6 Best Paint Brush For Baseboards

Hello Painters! Here we’re to discuss the topic of the best paint brush for baseboards. Along with including the main topic we’re also going to discuss essential topics like What is meant by baseboards? Top 6 paint brushes for baseboards? Pros and Cons of paint brushes for baseboards? We will give information to you in the form of video and images in an interesting way. Keep on reading for more details in this article. Before completion of this article, we will include the main details you require in an easy manner.

Paint Brush For Baseboards

Going into this topic let’s get an overall idea of a paintbrush for baseboards in the form of a video.

Before going to the main topic let’s first know about how to use a paint roller.

What Are Baseboards?

A baseboard is a narrow length of wood that goes along the bottom of a wall in a room and makes a border between the walls and the floor. Another definition of baseboard is, a piece of wood fixed along the bottom of a wall where it meets the floor or A molding that conceals the joint between an interior wall and the floor.

Paint Brush For Baseboards A Complete Guide

Painting is a magnificent job that gives beauty and a new look to the structure or item you’re painting or applying. When you choose the best paintbrushes for your baseboards it can give you a guarantee, as good paintbrushes give you excellent performance for a professional painter or homeowner.

Paint Brush For Baseboards

So, make sure to get an excellent paintbrush for your baseboards that works well. Short brushes give you a subtle finish, while angled brush glides the paint on delicate trims. The article below outlines the various paintbrushes for baseboards jobs for outstanding choices.

6 Elite Paint Brush For Baseboards

We have researched and brought you 7 awesome paint brushes for baseboards. Just have a look!

1. Purdy 144152325 XL Series Glide Angular Trim Paint Brush For Baseboards

Purdy brush is one of the most preferred brands by most professional painters for its extra smooth and shiny finish on the products. The purdy brush contains a wooden handle that is angularly trimmed and made with a smooth and natural finish. Its ferrule is round and coated with copper for durability. The great advantage of this purdy brush is it works well on both exterior and interior finishing jobs.

Purdy 144152325 XL Series Glide Angular Trim Paint Brush

This brush is suitable for medium surfaces(like kitchen cabinets, drawers, gutters, tables, and others). The brush bristles of the purdy brush are made of polyester and stiff with high retention making them suitable for painting during the hot and humid climate. The bristles also absorb the proper amount of paint without dripping and apply evenly at the same time giving a smooth finish.


  • Gives a smooth finish
  • Bristles made of polyester
  • Durable
  • Ferrule copper-coated to last long
  • Can be re-used and is easy to clean

2. Pro Grade 6 Pack Paint Brush For Baseboards

This pro-grade angular paintbrush is a high-quality professional brush at an affordable price. As this paintbrush has a perfect design it works well for wall painting, interior painting, and trimmed surface painting. It has a firm grip on hardwood surfaces and also on crafted arts. These paintbrush bristles are synthetic and durable, holding more paint without dripping and giving a finer finish.

Pro Grade 6 Pack Paint Brush For Baseboards

This paintbrush contains a fine bristle grip it gives good control while doing paintwork. Professionals best prefer this brush for beginners and home users. The pro-grade handle is designed with a comfortable grip, and the painter can work with ease and comfort for a long. The ferrule is made of stainless steel to make it durable even after multiple uses.


  • Durable
  • Angular is designed to give a fine finish
  • Steel ferrule
  • Can be reused multiple times
  • Bristles easy to clean

3. Wooster Angle Sash Paint Brush For Baseboards

Wooster brush is one of the finest quality brushes that innovates and manufactures high-quality painting tools. This brush is durable and can be reused several times without getting worn out. The handle of this paintbrush is smooth and flexible gives comfort, and allows movement even in tight painting spaces. The bristles of this Wooster brush are designed with blended nylon plus for an improved response while painting. These brushes are recommendable for use on edges or on thick coatings.

Wooster Angle Sash Paint Brush

If you want quick drying primers and paint, the Wooster brush is a perfect choice and it outshines other exterior jobs also. One of the great interesting things about this Wooster brush is, that it blends well with water stains and all kinds of colors. The brushes are available in 1 ½ inch, 2”, and 3 inches. The ferrule is made of brass that is rustproof and firm for quality and long-lasting brush.


  • Extra-firm bristles
  • Gives superior finishing
  • Durable
  • Big and firm handle
  • Rust-proof steel ferrule

4. ROLLINGDOG -2 inches Paint Brush For Baseboards

RollingDog is professionally designed with a round polyester brush with stiff bristles o give a clean baseboard’s work. The bristles of rolling dog brush don’t soak in paint without a drip. This rolling dog paintbrush gives you a smooth finish on your paintwork. While doing the paintwork the paintbrush gives a grip and better control and this paintbrush have a short wooden handle with lightweight, hence it is easy to handle.

ROLLINGDOG -2 inches Paint Brush For Baseboards

If you’re looking to paint tight corners, walls, or furniture with less fatigue this paintbrush works well. The ferrule is made of stainless steel that is non-corrosive to give a brush a long-lasting performance. It connects the handle tightly with the bristles. RollingDog is a great brush that keeps smooth and suitable for jobs such as chalk-painting, ceilings, and baseboards, among others.


  • Long-lasting
  • Fine and smooth bristles
  • Short and firm handle
  • Stainless and non-corrosive steel
  • Round tapered

5. Hiltex 00308 Paint Brush For Baseboards

Hiltex 00308 comes in a set of five paintbrushes and it comes at an affordable price. The one thing to say about Hiltex 00308 is, that they present great value in both quality and performance. Hiltex gives you to select your own choice based on your taste and the work to be done. As this paintbrush comes in 5 different shapes and styles you can choose any one from those.

Hiltex 00308 Paint Brush For Baseboards

The handles are wooden and light to work with during the paintwork. These paint brushes are used for painting work such as( crafted arts, professional painting, and furniture home painting). The great plus point of this Hiltex 00308 is it works in both hot and cold climates. The bristles are made from polyester with a feathery end to give a smooth finish to long-lasting performance even after reuse. They can be reused and cleaned with water-based primers or even oil-based primers.


  • Long last
  • Affordable
  • Good polyester bristles
  • Comes in a set of 5

6. Proform Paint Brush For Baseboards

The proform paintbrush is designed oval-angled with the filament for easy painting and cleaning. The filaments of this proform paintbrush are non-drip and preferable for both interior and exterior painting. If you’re looking forward to painting the corners of your baseboards then this proform paintbrush works well. The ferrule is designed with stainless steel and firmly holds the brush for durability.

Proform Paint Brush For Baseboards

It is also designed with an ideal point release capacity to make the brush urn off and return to normal. The handle is PIC6 quality, and the head is designed with an angular shape. The filaments are good to paint absorbent, taking 40% thick paints. The bristles are also latex treated for durability and prolonged performance. The proform is designed with a card paper for wrapping the brush after use for more prolonged use.


  • Metallic handle
  • Designed with an oval-shaped sash
  • Advanced PBT bristles
  • Durable
  • Stainless steel ferrule

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Brush Do You Use To Paint Baseboards?

When painting trim or baseboards, the paintbrush you use can vary based on the size of your baseboards and the type of paint you’re using. Typically, a 2 or 2.5-inch angled brush works just fine. Particularly when using latex paint, it’s best to paint your baseboards with nylon or poly-nylon brush.

Should You Paint Baseboards With A Brush Or Roller?

For baseboards, a smooth to medium, 3” roller is suitable. Paint retail centers carry this in-store. Before using the roller, take painter’s tape then apply and remove any lint (nap) from the roller. This ensures it does not get applied to your baseboard.

How Do I Get A Smooth Finish On Baseboards?

Sand Trim Between Coats for an Ultra-Smooth Finish. For a smooth finish, sand the trim before applying each coat of paint. Sand the trim with a fine-grit sanding sponge. Sponges get into crevices where sandpaper can’t go and apply even pressure.

What Is The Best Paint Brush For A Smooth Finish?

The best paint brush for a smooth finish is the Purdy Nylox Glide brush. It has super soft bristles that do not leave brush marks. It’s perfect to use with latex paint. Projects that are perfect for this paintbrush include painting cabinets, trim, furniture, and doors.

What’s The Best Way To Paint Baseboards?

The best place to start painting the baseboards is in a corner of the room. Work your way around the perimeter in one-foot sections. Go horizontally, following the length of the trim, rather than brushing up and down. Apply your strokes in a single direction, rather than brushing back and forth.

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Different paint brushes give different performances based on the target.it is therefore advisable to select a good paintbrush based on your need. From the outline above, this is our recommendation for you.

  • For professional Pro Grade 6 Pack Paint Brushes- an angular brush is an excellent choice for you. It is packaged in a pack of 6. It performs large painting and trimming tasks given the various designs and sizes.
  • For quality performance and durability – Proform paintbrush Oval Angle Technologies is good to pick. The bristle design, handle, and ferrule are specially designed to offer quality and fine finish.
  • For triangular and corner work, use the RollingDog -2 inches Paint Brush. The brush is uniquely designed to do painting on corners and trim work.

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