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Krylon Spray Paint Review

Krylon is one of the most popular paint brands in the industry with a wide variety of paints for different purposes. It has always delivered with its groundbreaking quality and a perfect finish that painters and homeowners have always looked for.

Krylon spray paint is simply one of the best on the market and they produce fantastic spray paint for a variety of surfaces, including gun paints, metals, wood, fabric, glass, furniture, and for people who wish to paint their plastic in a variety of color designs.

The quality of their paint, its easy touch spray tip, and its quick drying time make it one of the choices for homeowners.

Here, we’re going to show you all the wonderful spray paints from the Krylon brand so you can easily choose the one that’s ideal for your project.

Krylon Spray Paints

krylon brand overview

Introduced in 1947, Krylon is an industry leader in the paint industry and is very good at product innovation, package design, and color.

Its range of products goes beyond the home and into your backyard with versatile, rust preventative, plastic, specialty, and craft products.

To date, Krylon continues to provide high-quality and remarkable products via color, design, packaging, and project ideas.

Two of their newest products are the Krylon Fusion All-in-one and the Krylon COLORmaxx.

The Fusion All-In-One is a world-class product that easily bonds to hard surfaces such as plastics and furniture without sanding or priming. It equally offers maximum rust protection for all exterior projects.

On the other hand, the COLORmaxx offers brilliant and trending colors in a range of sheens with long-lasting finishes.

Both product lines feature an easy push big button tip, giving you the ability to spray at any angle for quick coverage to get the job done.

Krylon Spray Paint Review

Krylon Spray Paint Review

1. Krylon K05514007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint

Krylon K05514007 COLORmaxx spray paint provides trendy and brilliant colors in different sheens. It has a smooth application with efficient rust protection.

The easy push big button tip allows you to spray paint at any angle for fast coverage so that your paint job can be completed faster.

That’s not all, this product also features Krylon COLORmaxx Gloss Coral Isle, which offers impressive adhesion, durability as well as a paint + primer, all-in-one.

The gloss finish works on any interior and exterior project, and provides fade resistance, rust protection, and helps preserve all paint job indoor and outdoor.

It’s suitable for a variety of surfaces, including plastic, wood, metal, fabric, glass, wicker, etc. It covers up to 25 square feet and dries in 10 minutes or less

  • Premium coverage
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Smooth application
  • Quick-drying time
  • Long-lasting
  • Some users complained that it’s hard to spray the paint evenly

2. Krylon K01305 Gallery Series Artist and Clear Coatings Aerosol

Krylon K01305 Gallery Series Artist and Clear Coatings Aerosol provide an enduring, protective gloss paint that will not yellow with age.

The paint is also smudge-proof, moisture-resistant, and helps to enhance artwork and photo contrast.

The permanent finish protects against fading and the product is ideal for wood, plaster, plastic, metal, glass, mache, dried silk flowers, ceramic, paper, and wicker. Dry to touch in 10 minutes or less, and dries to handle in about 5 hours.

  • Moisture resistant
  • Quick-drying time
  • Non-yellowing
  • UV protection
  • Easy to use
  • Strong chemical odor (don’t use indoors)

3. Krylon K05150107 ColorMaster Paint + Primer

This Krylon model is one of the best paints for glass and is available in flat, gloss, semi-gloss, satin, and primer finishes. It provides a strong and durable finish for all types of wood, glass, and metal.

Additionally, you can use this paint on both the indoor and outdoor of your home and it dries to the touch in 10 minutes or less.

It’s also available in different colors, from smoke gray, sun yellow, watermelon, to rich plum, ensuring that there is a color combination perfect for every paint job and individual’s taste.

That’s not all, Krylon K05150107 ColorMaster Paint + Primer offers long-lasting Covermax technology, providing fantastic coverage on your paint glass project. Each color features an EZ Touch Tip for no spillages and comes in a 12 oz container.

  • Different color options available
  • No spatter spray
  • EZ touch tip
  • Several strong finishes
  • Improved formula
  • Dries to the touch in 10 minutes or less
  • Features durable Covermax technology
  • May scratch off without sanding

4. Krylon K02321001 K02321000 Fusion for Plastic Aerosol Spray Paint

This innovative no-prep, super-bond, gloss black, Aerosol spray paint for plastic makes the task of painting plastic very easy and worthwhile.

The Krylon K02321001 K02321000 Fusion makes it easier than ever to restore, revive, and renew old plastic objects with a smooth finish that won’t peel or chip.

That’s not all, this aerosol paint dries quickly (15-minutes or less), dry to handle in about 1-hour, fully chip-resistant after 7-days, and is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

It also comes in elegant design, smooth finish, and have EZ Touch 360-degree dial spray tip for improved performance. Requires no sanding or priming, and adheres easily to most resins, plastics, PVC, etc.

  • EZ Touch 360-degree dial spray tip
  • Smooth finish
  • Fast drying
  • Fully chip resistant
  • Requires no priming or sanding
  • Some users complained of frequent overspray

5. Krylon K02770007 Fusion All-in-One Spray Paint

Krylon K02770007 Fusion All-in-One Spray Paint is a premium product that easily adheres to difficult surfaces without priming or sanding.

The product provides strong rust protection for all indoor and outdoor projects and comes in gold finish. It also features a big button spray tip and “sprays any way” abilities.

Furthermore, the K02770007 Fusion dry to touch in 25 minutes or less, dry to handle in 2 hours or less, and is designed to cover up to 25 sq. ft.

With the easy push, big button, you’re able to securely spray in any direction (even upside down). This gives you more coverage and lets you finish the projects faster.

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For the best result, it’s recommended to spray when humidity is below 60% and temperatures are 55-degree F to 75-degree F.

This spray paint can be used on metal, wood, plastic, wicker, glass, PVC, hard vinyl, plaster/ceramic, tile, masonry, wrought iron, laminate, etc.

  • Superior adhesion and durability
  • No sanding or priming required
  • Big button spray tip
  • Hard finish
  • Very reliable
  • None

6. Krylon K01303007 Acrylic Spray Paint Crystal Clear

Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic spray paint offers a lasting, protective gloss coating that won’t yellow with age.

It’s smudge-proof and moisture-resistant, dries to the touch in 15 minutes or less, and dry to handle in about 2 hours.

It’s designed for glass, paper, metal, wood, plaster, paper Mache, ceramic, plastic, and dried silk flowers.

  • Smudge-proof
  • Long-lasting
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Dries very fast
  • Strong irritating odor

7. Krylon K05210307 ColorMaster Paint + Primer

This is yet another remarkable spray paint from Krylon. The Color Master Enamel spray paint is easy to apply and fast drying.

It’s highly recommended for use on plastic, ceramic, wood, fabric, wicker, paper, plaster, glass, wrought-iron, and metal surfaces.

Like most of the pother Krylon Spray Paints mentioned here, this one also features the wonderful EZ Touch conical tip, which is built for maximum control. Irrespective of how big your paint project is, you can be sure of a comfortable spray.

The product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects, dries in less than 15 minutes. And also features the durable Covermax technology for brilliant color and premium coverage.

  • Quick-drying time
  • Pretty much affordable
  • Multiple usages
  • Durable covermax technology
  • Features EZ Touch conical tip
  • Couldn’t find any

8. Krylon K07020007 10.25-Ounce Easy Tack Repositionable Adhesive Spray

The easy tack repositionable adhesive spray is a low odor adhesive, non-wrinkling paint and offers a repositionable bond on the majority of lightweight materials out there.

The product designed for photos, wood, metal, paper, plastic, glass, plaster, craft foam, fabric, trims, glitter, etc. It’s extremely flammable, conforms to ASTM D4236, and comes in a 10.25 ounces aerosol can.

Additionally, with this paint, you can adjust, remove and reapply your material throughout the Life of the bond.

It’s truly one of the best Krylon spray paints on the market today, and I’m sure you’ll want to give it a try.

  • Super-versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to apply evenly
  • Can fall off easily sometimes

How to Paint Camouflage Patterns With Krylon

Now that you’ve seen the amazing spray paints in the Krylon product line, let’s quickly look at how to paint camouflage patterns with Krylon.

Choose a Template/Pattern

To get the real look of camouflage, you’ll want to design your pattern and select the colors based on the environment where the camouflaged object will be used.

Choose your Colors

Choose your colors beginning with the base color followed by the highlights.

Choose or Design a Stencil

When it comes to choosing a stencil, several choices are available for you. You can scan a stencil, use local leaves and branches, use a template, or just design one yourself.

Start Spray Painting

Start with the color that covers the most spots and then proceed to the other detailed areas. Once the paint is dry, position one stencil over the surface at a time, secure it in place properly and then use the second lightest color to spray paint the stencil area.

When you’re done, let the stencil sit until the paint completely dries. Repeat the process with each stencil moving up to the darkest color.

Krylon Spray Paint Safety Tips

Krylon makes using spray paint easy and safe. Before starting your spray paint job, ensure to read the safety tips written on the label of all Krylon can, and then consider these five additional safety tips:

Keep aerosol out of heat sources

Avoid lengthy exposure to sunlight or heat from hot water, stoves, radiators, and other hot objects that may lead to bursting. And for the best finish, you also want to avoid using Krylon spray paint directly in humid, hot weather.

Stay away from heat and fire

Ensure to stay away from heat, open flame, and sparks. Endeavor to extinguish all flames, heaters and pilot lights, and avoid smoking. Turn off electric tools and appliances, stoves, and any other thing that is able to ignite a fire.


Remember that vapors are toxic; so it’s important to avoid continuous inhaling of spray mist by spraying outside your home whenever possible.

If you must spray indoor, open doors and windows to ensure fresh air circulation during application and drying.

Additionally, wearing respiratory protection is advisable – you can easily find a variety of painting masks in most hardware stores.

Avoid contact with the spray paint

Avoid contact with your skin and eyes. Wear hand gloves or wash your hands very well after using them.

Be mindful of the following when painting items in contact with an open flame (fire pits, candle holders, and so on).

  • Avoid painting in the area of an open flame
  • Don’t leave open flames neglected in any circumstance
  • If working with a High Heat paint, study the back of the product label to make sure that expected heat is within the suggested temperature ranges of the paint

Take the following safety measure when painting electrical fixtures and lighting:

  • Study and follow all fixture/lighting manufacturer safety precautions
  • Check electrical cords for any damage or scratch that could come in contact with overspray or unwanted paint
  • Ensure to unplug corded lamps from electricity
  • Don’t paint light bulbs
  • Don’t paint wiring
  • Avoid painting parts of fixtures that get extremely hot, except you’re using a High Heat paint designed for that purpose
  • Don’t paint damaged cords that may have exposed wiring

Krylon Spray Paint Color Chart

krylon spray paint colors

Whether you want your next spray paint job to symbolize the latest trend or a timeless style, the Krylon brand makes it super easy to choose the right color for your project by providing a wide variety of color options through its full line of spray paint products.

Basically, Krylon spray paint color chart comes in:

  • Green
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Yellow

Now, explore the color families here to discover which color is most ideal with your design.

krylon spray paint color chart

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Krylon spray paint?

You can easily find Krylon spray paints on most painting stores, but the best place to buy them is on Amazon. This is because Amazon is the most popular online retail store, and you’re always guaranteed of quality.

How do you use Krylon spray paint?

To use the paint, hold the Krylon spray can around 6 to 8 inches away from the project surface. Then spray the object using different thin coats of spray paint rather than one thick coat.

Start and finish your spray pattern off the item, and release the tip at the end of every pass. While painting, use an even side-to-side movement.

Is Krylon spray paint enamel or lacquer?

Most spray paints from Krylon are technically acrylic lacquer. You can use enamel over Krylon primer, but it’s not advisable to use Krylon clear over enamel.

What kind of paint is Krylon ColorMaster?

Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer combines long-lasting CoverMax technology and superior Krylon color with one-can convenience. The result is durable performance and fast-drying.

The CoverMax technology gets better hide without depending on fillers or shading that can muddy or wash out colors.

Is Krylon spray paint toxic?

Every Krylon spray paint in the hobby, hardware, and home improvement stores are non-toxic. In fact, all the finishes you can purchase at retail in the United States are non-toxic when cured. This is controlled by federal law.

What is the difference between enamel and acrylic spray paint?

Enamel paints are basically oil-based, while acrylic paint is usually water-based. Furthermore, acrylic paint often leads to a matte finish which can then be covered in a clear coat. On the contrary, enamels dry to a glossy finish naturally.

Is Krylon ColorMaster acrylic?

Essentially, the Krylon Crystal clear coat is an acrylic lacquer, and the Krylon UV Resistant paint is equally an acrylic lacquer but features an added UV resistant element.

Does Krylon spray paint contain lead in it?

Spray paints from Krylon are fast drying indoor and outdoor enamels for wood, metal, paper, and masonite surfaces. They clean up with paint thinner or mineral spirits and do not have lead.

What is the difference between Krylon COLORmaxx and Krylon Fusion?

Krylon COLORmaxx spray paint provides brilliant, on-trend colors in a variety of sheens. Krylon Fusion is a premium product that bonds to difficult surfaces such as plastics and ready-to-assemble furniture without sanding or priming.

Is Krylon spray paint acrylic or latex?

BRUSH ON PAINT – Krylon COLORmaxx Acrylic Latex Brush On Paint delivers premium coverage and superior color with adhesion and durability. This acrylic latex paint can be used on wood, metal, wicker, plastic/ceramic, wrought iron, drywall and masonry.

Is Krylon spray paint acrylic or oil?

Krylon | Oil-based | Spray Paint.

Is Krylon paint acrylic?

Krylon COLORmaxx Acrylic Crystal Clear provides excellent adhesion, durability and a non-yellowing finish for added protection to a variety of projects.

Is Krylon fluorescent spray paint water based?


Is Krylon acrylic lacquer?

Krylon Industrial Acryli-Quik Acrylic Lacquer, Paints- Choice of Colors, Case/6 Cans.

Is Krylon an enamel paint?

Krylon | Enamel | Spray Paint.

Is Krylon a metal?

All In One Spray Paint: Krylon metallic dark gray spray paint delivers best in class adhesion, durability and rust protection. This all purpose spray paint bonds to difficult surfaces without sanding or priming, including plastic, wood, metal, PVC, tile and more.

What year did Krylon spray paint come out?

Krylon Products were first introduced in 1947 by Foster & Kester, a manufacturer of brush-on clear protective acrylic coatings used in the commercial art business.

Can Krylon paint be used on glass?

Yes, you can spray paint glass using Krylon® products. Although most Krylon spray adhere to glass surfaces, Krylon has specially formulated products to transform your clear glass projects into beautiful frosted or mirrored surfaces, such as: Krylon Looking Glass Paint.

How long does water-based marking paint last?

Water-based markings last 1 to 3 months when undisturbed.

What is Krylon lacquer?

Krylon Lacquer is an ultra-hard, durable coating which provides a factory-like, glossy finish for home and commercial use. Krylon Gloss Clear Lacquer Paint is an ultra-hard, durable coating. High gloss factory-like finish. For indoor and outdoor home and commercial projects.


As you can see, Krylon manufactures some of the best spray paints on the market for different purposes.

Just check the brand, and I’m sure you’ll find spray paint that’ll be perfect for your project. The good thing also is that its spray paints are very affordable, durable, and will always give you a great finish.

Just try any of the ones listed here based on your project and let us know what you think.

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