15 Awesome Modern Orange Living Room

In this article we are going to discuss modern orange living room. A warm bright space can be a great way to liven up your home, regardless of whether or not your living room is neutral colored. If you’re looking for a bold, vibrant color to add some life to your living room, orange is a great option. It’s a warm mixture of red and yellow shades that will stand out against other colors in the room and give your home an overall brighter look.

Modern Orange Living Room

Modern Orange Living RoomIf you want to create a cheerful and inviting living space, choose orange as your dominant color. Not only is it uplifting, but it also stimulates the imagination and can help make you happy. Orange can be a beautiful, unique color choice for your home if it is paired with the right shades. This beautiful color can be combined with a wide array of colors to achieve very different looks for your living room. Choosing a color to pair with your orange can seem daunting. There are an endless number of different shades to choose from, making it difficult to find the perfect one.

1. Earth-Toned Modern Orange Living Room

Earth-Toned Modern Orange Living RoomConsider using lighter shades of earthy or clay oranges to complement neutral colored walls and furniture to achieve a more muted look. This orange living room is filled with neutral colors, such as cream-colored walls and earthy orange throw pillows. Together, these colors create a bohemian-inspired look.

2. Green Modern Orange Living Room

Green Modern Orange Living RoomWhile orange and green may not seem like an unlikely pairing, this bold deep shade of orange is paired with jewel-toned deep green shades for a more elegant moody ambiance. The orange tones in the metallic copper used for the fireplace and coffee table are accentuated by the combination of these elegant shades.

3. Gray Modern Orange Living Room

Gray Modern Orange Living RoomGray has become a popular cool color for home decorating. A popular color pairing is orange and gray, which balances warm and cool colors to create a stylish look. This living room has a modern cozy feel with the orange and gray combination.

4. Orange Modern Orange Living Room

Orange Modern Orange Living RoomAdding orange wall space to your living room can help add a pop of color and life to the room. This room has a bright orange wall color that works well with the neutral-colored couch and deep chocolate wood accent pieces. The chevron flooring in the room has a natural golden orange color, which goes well with the bright wall color.

5. Autumn Palette Modern Orange Living Room

Autumn Palette Modern Orange Living RoomMany people believe that orange and red, both warm colors, pair well together. The deep pumpkin-colored walls of the room highlight the deep red couches for a fall-like feel, making for a gorgeous aesthetic.

6. Black Modern Orange Living Room

 Black Modern Orange Living RoomA popular color scheme in the 1970s was orange, black, and yellow. This living room uses the lively striped print couch as the main focal point in this room, black and warm shades of brown accentuating the subdued retro orange. This room has a cohesive feel due to the closely coordinating rug.

7. Tan Retro-Glam Modern Orange Living Room

Tan Retro-Glam Modern Orange Living RoomVintage styles are often seen as elegant and timeless. This retro glamorous decor features bold red-orange walls and distinguished tan, orange, and brown plaid flooring that coordinates perfectly with the nostalgic feel. This decor style features detailed furniture with stylish orange throw pillows.

8. White Modern Orange Living Room

 White Modern Orange Living RoomWhite can be a great neutral color to add a clean and crisp accent to any room. This white couch, floor, ceiling, and wall art are clean lines against the lush sherbet orange walls in this room. The floor trim and vase, throw pillows, and lampshade all have a darker shade of orange to coordinate together.

9. Bright Modern Orange Living Room

Bright Modern Orange Living RoomAdding color to your room can be done by painting the walls or ceiling, or by using accessories. A vivid orange is used as the ceiling color in this artsy living room, which is set against several natural shades of orange to create an overall atmosphere that is bold and artsy.

10. Geometric Modern Orange Living Room

Geometric Modern Orange Living RoomDecorating your living room with wall decor can be just as important as choosing the right wall color. This geometric wall decor is unique and provides an ultra-modern look in this room. To add some visual interest to a room, using similar shades of wall and couch colors can be a great way to tie the room together. The warm floor color goes well with this vibrant orange shade, making it the focal point in the space.

11. Red-Orange Modern Orange Living Room

Red-Orange Modern Orange Living RoomAdding accent walls can be a great way to add color and variety to a room without having to paint every wall in the room. This living room features a red-orange textured painted accent wall that provides some liveliness to the otherwise plain room.

12. Pink, Purple Modern Orange Living Room

Pink, Purple Modern Orange Living RoomBy using different colors in your decor, you can create a cheerful atmosphere that will make everyone feel at home. This room has a vibrant color palette of pink, purple, and orange which makes it feel welcoming and energetic. This color scheme is not for everyone but it can create a fun and inspiring space. The geometric window treatment gives this room an exotic twist.

13. Sunrise Orange Modern Orange Living Room

Sunrise Orange Modern Orange Living RoomAnother great color combination to use with citrusy shades of orange is yellow. The couch has a bright golden orange color that coordinates well with some of the in-between shades on the geometric wall of shades, which go from sunny yellow to deep shades of red. This design scheme uses muted shades of neutral colors for accents. It is vibrant and energetic.

14. Coral Modern Orange Living Room

 Coral Modern Orange Living RoomCoral is a delicious shade of orange that can be used to add a unique color to your living room. This particular shade of orange goes well with light natural wood. This living room features cool colors in light gray and bright greenery to create a refreshing look.

15. Orange Brick Modern Orange Living Room

Orange Brick Modern Orange Living RoomA brick wall can be a great way to add a rugged look to an urban landscape by using this bold color. A couch that is closely matched to the background seems to blend in. This metropolitan look is a unique spin on the popular orange living room. The bold black furniture and faux fur rug add an accent to the room, while also giving it a more sophisticated feel.

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