Kitchen Color Schemes

15 Best Kitchen Color Schemes With Wood Cabinets

In this article we are going to discuss about kitchen color schemes with wood cabinets. If you’re looking to update your kitchen with new cabinets, wooden is a great option. Many kitchens feature wooden cabinets, which is a good choice because wood is durable, easy to clean, and can be painted or varnished for a variety of looks. The look of wooden cabinets can also suit any home decor style, from minimalist to boho.

Kitchen Color Schemes With Wood Cabinets

Kitchen Color Schemes With Wood Cabinets

If you’re looking for a way to add some color and style to your kitchen, wooden cabinets are a great option. There are many different colors and styles available, so you can find something that works perfectly with your existing decor. We’ve gathered a variety of kitchens in different styles and colors to choose from. You’re sure to find one that fits your preferences! You’ll also see painted wood and natural wood in almost every combination, proving that no matter the current look of your cabinets, they can be an integral part of your dream kitchen.

White Kitchen Color Schemes With Wood Cabinets

One of the most popular choices for kitchens is white. It’s simple, classy, and can be used in a wide variety of decor styles, including rustic, modern, and minimalist. The desk can easily and effectively be accentuated with pops of color or natural wood. This kitchen features a colorful accent on the island. The pink wall is against a neutral background and the lime green stool cushions and flowers stand out. The white tiles in this kitchen contrast well with the steely blue-gray tiles. Against such a simple background, even small details like a basket of fruit or flowers take on greater significance.

White Kitchen Color

This kitchen’s cabinets are painted white to add a strong vertical line. This modern kitchen has a sleek appearance thanks to its shiny appliances. The combination of wooden cabinets and a white color scheme gives the kitchen an elegant look. The design of the kitchen is simple and clean with white cabinets and metal handles and pulls. The cabinets and walls are all white, which gives the room a cohesive look. The white cabinets and walls help to create a cohesive look in the kitchen.

White Kitchen Color Schemes With Wood Cabinets

This bright and cheerful kitchen has a soft brown wall color with off-white cabinets. It gives the room a warm, inviting look. A white color scheme doesn’t always have to be bright and blinding. Off-white colors can offer a more gentle appearance. The white color scheme in this room is elegant and modern with silver accents, white cabinets, and a variety of shades of gray. This kitchen uses textures to create contrast and interest – for example, the smooth counters and multiple sizes of tiles over the stove.

Natural Wood Kitchen Color Schemes With Wood Cabinets

Wooden furniture can be adapted to fit almost any home decor style. A rustic or traditional look might be the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s just as effective with a modern or minimalist look. Additionally, wood comes in a variety of tones from light to dark, which makes it easy to pair with any decorative theme you might desire.

Natural Wood

This kitchen is full of natural light, open space, and plenty of wood. A naturally serene room is created with browns paired with white and steel. The kitchen features large wooden cabinets above and below the counters. The table, chairs, and cutting boards are all made from natural wood while the walls are accented against white.


Many people choose to paint their walls a different color than the wood, in order to create a more visually appealing space. This kitchen has light-colored cabinets that look great with black walls and light fixtures. A large window allows plenty of natural light into the room to make it look less dark. This Scandinavian-style kitchen features white walls and floors, a table set, and a large natural wood island. Natural wood is an incredibly versatile material that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as preparing and eating meals, baking cookies, doing homework, and more.


Wooden flooring is a popular choice for minimalist style rooms, as it can help to add warmth and texture. This kitchen features white surfaces and sleek appliances paired with two different types of wood. It provides a modern space that is simple and easy to use. This kitchen features light-colored wooden cabinets and an island or table that could be added to continue highlighting the beauty of natural wood. This angle of the kitchen pictured above reveals a different wood frame around the doorway in a natural wood.

Dark Kitchen Color Schemes With Wood Cabinets

Some people believe that kitchens should be brightly lit and filled with light, but you can see from these examples that dark kitchens can have their own unique and classy charm. Dark cabinets with a painted or stained finish are perfect for a dark kitchen. They can be paired with different colors of walls for a variety of unique looks.

Dark Kitchens

These cabinets were painted with a wash of gray paint that allows the natural grain of the wood to show through. The kitchen has a dark look due to the gray cabinets and black overhead light fixtures. This kitchen has dark cabinets and an island made out of dark wood. It creates a dramatic effect. The bar is decorated with high ceilings and dark metal bar stools, while a vase of flowers offers a touch of color.


This dark kitchen is adorned with shiny surfaces, including the walls and countertops. The small tiles on the wall add texture, while the highly polished kitchen tools on display add a touch of class. For a cohesive effect, the only pop of color is lime green in the apples, flower stems, and stool cushions. This kitchen features dark wood floors and walls, with shades of gray paint that range from light to dark. Dark rich wood provides contrast against the lighter colors, providing a grounding effect in the room.

Blue Kitchen Color Schemes With Wood Cabinets

Why not experiment with different colors in the whole kitchen? It’s easy to pick up a paint can and change the color of your cabinets, so why not take it one step further and do it throughout the entire kitchen? Blue is a very versatile color that can be used in many different shades. Looking for inspiration for all the ways you can use the color blue in your kitchen? Check out these examples.

Blue Kitchen

This spacious kitchen features French blue walls and periwinkle blue cabinets. The blue walls and floors may be too much for some, but the natural wooden surfaces and taupe countertops provide a nice contrast. When it comes to color in a room, it’s best to stick with neutrals. In this kitchen, most of the accent pieces are neutral colors.


This kitchen has a teal cabinet, retro refrigerator, and light fixture. It also has an area rug with a patterned design. This gives the kitchen a retro-boho vibe. The colors in the room are carefully chosen to contrast each other. The orange gingham chairs and coppery tones of the kitchen tools on the counter show this. The vase of hydrangeas and the picture hanging on the wall behind it both add a touch of nature to the room.


This kitchen’s light blue cabinets and island are a great match for Terra-cotta floor tiles. The exposed beams and the barrel-shaped cabinet give the room a country farmhouse vibe. This kitchen has light blue walls and a light blue floor, giving it a rustic feeling.

Green Kitchen Color Schemes With Wood Cabinets

Kitchens are a place where people come together to make food and enjoy each other’s company. Green, the color of life, is the perfect background for this activity. Different shades of green can create different moods and looks, just like blue. Consider the colors you want in your kitchen, as well as what cabinets and appliances you’ll need. Then, use these examples to help you find a color scheme that works best for you.

Green Kitchen

This candy-toned, retro style kitchen features pink kitchen tools against mint cabinets and white walls. Even though mint is only used on the cabinets, it makes a big impact. This helps the color stand out even more than it would if it were present on every surface. This minimalist-rustic kitchen is perfect for forest green cabinets and appliances. This kitchen features a light wood color and a white brick wall as its backdrop. Dark appliances blend in with the green to create a cohesive look.


This kitchen is a beautiful green and has an island, cabinets, and chairs all in green. This room uses a bold color scheme that is different from the typical white and colorful design. This colorful kitchen features bright green and cherry red together. The room’s color scheme is simple and calming, with a predominance of white walls and a natural wooden floor.

Pink Kitchen Color Schemes With Wood Cabinets

If you’re looking to add a touch of femininity to your kitchen decor, why not go with the color pink? In this example, pink can be combined with other colors and textures to look more natural. This is the perfect look for wooden cabinets that are rugged.

Pink Kitchen Color Schemes With Wood Cabinets

This kitchen has a rose-colored wall, which makes the shabby chic accents stand out. A distressed wooden cabinet painted olive is an unlikely pair with gray cabinets and an island, but other natural and shabby chic elements create a cohesive look. The combination of different textures, colors, and styles creates a unified look that is both unique and appealing.

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