Iron For Curtains

In this article we are going to discuss you about the topic iron for curtains. If you’re trying to spruce up your home, one of the last things on your list of priorities should be ironing your curtains. It would be foolish to say that ironing your curtains can’t make a difference, especially if they’ve been in storage for a long time. We found the best answer to how to iron curtains by doing a little research.

Iron For Curtains

If you have mild wrinkles, using a fabric wrinkle release spray on hanging curtains is the best thing you can do. If you have wrinkled curtains, you can try ironing them directly with a steam iron on a low setting while they are still hanging. If your curtains need a more intense ironing job, place them on an ironing board with a cloth over them.

iron curtains

Use a steam iron, flat, on a higher setting to get the job done. Ironing curtains can make a room look different, but it is important to do it correctly. Ironing curtains can be harmful to your curtain material if not done correctly. Let’s talk about how to iron curtains properly.

Before You Begin

Some curtain types should not be ironed, believe it or not. Check the tag at the bottom of your curtains before attempting any sort of ironing or steaming. The tag will tell you if your curtains are safe to iron or if they’re only good for steaming. If your curtains cannot be ironed or steamed, take them to a dry cleaner for a proper wrinkle release treatment.

Before You Begin

It is best to treat curtains according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you do not heed the instructions’ warning, you could end up ruining the fabric by making it wet. Ideally, a steam iron with a retractable cord will be handy when you need to straighten your curtains on the rod since most curtains will need a steam iron for a typical session.

How To Iron Curtains

If you’re ironing standard cloth curtains, you’ll want to make sure that they’re looking as straight as possible. It’s great that it’s surprisingly simple to do! Here’s what you will have to do:

  1. First, call a friend to help you pull the bottom of the curtains down. You will keep them on the rod to prevent re-wrinkling.
  2. To get a steam iron, fill it with water and have it heat up to its lowest steam temperature.
  3. Stretch the curtain as much as possible while remaining on the rod. Instruct your friend to pull the bottom of the curtain taut. Handle steam cautiously to avoid contact with hands or face.
  4. Push the steam button and hold it down until the steam comes out the other end.
  5. Iron the curtains from the bottom to the top. If your curtains don’t have a foam backing, use light pressure to smooth out the wrinkles.
  6. After you finish one curtain, do the same to the next one. Then, fluff up your curtains to make them look fresh.

Should You Just Steam Them Or Let Them Hang?

Unless they have awkward creases from packing, you generally don’t need to iron your curtains. If you live in a more humid environment, most curtains will eventually fall into their ideal hanging style. You can get good results while curtains are hung by using a wrinkle release spray or a hand steamer.

Should You Just Steam Them Or Let Them Hang

If you’re unwilling to do the work to get a steam cleaner for your curtains, you can often get similar results from wrinkle release. If wrinkles aren’t a big deal to you, you can also let your curtains hang. Over the course of a month, you should see the curtains lose their wrinkles.

Can You Iron Blackout Fabric?

This all depends on the type of fabric the curtains are made of. Some curtain designers now make blackout fabric that is iron-friendly, which means that you can use the instructions above to work on them. However, many blackout fabrics cannot be ironed through traditional means because their foam backing could potentially melt. If you want to iron blackout fabric, here’s how you should do it:

1. First, remove the curtains from the rod gently. Put them aside for the time being.

2. Cover an ironing board with aluminum foil. This will keep the foam side of the curtain from getting dirty or damaged.

3. Cover the top of your curtain with a bed sheet, creating a curtain sandwich.

4. Start your iron at the lowest setting and use a lot of steam. Do not try to iron the insulated side of the blanket all at once. Go section by section.

5. After you’re done ironing the curtain, hang it up as soon as possible.


If you want to iron your curtains, you will need to put in some effort. Ironing curtains is not the same as ironing clothes – it takes a bit more time and patience. Curtains that are wrinkled can be a real eyesore. However, taking the time to iron them can make a big difference. It may take a little extra work, some strategy, and supplies that might surprise you, but ironing out your curtains will take time, but it’s time well-spent. 

After you’ve finished ironing your curtains, you’ll find that they hang better. The animals will also move more smoothly and may even look a bit cleaner, in their own subtle way. If you want your room to look perfect, grab an iron and give your curtains a treat.