15 Elegant Emerald Green Living Room Ideas

In this article we are going to explain briefly about 15 elegant emerald green living room ideas. Many people are crazy about the color emerald green. Turquoise is one of the most popular colors for home decor right now, and for a good reason. Some shades of green are more relaxing and refreshing than others. Emerald green is a luxurious and sophisticated color that adds an element of luxury to the overall effect. This color is popular among high-end living rooms on social media.

15 Elegant Emerald Green Living Room Ideas

Some people choose to use colors like light green or yellow with emerald green, in order to create a more cohesive look. What are the pros and cons of using a color as your accent versus making it your main color? We’ll discuss the pros and cons of using this rich color in your interior design, as well as provide some inspiration for incorporating it into your existing decor or designing a new living room from scratch.

1. Precious Metals and Jewels

Precious Metals and Jewels

This dramatic living room incorporates shades of gold to complement the jewel color of the tufted sofa. The green wall provides a soothing backdrop. This room uses gold as an accent color to tie it together without the use of competing colors. One way to make a room look high-end and cohesive is to stick to one hue in various shades, use neutrals as accent colors, and avoid using too many different colors. The striking monstera plant and smaller succulents add a soothing natural element to the garden.

2. Art Inspired

 Art Inspired

To add an emerald green hue to your living room, try using shades from a piece of art you already love. The designer clearly drew inspiration from the over sized abstract painting in their latest collection. This living room has echoes of the shapes and colors in this painting. All of the furniture in the room has circles on it, similar to those found in the painting. The paint on the walls is a bright red and green, with pops of complementary color in between.

3. Statement Dresser

Statement Dresser

If you’re not in the market for a new sofa, but you want to add some green to your decor, try giving new life to a thrift store piece like this dresser. This room is beautiful with its black and white lamps and bold floral wallpaper. It makes a great showstopper. 

4. Seeing Double

Seeing Double

Two green sofas add a touch of symmetry to this classic room, making it look more polished. The neutral gray walls and rug help to keep the emerald green color in check. The gold accents on the coffee table, mirror, and lighting fixture give the room a touch of glamour. This room is well-balanced and has a lot of glamour. 

5. Tufted Velvet

Tufted Velvet

This music-loving homeowner paired a folk guitar collection and fun throw pillows with this sophisticated tufted velvet sofa. Some combos work better than velvet and emerald green. The fun peacock print adds a touch of whimsy to the overall feel. This room is not overly serious, but it still has a dramatic feel to it. The playful elements in the room offset the formal look of the sofa, making it both comfortable and stylish.

6. Emerald Stones

 Emerald Stones

This sideboard is amazing and puts the jewel back in emerald. This beautiful jewel-like object is sure to get people talking. This piece of furniture is not for the faint of heart.  This piece is designed for modern or eclectic spaces and may not fit into just any living space, but if you have the flair of a designer, it could be perfect for your living room.

7. Jungle Love

Jungle Love

If you want to feel like a wild animal, this room can be your inspiration. This modern green velvet sofa, which would be an attention-grabber all by itself, becomes part of the scenery in this jungle-inspired living room. The real plants and the painting create a magical atmosphere in this room. The bedding is a colorful mix of pink and green pillows, as well as a natural-looking rattan.

8. Book Lover’s Paradise

 Book Lover's Paradise

Many top designers choose to use the color green and gold together often, because it is a classic combination that has been proven to be effective. This room uses contrast to keep it interesting. It mixes rustic elements with more glamorous pieces, which keeps the viewer engaged. The furniture in the room has a rustic and vintage feel, with antlers and prints reminiscent of old hunting lodges, while the gold frames, chandelier, and leopard print chairs give it a glamorous look.

9. Understated Elegance

Understated Elegance

This room is a great example of using green walls to achieve a calming, natural look. The room is decorated with neutrals, keeping the focus on the furniture and accessories. There are still touches of glamour in the starburst mirror, frame, and metallic accents. This room is kept from being too dark or dramatic by the natural light that floods in.

 10. Classic Preppy

 Classic Preppy

Many shades of green can be calming and relaxing. This dark green wall paired with mid century-style furniture and crisp white molding makes this living room look like an updated classic. This living room has a dark green wall and mid century-style furniture, which makes it look like an updated classic. This space has a lot of personality without being overpowering. 

11. Over the Top Glamour

Over the Top Glamor

This homeowner has gone all out with the glamour in their home. The elaborate molding and two elephant statues flanking the fireplace evoke Baroque glamour in this room. The painting is a feast for the eyes, with layers upon layers of textures and colors. This room has an eclectic mix of things, including a cello leaning against the marble fireplace. However, because this is not the main focus of the room, it blends in and becomes unnoticeable.

12. Natural Treasure

Natural Treasure

This side table is themed around geology, and it’s a unique addition to any room. This table looks more like jewelry than furniture because of the gold outlines and legs. This vase is small enough to not take up too much space but stunning enough to be the center of attention.

13. Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

Pillows are a great way to test out different colors before you buy them. If you don’t like a product, you’re usually not out a lot of money. You can move the rug to see where the colors stand out and where they blend in.

14. Green Light

 Green Light

This emerald green light fixture would look stunning in any room. It is a beautiful addition to any home and would be sure to impress anyone who sees it. This light in the style of an antique banker’s lamp would look equally at home in an eclectic living room or a more modern design. The glass is translucent, so it can match a variety of colors. The gold adds an upscale touch. 

15. Natural Touch

Natural Touch

Incorporating plants into your living space can enhance the beauty of your home. This planter provides a beautiful framework to show off your favorite plants. This planter can be used to grow both showy flowers and simple succulents.  

In Closing

People often choose emerald green because it is a beautiful color and can be used in many different designs. The color is versatile and can be used in a variety of styles of decorating. You can add a touch of green to any room in your home with a little creativity.