Iridescent Spray Paint In 5 Easy Steps

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Iridescent Spray Paint

Iridescent Spray Paint

Rather than purchasing a new set of paints, try spicing up your existing materials with an iridescent medium. This will give your paintings a new look and feel. Add a small amount of your acrylic base color to your paintbrush, and brush it over the canvas. The paint will have an iridescent shimmer and become slightly more transparent.

What Is Spray Painting?

What Is Spray Painting

Spray Paint is a type of coating material that is sprayed onto a surface using a spray painting technique. Paint guns use compressed air to atomize and direct the paint particles. Airbrushes are usually smaller than spray guns, and their spray patterns are smaller as well. Airbrushes are handheld devices that are used in place of a brush for detailed work, such as photo retouching, painting nails, or fine art. Air gun spraying uses larger equipment.

How to Paint With Iridescent Spray Paint?

The Iridescent acrylic paints are a combination of pigment mixed with mica. The paint will appear reflective or shimmering depending on how fine the powder is in the paint. This type of paint can be found in both fine art and craft stores. It is used to create a wide range of colors, including those used in painting and crafting.

How to Paint With Iridescent Spray Paint

Acrylic paint is made of water and can be cleaned with soap and water. To keep the paint from drying out during the painting process, it needs to be sprayed with water regularly. Some iridescent paints are translucent and look their best when used in conjunction with colors that complement the metallic sheen you are trying to achieve. Paint with deep colors will show through, adding depth, dimension and texture.

Steps To Paint With Iridescent Spray Paint

The iridescent spray paint is ideal for use on heavy paper, canvas, walls, wood and plaster surfaces. Some formulas can be used on different types of surfaces, depending on the label. Here are some steps to follow.

Step 1

To clean the surface to be painted, you need to dry it first and then clean it.

Step 2

I applied the paint to my canvas using a brush. Pour water onto the paint and mix with a palette knife to a consistency similar to soft butter.

Step 3

To cover the surface with smooth brush strokes, you need to first wet the bristles of your brush. The surface should be completely dry before continuing. If it is not, repeat steps 1-3.

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Step 4

Squeeze the paint onto the palette. The iridescent colors fill the room with their vibrant beauty. To create a thin liquid consistency, spray with water and mix with a palette knife.

Step 5

To add some variation to your project, you can use a brush to paint on top of the solid color. Use smooth strokes to create an effect that is different from the base color. Go over each area only once and allow to dry. Repeat as many times as needed.


Gold metallic is a type of paint that is made up of gold and other metals. It can be used as a base coat or as the final finish on your project. To enhance bronze, use either a dark red or blue as the base color. Copper will work well with orange or bright red underneath. To prime a canvas, use gesso, a plaster-like preparation that is used to prepare a surface for painting. Then use a sponge to apply the paint. To finish the painting, apply one layer of gesso to the surface of the canvas and sand with a fine grade sandpaper until the entire surface is covered.


Dry each layer of paint before adding another. If the paint is still wet, it will tug at and perhaps remove the previous layers. Wet the brushes frequently while painting, and then wash them out with mild detergent when finished.

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