best mildew resistant paints

Best Mildew Resistant Paints

If there is one thing that is great at ruining the surface beauty of your property, it should be mildew. Mildew is an annoying growth that should be taken care of the moment it appears on any surface around us. Because they are unhealthy for us and our beloved pets.

Do you know mold/mildew breading within our home is prone to causing allergies, headaches, irritated eyes, asthma, and, most times, lung issues? That’s why you must act fast!

Besides, we often think reducing moisture problems and fixing ventilation is all it will take to get rid of this unpleasant fungus. Whereas, the most effective means of treating mildew once and for all is simply applying the best mildew resistant paints.

Best Mildew Resistant Paints

What is Mildew?

mold and mildew resistant paint

Mildew is a grayish-white/brown surface fungus mostly found on the surface of a humid, damp or moist area of your home.

It appears as slender superficial growth produced on organic matter for example wood. Also, mildew produces a disgusting smell that causes human ailments.

Why Do You Need A Mildew Resistant Paint?

Mildew is kind of an irritating growth that we house owners tend to battle with the moment we see them appearing in the basement, kitchens, or bathrooms.

Mildew resistant paint is the only thing that can stop both mildew and mold forming efficiently. Not only will it stop mildew, but also prevent it from reappearing in the long run.

The mildew-resistant paint is the best alternative because they have microbicidal additives that resist mildew, mold, and algae growth.

Also, they prevent the growth of bacterial odors. Besides, it is the agent that destroys microbes, such as bacteria.

In summary, all mildew resistant paints have microbicidal protection in them, which helps cover the entire contact surface. That is why we recommend mildew resistant paint for you.

Best Mold and Mildew Resistant Paints

best mildew resistant paints

1. RUST-OLEUM 5001 Mold/Mildew Paint 1-Gallon

The Rust-Oleum 5001 solid ultra-low odor oil-base formula, contains a mildewcide that helps prevent mildew and mold, for at least five years after application.

The intense chemistry of this product makes it ideal in areas where mildew and mold can be problematic, such as for basements and other interior and exterior masonry surfaces.

If you are looking for a trustworthy product for mildew, the Rust-oleum 5001 is a go-to option, as it has a waterproofing paint lifetime guarantee. The waterproofer is 2x stronger than the strength of others.

The formula incorporates waterproofing resin with Portland cement to give a sturdy coating that stops approximately 34 lbs psi of water pressure. And remember, mildew frequently occurs in moisture areas.

Also, the paint is smooth; you can as well apply the paint on both wet and dry surfaces, as it has a non-gritty finish.

  • Eco-friendly water-based paint
  • Easy To Apply
  • Superior Protection
  • Perfect Finish
  • Extremely Versatile
  • It can’t be applied to water tanks, as it contains lead
  • It’s expensive compared to other paints

2. Rust-Oleum 02761 Perma-White Mold & Mildew Paint

Do you have moisture-prone areas within your home? You can enhance and protect those surfaces with Rust-Oleum® Zinsser® PERMA-WHITE, as it’s one of the best mildew resistant paints for bathrooms, basements, and more.

A reliable Rust-Oleum product is the Rust-Oleum 02761 Perma-White. It’s mold & mildew sturdy proof paint both for interior/exterior purposes, with a semi-gloss finish.

The finish is washable, scrub-able, and moisture resistant. Besides, it’s a self-priming product, which means it sticks to the surface without sanding.

The Rust-Oleum 02761 perma-white is available in different colors. Tin table to off-white, medium, and pastel colors.

Furthermore, an outstanding quality this paint does have is the fade resistant. It’s a high-performance water-based, low odor coating that has a lifetime durability warranty – which makes it the best pick.

If applying the paint near a shower, wait for about 24 hours after painting, before using the shower.  It’s crucial not to scrub until it’s seven days

  • Water-based and low odor
  • Color is fade resistant
  • Color is versatility in options
  • Easy to clean
  • Self-priming quality saves time and effort
  • The self-primer isn’t long-lasting
  • The odor tends to be strong is painting under warmer weather

3. Diamond Brite Paint 21700 Semi-Gloss Latex Paint

If you are talking about the leading paint brand of quality and performance, you want to take a look at the Diamond Brite paint.

They are the best brand in terms of producing last-longing latex paint, varnish stains, aluminum/polyurethane coating, and oil-based enamel paints.

Not only that, the wide varieties of coatings are available in the brand’s popular and pre-mixed colors. Moreover, it is a dirt and grease resistant mildew paint with low odor.

You can use brush, roller, or sprayer to apply on almost any surface, such as drywall, masonry, and primed surfaces alike.

As an interior/exterior latex PVA primer-sealer, it requires a primer. In detail, for the best result, you should prime the surface first, as this helps reduce the need for a second coating. The coverage is quite impressive; it covers up to 300-350 square feet of coverage per gallon.

Lastly, a general rule is that the brighter the finish, the harder the washing and cleaning. You don’t have to worry about being a pro painter to use this product efficiently. It features painting instructions and shipping packaging

  • Extremely Versatile both for interior/exterior use
  • Eco-Friendly Water-Based Paint
  • Tons of Color and Finish Combinations
  • Easy to Apply
  • Superior Protection
  • Very difficult to remove once cured

4. Glidden Interior mildew Paint + Primer

The Glidden one coat is perfect for DIY homeowners. To be honest, it’s my favorite mildew resistant paint among all. Aside from the mildew resistant feature, the paint has a unique hide and stain block.

You can hide your common flaws in a single coat and make your walls beautiful again. Also, it is available in eggshell, semi-gloss and flat, which makes it excellent for every room in your home.

Another merit about the Glidden One Coat Paint is it has primer all in one, which allows you to paint effortlessly. Besides, the solution is Low-VOC and less stress, thus you can enjoy your daily routine.

If you are picky in terms of colors, the Glidden One Coat has about 300 other premium-curated paint colors. These hand-selected colors were backed up with professional experiments to ensure a beauteous finish, whenever you are working on your painting project.

Lastly, this product has exceptional washability. If anything gets on your finish, the paints can withstand the scrubs to get it off.

  • Low-Voc Interior Paint
  • Washable, Scrubbable Interior Paint
  • Coverage requires fewer coats of paint
  • Durable against garage chemicals and stains
  • Not good for exterior use
  • Limited finish selection

5. KILZ Interior/Exterior Basement and Masonry Waterproofing Paint

When it comes to painting production, KiLZ is among the top-notch brands that produce authentic products. Their making of exceptional premium primers and paints has been on for forty years. Also, KiLZ went further winning the Paint Brand of the Year in 2015.

My nearly sixteen years as a DIY homeowner; I can tell from personal experiences that KiLZ without fail to offer a decorative finish, with their alkali-resistant coating that is durable, long-lasting with.

In addition, the product was made specifically for masonry surfaces and porous concrete. Aside from the interior/exterior masonry wall, you can apply it on a wide variety of surfaces such as stucco/brick, retaining walls, cider, and concrete blocks.

One gallon of KiLZ covers approximately 75 to 125 square feet each –depending on the surface porosity.

Besides, the paint is a low odor water-proofer that uses nanotechnology to create an intense shield against water infiltration.

To get the best, it is critical not to apply the paint on walls or on floors with active water leaks, as it may cause water infiltration and soften durability.

With a minimum of two coats, you can arrive at an optimal result. The paint dries quickly upon impact about an hour and can be re-coated in four hours, although it depends on humidity.

Lastly, you can apply the paint with a roller, brush or an airless sprayer. More precisely, you need a high quality 1/2″-3/4″ nap roller –if using a roller. Whereas, a 4″ nylon/polyester brush or an airless sprayer capable of delivering 2200-3200 PSI

  • Water-resistant to 12 PSI
  • Durable resistant finish
  • Low odor
  • Ten-years customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Suitable for both exterior and interior use
  • Seals porous concrete
  • It is not suitable for driveways
  • Two coatings need to get a good result

Mildew Resistant Paint Buying Guide

mildew resistant paint for bathroom

If you want to lay your hands on the right product, there are certain essentials to look out for before making a purchase. They are presented below:

1. Check For Guarantees

How long can the mildew resistant paint protect your wall from mildew? Durability is the major feature that needs consideration before finally settling for the product.

As there are tons of mildew resistant paint brands on the market and not all are created equally. Most products have very high durability, whereas, others don’t. Thus, it could be a bit difficult to choose an excellent product.

To get the most out of any mildew-resistant paint, only buy a brand that ensures nothing less than a two-year guarantee with intense durability on its product.

2. Additional Protection with Undercoat

Priming is a critical part that enhances your painting, so it is crucial to apply a product with undercoat first.

Undercoating will improve the cost of efficiency, by providing additional protection against mold and mildew. It is compulsory to apply undercoat first in bathroom areas, where damp can be problematic.

3. Assuring Coverage

Between a few thin coats and one thick coat, which one is preferable?

Our research team carried out the experiment of both coverage, only to discover that mildew and mold resistant paints are efficient when applied in a few thin coats. To get a truly efficient barrier, you will need about two to three coats of resistant paint. Thus, check for thin coverage.

4. Price

You should know by now mildew resistant paints are pricey compared to regular paints, as a result of the special job and ingredients it has.

Thus, don’t expect mold-resistant paints to be cheap. The sure way to cut costs a little is by comparing the product’s price around different online stores to see which one offers the best deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to go on about mildew on painted walls?

If you have mildew on your painted walls, you shouldn’t apply the paint on top of the mildew right away. However, if you do, the mildew will come through the new coat and your effort will be wasted.

For this reason, it’s important to remove all mildew on the surface wall before applying the solution.

Furthermore, it is advisable to wear safety equipment such as eye protection and rubber gloves, while battling mildew – for health reasons.

We recommend power washing for any mildewed area. Endeavor to scrub the mildew thoroughly with bleach and water, then rinse the surface with a garden hose, finally.

After you might have gotten a neat surface; priming comes next. It is essential to prime before painting, so as to obtain a better adhesion, durability and sheen uniformity.

2. Is it safe to paint over mildew?

No, it’s not safe at all. However, if you paint over the mildew, it may likely grow into the finish coat, as time goes by.

To achieve an even, smooth paint finish, it’s advisable to ensure that the surface is dry, clean, and free of mildew.

This is because if you leave even a little amount of mildew behind, it can grow beneath the paint and cause it to peel or chip.

3. Does mildew resistant paint work?

Yes, using a mildew-resistant paint will help to keep mildew growth at bay, especially on your shower ceiling area.

Interestingly, mildew resistant paint for bathroom not only resist absorption of water by forming an impassable paint film but equally contain fungicides that eliminate mildew spores before they can even grow.

4. What is the best mildew resistant paint?

There are many paints on the market that resists mildew growth, but all the ones we listed here are highly effective. Just pick any of them and watch it deal with the mildew in your home.

5. What can I add to paint to prevent mildew?

Mold and mildew can be prevented in moisture-prone areas in your home with mildewcide Mildew Preventing Additive

Just mix this easy-to-blend solution into a stain, paint, or wallpaper adhesive to fortify that coating with durable mold and mildew protection.

Aside from that, you can also use the Wet and Forget formula to get rid of mold and mildew in your home.

6. What is the difference between mildew and mold?

Mold tends to be black or green and often grows beneath the surface of anything that is wet. It has a slimy or fuzzy texture.

On the other hand, mildew is typically white in color, yellow or gray and thrives on the surface of warm, moist areas. Its texture is powdery or fluffy.

What can I add to paint to make it mildew resistant?

About ADD-2™ PREVENT MILDEW Mildewcide Additive

Prevent mold and mildew in moisture-prone areas with Rust-Oleum® Zinsser® ADD-2™ PREVENT MILDEW Mildewcide Additive. Simply mix this easy-to-blend formula into paint, stain or wallpaper adhesive to infuse that coating with long-term mold/mildew protection.

Is there a paint that resists mold and mildew?

Zinsser Perma-White Mold & Mildew-Proof Interior Paint – Best Bathroom Paint to Prevent Mold. Zissner’s Perma-White Mold & Mildew-Proof Interior Paint is our go-to mold preventative for moisture-prone bathrooms and living spaces. There’s no need to sand your walls before applying this low-odor water-based paint.

Does mold resistant paint really work?

Do Mold Resistant Paints Really Work

Mold resistant paint do absolutely work. They are proven effective and the antimicrobial used in them is FDA certified. It is recommended however not to paint over existing mold as this will just cover the mold and allow it to continue to grow behind the paint.

What paint is best to prevent mold?

The Best Mold and Mildew Resistant Paints of 2021

  • Kilz Interior/Exterior Basement and Masonry Waterproofing Paint.
  • Rust-Oleum Perma-White Mold and Mildew Proof Interior Paint.
  • Fiberlock – Aftershock – EPA Registered Fungicidal Coating.
  • Kilz Masonry, Stucco and Brick Paint.
  • Rust-Oleum Watertite 5001.

Is oil based paint mold resistant?

Use a quality latex paint, as oil- and alkyd-based paints tend to be less resistant to mildew. Choose a satin or semi-gloss finish, rather than flat, as flat paint is more porous and mildew anchors to it better.

Does Sherwin Williams have mildew resistant paint?

In homes, mildew thrives on damp surfaces, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Is there anything I can do as a painter to combat mold? One good starting point is to use paints with anti-microbial properties, such as Sherwin-Williams Harmony and Duration Home.

What Sherwin Williams paint is mildew resistant?

The paint features an exclusive cross-linking 100 percent acrylic technology for exceptional durability and coverage. Emerald Exterior Paint offers extreme resistance to blistering, peeling, fading and dirt pickup, as well as a mildew-resistant coating.

Is Zinsser Perma white any good?

Zinsser Perma-White has very little opacity, but the finish in white is to die for. Adhesion is far superior to that of eggshell and it holds back mold extremely well. You can get it tinted into a lot of different colours for walls. The finish is a nice flat matt.

How long does mold resistant paint last?

How long does mold-resistant paint last? Choosing to use mold-resistant paint gives your walls protection against mold and fungus for anywhere between 4 to 6 years. Mold resistant paint does contain special ingredients that help to slow down the growth of mold however it does not permanently kill it.

Does acrylic paint prevent mold?

Of the available water-based paints, acrylic latex is usually considered the most resistant to mildew. In most climates, any paint, whether acrylic or oil-based, that contains a mildewcide will eventually support mildew growth as the mildewcides break down.

How do you get rid of mold and mildew before painting?

Before painting, remove mildew by washing the surface with a solution of 1 part liquid bleach and 3 parts water. Apply the solution and scrub the mildewed area. Allow the solution to remain on the surface for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow the surface to dry before painting.

Mildew Resistant Exterior Paint | Conclusion

You can’t afford to lose your valuable property to mere mildews. If you still have that mildew and mold within your home and want to prevent them, you need a good mold and mildew resistant paint.

Picking one of the products here will help eliminate and prevent mildew on a wide variety of surfaces. Like I said, having fungus around us is dangerous to our wellbeing. The ball is in your court now.

Rest assured that these are the best mildew resistant exterior paints available on the market today, and you won’t regret investing and trying any of them.

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