Paint Aluminum Siding In 3 Inspiring Steps

Hello Painters! Here we’re to discuss the topic of paint aluminum siding. Along with including the main topic we’re also going to discuss essential topics like What is meant by aluminum? How to paint the aluminum siding? Top 3 steps to paint aluminum siding? What you’ll require to paint aluminum siding? Can you paint aluminum siding? What kind of paint do you use to paint aluminum siding? We will give information to you in the form of video and images in an interesting way. Keep on reading for more details in this article. Before completion of this article, we will include the main details you require in an easy manner.

Paint Aluminum Siding

Have an overall idea on the topic paint aluminum siding in the form of a video.

Paint Aluminum Siding In Short

Before going to the main topic let’s first know about aluminum and aluminum siding.

What Is Meant By Aluminum?

Aluminum is a durable metal at the same time it is a silvery-white and lightweight metal. The softness and malleability of aluminum make the material flexible and serve a variety of uses. Generally, aluminum is used in a range of products such as home furnishings(cabinets), airplane parts, high-end cars, and window frames. As it is a popular material, many people find ways of personalizing it to add their own touch, and this is often done by painting it. Even though it is a time takes process when compared to other types of metals, it is still possible to do so when it is done correctly.

What Does Aluminum Siding Mean?

Aluminum siding is one of several types of planking materials available to cover a home for the purpose of protection and insulation. The most common types of siding are wood, aluminum, and vinyl. The advantages provided by aluminum siding are durability and insulation. When compared with vinyl siding, metal has a slight edge on both counts, particularly in cold weather climates.

What Does Aluminum Siding Mean

Aluminum siding requires very little regular maintenance apart from removing occasional dents. Large-scale repairs can prove difficult as it is challenging to patch in a piece of metal. Repair of a hole or damaged part of aluminum siding often requires the removal of a very large piece of planking or the use of metal sheers that can leave obvious cuts if not used properly.

Can You Paint Aluminum Siding?

As the sun falls on your aluminum siding, it requires a painting again. As it is not a complicated job, you can do it on your own within a short period. It does not take as much time as compared to wood siding. Repainting aluminum siding is much more economical than replacing it. Metal siding can be smooth and spray painted.

Paint Aluminum Siding

You do not need to roll the paint( if required, it is not a big problem). For painting aluminum siding you need to pay a lot of attention to the preparation process which plays an essential role in the final results. When you prepare the surface properly, the paint last longer on aluminum. So, let’s figure out how to paint aluminum siding!

How To Paint Aluminum Siding

Before going to know about what is the best paint for aluminum siding, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the process of painting aluminum siding. Many people don’t know how to paint aluminum siding, and some may get confused because of that they need to face many problems and the finishing would be worst. So to not happen at all we’re here to explain to you how to paint aluminum siding. Just check our guide below!

1. Prepare Surface To Paint Aluminum Siding

When you are looking to paint your aluminum siding, preparation is the main important step as it plays a vital role in determining your success. Hence, it is a great idea to notice every single step of it. It’s very different to work with aluminum siding when compared to other metal materials or vinyl. Oil-based paint is not suitable for galvanized steel. You can look for the paint which provides multi-purpose enamel. Otherwise, for the best outcome, you can find metal paint.

Prepare Surface To Paint Aluminum Siding

Another factor to consider is whether you have repainted the or not. If you have, check the paint you used the last time and consult a professional about that paint if possible. Many people confuse distinguishing between aluminum and vinyl, it will be challenging for them to find if your siding is brand new. In this case, it’s best to search for things. If you find the latter, it is likely vinyl. Meanwhile, the aluminum will show bumps or dings. The first thing to find is whether your siding is steel or aluminum, to do this we recommend using a magnet.

2. Choose Proper Tools To Paint Aluminum Siding

If you’re looking for the best result, the main thing is to pick the required tools. The two tools you require are a Power or Pressure washer. As you’re looking forward to painting your aluminum siding, you do not need to buy a washer. You can ask your friends or neighbors to have one. Otherwise, you can rent it as it is a reasonable price it is found in many hardware stores. Along with that you also need other safety tools(like goggles, ear protection, gloves, or waterproof boots).

Choose Proper Tools To Paint Aluminum Siding

  • Choose The Right Primer: Choosing the right primer will finish your project of painting aluminum siding, so choose the right paint. Oil-based primer is necessary as it helps to absorb chalking pigment on your siding. Furthermore, it also protects your siding surface from external substances. Along with oil-based primer, an acrylic primer is also a great choice. It does not cause possibly missed oxidation. However, you need to be careful with this primer as it goes well with only acrylic paint. Make sure to avoid latex primer as it contains content ammonia.

3. Paint Your Aluminum Siding

When it comes to painting aluminum siding you should consider the weather. It is important to consider weather as it decides the job to finish or not. Choosing whether the weather is hot or cold is important as it affects the speed at which paint dries. If the weather is hot the paint dries fastly, if the weather is cold the paint takes more time to dry. So consider the weather.

Is Painting Aluminum Siding a Good Idea?

It entirely depends on why you would be painting the aluminum in the first place. If your goal is to bring up to speed to hide some of the more old-looking areas of the siding that aren’t damaged, then go for painting your aluminum siding it is a fantastic idea. If you want finished work then add a nice coat of acrylic paint onto your baked-on color finish it will breathe new life into your aluminum.

Painting Aluminum Siding

People start replacing aluminum when it begins to show its age, in most cases. But thankful to aluminum siding as it only needs to be replaced if there are damaged pieces or something has potentially punctured it by a heavy storm or natural occurrence.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use to Paint Aluminum Siding?

When it comes to what type of paint you want to use when applying a fresh coat of paint onto your aluminum siding, luckily there is no guesswork. But acrylic paint works 100-percent best. Acrylic paint is the only paint on the market that will not only maintain the color yield you were going for when you originally applied it, but it also grasps on firmly to the aluminum.

Acrylic painting

One of the great advantages of this acrylic paint is it won’t peel or flake in the long run. In terms of the specific kind of paint, if you were to go for a matte base color, you would benefit from the ability to hide poor brush strokes and still give off that professional-level look.

Will Paint Stay On Aluminum Siding?

Paints adhesion on aluminum is surprisingly high. Even better than vinyl siding counterpart, to point out that if you compared the two, you will find a natural wood finish that vinyl can display may pale in comparison to a well-done paint job on aluminum. One of the keys to getting your paint to stay where it needs to be and pulling off this look comes down to how much effort you put into cleaning the aluminum exterior itself, though.

Will Paint Stay On Aluminum Siding

To get it to that peerless clean state it needs to be in, you are going to want to utilize a power washer with a unique mixture of TSP, a simple capful of household bleach, and you are off to the races.

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The Bottom Line

Painting your aluminum siding will make your home go from bland to beautiful in a matter of time. Depending on your situation, going with a professional might be well worth the investment, considering there leaves little room for mistakes and a guaranteed coat that will catch the eye of anyone who beholds it.

In brief, giving your house a completely new look sounds like a great idea, and you can start it on your own immediately! Repainting is not a challenging job, but for aluminum siding, things can get a little bit trickier. We hope that it would be helpful for you when you decide to make your house look more attractive and professional!