reason is that acrylic formula is mildew-resistant, as well as, mold, chip, peels, and scuffs resistant. Acrylic paints provide long-lasting protection.

Wide and Quick Coverage

The best paint hides surface flaws with minimal coats. It shouldn’t necessarily be one coat, rather the timing that separates each finish should not be much. I recommend choosing a paint that dries to touch quickly, as they are ideal for quick project completion.

Note that most time wood furniture paint dries unevenly, even when applied correctly. So ensure you pick a model that dries quickly enough to avoid dripping and provide an excellent finish.

Also, the square feet matters a lot. You don’t want to buy three gallons of paint that will cover about 400 square feet. While looking for an easy-to-dry paint, you should be on the watch for vast coverage capacity, as well.

Wide and Quick Coverage

Low VOCs

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These are harmful chemicals often found in most paints, and they pose a health risk.

VOCs are considered dangerous to the environment, as such most models are facing serious product checkups both from the federal and state regulations.

A good wood furniture paint should contain nothing above 100 grams per liter of VOCs. However, it should be lower than 100 grams.

Proper Prep

Whether you want to settle for a paint that doesn’t require much preparation or not – either way, it’s fine.

But you should know, prep work is crucial.  Regardless of how excellent the paint might be or your painting skill, failing to completely prepare the surface before painting will lead to an ugly finish.

Furthermore, you will also want to take a look at other serious damaged surfaces, before applying the paint.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. What paint works best on wood?

When comes to wood furniture, the paint that works best is acrylic enamel, as the highly concentrated resilience of the enamel paint helps resist weather elements. On the other hand, Acrylic paint is a great pick for indoor wood paintings.

2. Is it better to spray or brush paint furniture?

Either way can serve. But for professional painting, it is advisable to use a sprayer. Spray painting is 10X faster than brush painting.

Moreover, most spray paints are oil-based which means they have a durable finish compared to latex paint. Whereas brush is likely to leave paint marks on the surface.

That said, spray paints are versatile, as such can be used on any surface like metal, plastic, resin, wicker, and wood.

3. How long can exterior primer be exposed?

Most brands recommend 30days (give or take) before requiring reprime. Also, you may want to sand it a little bit, but it depends on the topcoat.

What paint should I use on wood for outside?

When painting exterior wood, oil-based paint offers the best protection and longest-lasting results. Next in line are high-quality exterior acrylic paints, which have been improved and are less likely to crack and peel than latex paint.

What paint finish is best for outdoor furniture?

  • Find the perfect paint to spruce up all kinds of furniture, from indoor pieces to your patio set.
  • Satin or semi-gloss paints are ideal for most furniture pieces.
  • Choose exterior latex paint for outdoor furniture.
  • Use interior latex paint if you want the furniture to match the walls.

How do you paint outside wood?

  • Wash down joinery.
  • Remove old and peeling paint.
  • Create a ‘key’ for new paint.
  • Take out crumbling putty.
  • Replace rotten beading.
  • Replace and apply wood filler.
  • Apply first coat of paint.
  • Apply final coats of paint.

What do you seal outdoor wood furniture with?

There are three surefire ways to waterproof your wood for years to come.

  1. Use linseed or Tung oil to create a beautiful and protective hand-rubbed finish.
  2. Seal the wood with coating of polyurethane, varnish, or lacquer.
  3. Finish and waterproof wood simultaneously with a stain-sealant combo.

Does outdoor paint protect wood?

Paints. Of all finishes, paints provide the most protection for wood against ultraviolet degradation and simple erosion. A painted surface retards the penetration of exterior moisture, blocks out damaging ultraviolet rays, and seals into the wood the natural resins and other oils that can otherwise be weathered out.

What kind of paint do you use outside?

Satin/eggshell: Best for siding because it’s a low-reflective finish that’s good at hiding surface imperfections. It has a slight gloss, so it stays cleaner, is more easily washed, and stands up to abrasion better than flat or matte paints.

Do you need to prime outdoor wood before painting?

Raw Wood. Unfinished wood should always be primed prior to painting. Primer, having high-solids content, helps fill in the wood grain and creates a smooth surface for the finish coat. Like the raw drywall, unfinished woods tend to really soak up paint, and primer helps seal the surface to prevent this from happening.

Do I need primer for exterior paint?

When it comes to residential exterior painting and interior painting, it’s usually a good idea to prime before painting, especially if you’re coating a new surface, a previously-painted surface that’s falling apart, and/or need an extra boost in terms of color coverage.

What is the most durable paint for wood?

Acrylic paint
Acrylic paint is durable and long-lasting and is best for use on siding (wood, fiber cement, or aluminum), stucco, plaster, drywall, and porch floors. Oil-based paint creates a stronger and more durable finish, making it an excellent choice for exterior paint projects.

What is the best paint for a wooden shed?

10 of the best shed paint options

  • Cuprinol Garden Shades Matt Wood Treatment.
  • Wickes Shed and Fence Timbercare.
  • Cuprinol Ultimate Golden Cedar Matt Wood Preserver.
  • Ronseal Deep Mahogany Gloss Wood Stain.
  • Treatex Classic Colour Collection.
  • GoodHome Colour It.
  • Lakeland Shed and Fence Treatment.

What is the toughest paint for wood?

Ronseal Stays White Ultra Tough Paint is a tough, durable wood paint that protects against everyday wear and tear.

  • Use in conjunction with Ronseal Knot Block Wood Primer And Undercoat to get Stays White Forever Guarantee.
  • For an all-in-one primer and top coat, try Ronseal Stays White 2 in 1 Primer and Paint.


What do you think about these outdoor wood furniture paints?

Do you think your painted furniture color will match your exterior home design or do you have your other preferences?

At this juncture, you probably should have decided on what best paint for outdoor wood furniture to go for. It is surprising if you have not made up your mind yet. However, you can kindly pick up any one of these paints, and you’ll be pleased with its result.

Although each of the paint options mentioned here is compactable with any outdoor wood furniture. Which means any paint can serve perfectly well.

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