Is it okay to use an AC with mold?

Is it okay to use an AC with mold?

Mold in your air conditioner can pose several health risks and cause extensive damage to the equipment. While it may not always be dangerous, it’s definitely something you want to get rid of. Moreover, to prevent further growth, it’s best that you clean it out as soon as you suspect mold is present in your AC unit.

Is the black stuff in my AC mold?

The black dust on your AC vents could be mold. Mold is commonly found in AC systems, particularly in the indoor AC unit. The indoor unit is naturally a damp, dark place, which makes it easy for mold to grow there.

Does vinegar kill mold in air conditioner?

Does Vinegar Kill Mould In Air Conditioner? To answer the question of whether you can spray your air conditioner to kill mould, the short answer is yes. One cup of vinegar mixed with one gallon of water makes a good mould-killing solution that won’t harm your air conditioner

Can mold in AC make you sick?

Mold that finds a way into your home can cause such symptoms as throat irritation, wheezing, and congestion, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Living with a moldy air conditioner would increase your chances of having a respiratory infection, says Mark Mendell, Ph.

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