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Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

If you are thinking of buying the best airless paint sprayer for cabinets, then it is a good investment.

Using a good airless paint sprayer will enable you to perform your painting tasks ultimately faster than when you use a roller or paintbrush.

An airless paint sprayer is a versatile tool for painting because you can regulate the pressure level to fit your needs and use different tips for a different type of liquid, including varnish, latex, etc. Apparently, the reasons to invest in an airless paint sprayer outweigh its downside.

Nevertheless, we understand it is hard to find excellent airless paint sprayer in the market today. With many inferior products and scammers out there doing all possible to reap you of your hard-earned money, you may be discouraged even to consider buying one when your home needs renovation.

Perhaps, hiring a professional is not an option to consider since their charges are expensive. Regrettably, we cannot decide on the particular sprayer that is suitable for your needs.

But to avoid all these stress, we have researched and reviewed the best paint sprayers for cabinets and furniture in your home. This review contains everything you need to purchase a good paint sprayer for your cabinets painting.

Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

Why You Need a Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

Wondering why you should get a paint sprayer for cabinets?

Here’s the point!

After some years, your kitchen cabinets may look old; the cost of fixing a new one is not something you want to consider during this period.

Nevertheless, in this situation, where you are “economizing” the best option is to use the best paint sprayer for cabinets to give it a new touch.

It is not enough getting the cabinets painted; it must be undertaken professionally that anyone that comes into your kitchen or room will appreciate its beauty.

A good paint sprayer for cabinets does not focus on quantity but precision. It allows users to produce excellent results with consistency.

Reviews of The Best Cabinets Paint Sprayer

1. Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

Grace is a household name in the paint spraying industry as the producer of high-quality paint sprayers. Evidently, we have two of the company’s products in this review because of its uniqueness.

However, the Grace Magnum 257025 has every feature you desire in an airless paint sprayer.

The first unique noticeable feature is its fully adjustable pressure that allows you to regulate the paint flow to suit whatever project you are working on.

Made with plastic and metal, it is indeed durable considering its construction. Furthermore, the piston pump is made of a stainless steel material, which means you can use the unit at high pressure without any fear of wearing and tearing.

With a weight of 15 lbs., it is flexible to carry along while working on your project. Additionally, its unique inbuilt storage compartments make your sprayer easier.

The PowerFlush adapter allows you to connect your garden hose if you want a more comfortable cleaning. Graco Magnum 257025 is a low profile product that gives you comfort and safety while working on your cabinets.

  • Inbuilt storage compartment
  • Portable and durable
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Unthinned spray paint
  • Cleaning takes a little time
  • It’s a bit pricey

2. Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer

If you want a top-notch airless paint sprayer to accomplish your painting project faster, then the Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer fits that category.

The entire component of the sprayer is made of a stainless steel material that adds to its durability. Besides this, the smart control feature allows you to get a professional finish to your project even if you are painting with speed.

We don’t need to say much because the sprayer is among the best airless paint sprayer for cabinets in the market that delivers a flawless finish with superior speed.

Furthermore, it is designed for your small exterior, interior, and specialty projects.

Although it is expensive, it is worth investing if you want a professional outcome for that project. Why spend so much hiring a professional painter when you can get this equipment and reuse it whenever the need arises.

  • Provides professional finish to projects
  • Doesn’t produce stains
  • Suitable for smaller painting
  • Although expensive, but it’s worth it
  • Not ideal for beginners

3. Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG Siphon Gun

NOTE: This is not entirely an airless paint sprayer, but it’s pretty much reliable and effective in painting cabinets, which is why I included it here.

At times, you want a new face to your cabinet but limited by money. Well, that should not be a problem anymore because the Critter Spray Products 22031 spray Gun is very affordable for everyone.

Your canning or leftover Mason jar that occupies space in your cabinet can be useful with this spray gun.

The spray gun gives you a good value for your money, although it is a dependable sprayer. It allows you to reuse your old canning jars as a paint container.

All you require for it to work correctly is to mount the unit to the compressor. It works perfectly with 16-ounce jars; the gun is very easy to use to apply paints, stains, or lacquers.

Whether it is for spraying cabinets, furniture, or crafts, this paint sprayer serves that purpose without you breaking the bank.

Although, it is suitable for smaller DIY projects, however, if you want to work on a bigger project, it is advisable to invest in those with larger cups, durable gaskets, and better balance to get a professional outcome for your project.

If you don’t have this project, it is best to invest in it today.

4. Campbell Hausfeld CHK005CCAV Gravity Feed Case Spray Gun Kit

This also not an airless paint sprayer, but it’s equally amazing for cabinet painting. You’ll want to check it out.

The Campbell Hausfeld contains everything to begin your cabinets painting project. The unit comes with two paint containers of different sizes to allow you to work on smaller or larger projects.

Furthermore, the two separate guns give your versatility during your project.

Additionally, its dual adjusting valves allow you to regulate the consistency of the paint flow. The uniqueness of this product is so evident for everyone to see that it comes with 15 different paint filters and a 5 in-line paint filter to ensure you get a professional result once the job is completed.

The sprayer gives you optimal atomization and is usable for your carpentry, automotive, and other home painting projects.

The Campbell Hausfeld CHK005CCAV Gravity Feed Case Spray Gun Kit is a complete package that is hard to neglect. You also have a thread tape with a wrench to tighten your connection.

In spite of all these features, the price is very reasonable when compared to other paint sprayers with fewer features. What do you need in an airless paint sprayer in the market that this sprayer does not have?

  • Excellent design
  • All inclusive spray kits
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Suitable for smaller and larger projects
  • Small storage compartment

How to Use a Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

The cost of replacing your cabinets is unthinkable if you are earning a low income. The truth is your kitchen requires additional cabinetry beside the ones you have.

This could cost thousands of dollars, which most times do not include the installation of a new one.

Nevertheless, with the right paint sprayer, your cabinets can give your garage, kitchen, or bathroom a new look without spending or breaking the bank.

Yes, that is possible. All you need is a good spray gun, a few gallons of paint, dedication, and a few practices to perfect your skill. Furthermore, before starting your painting project, it is essential to practice consistently if you want a professional result.

Once you are convinced of your skill, you need to prep your cabinet because grease settles on wood in the kitchen. Additionally, garages and bathrooms do have mold and mildew; you must remove this dirt before starting your painting operation.

Once the cleaning up is completed, the next stage begins – the priming of the cabinets. Ensure during this stage, you utilize the best primer that will help block stains for a better outcome. With this, you are ready to begin your painting adventure.

Tips for Painting Cabinets Using Airless Paint Sprayer

how to paint cabinets with airless paint sprayer

The ultimate mistake most beginners make is using the same process when painting their interior or exterior walls for their cabinets. This is wholly wrong and affects your work when completed.

Nevertheless, we have compiled essential tips to help you get the best result for your upcoming projects.

1. Use the same primer with the paint type – This point is crucial because if you use a latex primer for the cabinet, the oil-based paint will not mix properly with that of the primer.

Additionally, immediately you prime the surface, the painting should follow else you have to start from the beginner.

2. Prime all surfaces – Most furniture and cabinets have been stained to give the color you see. If you do not prime the surface, over time, it bleeds through the paint. The process of priming the surface is unavoidable.

3. Ventilate – ventilating your working area is essential, especially if you are using an oil-based primer for the cabinet.

The odor of the paint is strong and can lead to severe breathing problems if exposed to it for a more extended period. Do not forget to use protective equipment for your safety.

It is essential to start from the top to the bottom when painting your cabinets. Although, most painters do the opposite, however, that is not the best way of painting.

Working from the top, it is easier to use paints that run from the top. Ensure to keep a roller or brush closer to you to smoothen the surface.

What is the Best Paint for Cabinets Work?

Enamel is ideal because of the hardness of the surface of the cabinet. Besides this, it makes it easier when you want to clean while creating a scratch-resistant surface.

However, some people do use oil-based paint because it is cheaper and requires little maintenance. Oil-based paint is durable and somehow easy during cleaning. The choice is yours to decide the paint that is a better option for your cabinet.

Important Factors to Consider when Buying an Airless Paint Sprayer

If you are not sure of what features to check in an airless paint sprayer, then no need to worry. We will narrow the option to enable you to find the best product for your project.

  • Power: The kind of project you are working on will determine the power capacity you will need. If you want a thicker painting, then you will need a unit with more power. With more power, you get more speed when painting
  • Volume: The paint volume your paint sprayer can hold is very important. Imagine having to refill your paint every 5 minutes and the stress you have to go through doing this. Therefore, a bigger volume means fewer refilling.
  • Adjustable pressure and tip: Today, most airless paint sprayer comes with different tips to allow you to change the flowing pattern of the paint. Additionally, if the pressure is high, you can get your job completed as soon as possible.

Other features include the construction of the sprayer (plastic or metal), size, and weight.

Cabinet Painting Tips

This post will not be complete without also sharing some good cabinet painting tips. So, here’s a short video that shows you how to paint cabinets:

What is the best spray gun for spraying cabinets?

The Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets
HomeRight Paint Sprayer.
Wagner Spraytech FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer.
PaintWIZ PW25150 Handheld Paint Sprayer.
REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer.
Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray.
Tacklife Advanced Electric Spray Gun.
Fuji Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System.

Is an airless paint sprayer good for cabinets?

Using a Magnum airless paint sprayer will provide the fastest way to achieve a perfect finish. So, there’s no need to spend a fortune on replacing your cabinets, when an airless sprayer provides both the speed and quality to make transforming your cabinets a quick and easy home improvement project.

Is it better to spray paint kitchen cabinets or use a brush?

Ideally, spray painting cabinets is the most sought after method today. The quality of finish you get from using a spray gun is second to none, and it’s by far a faster and more efficient method. In fact, brush and roll finish projects will typically save you about 25% off the cost of spraying.

What is the difference between an airless and a air paint sprayer?

Air sprayers are different from airless primarily because they have to be connected to an air supply, which usually means a bulky, expensive air compressor. Airless sprayers use pressured streams of paint or stain that do not rely on air flow to force the material out of the sprayer, making them extremely portable.

What is the difference between HVLP and airless sprayers?

An airless sprayer does not use a compressor. Instead, it uses a pressurized pump and piston to siphon paint to the gun through a fluid line, forcing it through a small orifice in the spray tip to atomize it. An HVLP (high volume, low pressure) sprayer uses a compressor, or a turbine, to atomize paint.

What is a 311 spray tip used for?

The reversible RAC IV SwitchTips are the most widely used tip for spraying a variety of coatings from lacquers to exterior paints. Use the Reverse-A-Clean (RAC®) feature to quickly clear tip clogs by simply twisting the tip and spraying in the reverse position.

What kind of paint is best for kitchen cabinets?

While oil-based paints make a case for themselves with their reputation for easy application and a long-lasting finish that can be scrubbed and cleaned regularly, latex paint is widely regarded as the best choice for most kitchen cabinets, since it offers lower levels of VOCs and is quicker to dry.

What is a 315 spray tip used for?

The 315 tip is ideal for fence picket priming and painting. The 6” fan pattern minimizes overspray when spraying pickets.

How much does it cost to spray paint kitchen cabinets?

If you go the spray paint route, expect to pay around $40 per linear foot to do the upper cabinets and $80 per linear foot to do the lower cabinets. Spray painting cabinets enables the use of high-quality lacquer paint for greater durability.

Is it better to roll or spray paint?

Paint rolling allows you more leeway when the surface isn’t perfectly clean. Rolled paint goes on thick on the initial coat and bonds better to the surface. The tiny paint droplets produced by spraying do not connect with each other as well as rolled-on paint.

What are the 4 types of paint sprayers?

The main options are airless, compressed air, and HVLP. The type you require depends on the kind of job and your level of expertise. What is this? Each type contains a reservoir for your chosen paint, as well as a method of propelling the liquid from the container and through the tip of the sprayer.

What should I look for when buying a paint sprayer?

Tips for Choosing the Best Paint Sprayer

You might opt for a larger hopper or a unit that draws straight from the can. Think about cleanup and whether you want a unit that comes apart for easy cleaning. Smooth interior surfaces and units that draw from the can make cleaning easier, too.

Do I need to thin paint for sprayer?

Is it necessary to Thin Latex Paint for Spraying? Yes, the latex paint does need to be thinned. Even though latex paint is water-based, it is thicker than the oil-based paint varieties. The thick latex paint needs to be thinned to be able to spray a fine mist of paint.


So far, you can see that airless paint sprayers come with many benefits. Nevertheless, there are numerous factors to consider when buying the best product in the market.

Features such as adjustable pressure, price, and power are an essential place to begin. Before making the final decision, ask yourself if that product has every feature you need with adequate power to get the job done.

Fortunately, the airless paint sprayer category in the market is continually improving with consideration on a budget also. Irrespective of the budget you have, you will find the best airless paint sprayer for cabinets in the market.

We hope that we have done justice to this review, and the final decision process is much easier than you have imagined.