Metallic Green Spray Paint

Metallic Green Spray Paint: 5 Best Brands For Creative Minds

Hello! Experts in reading. In this article we are sharing you the information about the topic metallic green spray paint. What is spray paint? What is green spray paint? What is metallic green spray paint? What are the types of metallic spray paints? Now a days everyone used to do spray paint but the paint details may confuse them. Whatever the spray paint use or whatever the color spray paint use or whatever the type of color spray paint use depends on the availability and affordability of the person. Let us introduce to you the metallic green spray paint in step by step.

Metallic Green Spray Paint

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What Is Spray Paint?

What is spray paint

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What Is Green Spray Paint?

Green Spray Paint

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What Is Metallic Green Spray Paint?

The color metallic green with hexadecimal color code 296e01 is a dark shade of green. In the RGB color model 296e01 is comprised of 16.08% red, 43.14% green and 0.39% blue. In the HSL color space 296e01 has a hue of 98° (degrees), 98% saturation and 22% lightness.

To make something look metallic, first, increase the contrast. Then add more light and dark transitions, creating a sort of pattern. You’ll see this in the third column of the graphic below  a light, middle, dark, middle, light pattern.

Metallic Green Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Spray Paint. This spray paint leads our list for its sheer verisimilitude. It comes in four classic metallic colors that avoid the artificial-looking hues and opacity of some competitors’ products.

That’s because the paint is mixed with actual metal flakes, lending it depth and extra sheen. Metallic paint can reveal the contours of bodywork more than non-metallic, or “solid” paint. Close-up, the small metal flakes included in the paint create a sparkling effect mimicking a metal surface.

Types Of Metallic Green Spray Paint

1. Tamiya Spray Lacquer TS-61 NATO Green – 100ml Spray Can 85061

Tamiya TS spray paint is a synthetic lacquer that cures in a short period of time. The spray paint is extremely useful for painting large model surfaces. Tamiya spray paints are not affected by acrylic or enamel paints.

Tamiya Spray Lacquer

Therefore, following the painting of the entire assembly, details can be added or picked out using enamel and/or acrylic paints. Ideal for preparing ABS and Polystyrene plastic for paint. May also be used on Metal Parts. Part Number 85061.

2. Testors Painting and Drawing, Multi color

Testors Painting and Drawing, Multi color

This paint works great on many surfaces! Projects take on multiple colors at once depending on the light or angle.Create a color change with as few as two coats.Apply additional layers for a different effect. This package contains 3 oz of spray Paint.

3. Krylon K02789007 Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint for Indoor/Outdoor Use.

ALL-IN-ONE SPRAY PAINT : Krylon green spray paint delivers best in class adhesion, durability and rust protection. This all purpose spray paint bonds to difficult surfaces without sanding or priming, including plastic, wood, metal, PVC, tile and more.

INDOOR/OUTDOOR SPRAY PAINT : Whether your project is inside or out, this gloss hunter green spray paint offers maximum rust protection. Color changes everything from DIY projects to giving metal furniture a quick refresh.

Krylon K02789007 Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint
GLOSS GREEN COLOR : Hunter green gloss spray paint offers a modern, sleek finish to any project. Hunter green color spray paint can be used for a wide variety of projects.
QUICK DRY : With the easy push big button spray tip, you can spray the paint and primer spray paint any way, even upside down. Dry to the touch in 20 minutes or less with no runs, no drips, no errors. 12 oz. can spray paint covers up to 25 sq. feet.
4. Krylon K01000A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint

METALLIC FINISH SPRAY PAINT: Embrace a sleek, metallic look for craft and DIY projects with Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint. It adheres well to most surfaces, including wood, metal, plastic, paper mache, glass, plaster ceramic, paper and wicker.

DEEP, LUSTROUS FINISH: With a very smooth, high gloss finish, this metallic craft spray paint resembles actual metallic plating. It’s perfect for adding an on-trend finish home craft or DIY items or a touch of sleek sophistication to crafts.

Krylon K01000A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint.

GOLD METALLIC SPRAY PAINT: A touch of gold steps up any room’s style, and is the perfect finishing touch to seasonal decor items and more. Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint 18 K Gold is a sleek, classic color that looks elegant on any item.

FAST DRY: The perfect addition to your craft supplies, this craft paint spray makes it easy to get a high quality metallic finish without breaking the bank. It’s also dry to the touch in 10 minutes for fast coverage to get projects done.

5. Gen Crafts Metallic Acrylic Pouring Paint 
HIGH QUALITY PAINT: Our complete set of 12 METALLIC paint is perfectly formulated to tilt, swipe, and puddle, as well as creating exceptional cells and color movement.

PRE-MIXED & READY TO POUR: Use our paints directly from bottle no mixing or additives needed.

Gen Crafts Metallic Acrylic Pouring Paint 

ALL PURPOSE: Create your unique artwork on multiple mediums like Paper & Canvas, Glass, Rocks, Wood, Ceramics, Fabrics and more.

CERTIFIED SAFE & NON-TOXIC: Our acrylic paint is ACMI-certified and is safe for all ages, professionals and beginners.


You can make one gallon of metallic paint by adding four ounces of the metallic mineral powder that you’ve chosen to one gallon of paint. Mix in thoroughly with a stick or mixing tool.

Coat the project completely with a layer of clear gloss finishing spray. This coat will boost the shine of the piece to give it a professional finish, and provide an extra layer of protection against scratches and nicks.

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