How To Spray Paint Plastic: 4 Important Tips

Hello Spray Lovers! Here we’re to discuss the topic of how to spray paint plastic? Along with including the main topic we’re also going to discuss basic topics like What spray paint means? How to spray paint plastic? What are the instructions you need to follow? What are the materials required? We will give information to you in the form of video and images in an interesting way. Keep on reading for more details in this article. Before completion of this article, we will include the main details you require in an easy manner.

How To Spray Paint Plastic

Going into this topic let’s get an overall idea of how to spray paint plastic in the form of a video

How To Spray Paint Plastic: In Detail Manner

Before going to the main topic let’s first know about spray paint.

What Does Spray Paint Mean?

As we said earlier, You will know step by step what is spray paint on the topic of how to spray paint plastic?. The product for the multipurpose works is spray paint. Used on Metal surfaces, decoration, art, crafts, wood furniture impact, and shock absorption (cushioning) can be improved with this product. The paint dries faster and covers the surfaces with a single coat of paint.

spray paint

The product works well when added to the aerosol application. Using spray paint allows you to cover surfaces quickly and more evenly than traditional paint, and can be an effective way to touch up or apply a new coat of paint for many different kinds of DIY projects. It should be shaken at least 5 to 6 times before spraying. After using the spray paint, you should clean the spray button.

How To Spray Paint Plastic

Are you having any plastic items( like patio chairs, plastic flower pots)which need a fresh coat of paint? But you don’t have an idea what paint is best for plastic? Which paints work well and stick to plastic? Don’t worry we’re here to explain you. If you’re looking to paint plastic then without any late go with “Spray Paints” which works best for plastic.

How To Spray Paint Plastic

You can have a question for us that can we use spray paint on plastic? Great question! In short “Yes” you can use spray paint on most types of plastic. However, selecting the correct paint for your project is very important. The other main thing is you should have proper preparation and should seal the paint to the surface most of the time by sanding and priming plastic before adding the spray paint.

How To Spray Paint Plastic In 4 Simple Steps

For painting spray on plastic, you need to follow 4 simple steps which are very important. Below we’ve explained to you what steps to be followed when you’re painting spray paint on plastic. Have an overlook at it!

Proper Preparation To Spray Paint Plastic

How To Prepare Proper Surface

For a smooth and lasting finish, proper preparation is the main key. By using mild soap and water begin thoroughly cleaning the plastic surface which you’re going to plan to paint. Allow the plastic to dry, then wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. After all, this is done, set up a protected area to prevent accidents. Make sure to cover the surrounded area with sheets of cardboard or a tarp. If you don’t want to paint any parts of plastic make sure to cover them using painter’s tape.

Working With Spray Paint Properly

Working With Spray Paint Properly

Make sure to hold the nozzle of the spray paint can about 12 to 18 inches away from the plastic. Know to start spraying spray paint slightly on a spot on the surface, from start moving the can across in a smooth motion, make sure to stop it in before going a few inches past the edge. Continue this process until you’ve coated the entire area. Make sure to avoid over-spraying as the paint formulated for plastic tends to absorb quite well.

Let The Surface Dry

Let The Surface Dry 

If you’re looking for the best results apply a few coats, each one tinly, and avoid leaving patches of buildup. You may question us how much time it takes to dry? Great question! The simple and short answer is “15 minutes”. But if you want to apply a subsequent coat you should wait for about 30 minutes. If you are painting in a humid environment allow even longer.

Final Layer To Spray Paint Plastic

Final Layer To Spray Paint Plastic

This step is optional, but this is important to protect your job with a clear acrylic sealer if you’re painting the plastic outdoors. After you’ve completed the final coat layer of paint plenty of times to cure, start spraying on the sealer using the same smooth, overlapping strokes with which you applied the actual paint. A single coat of sealer may do the trick, but there’s no harm in putting on two or three. But make sure before applying the next coat let it dry for 30 minutes. After all, this applies the final coat and lets the plastic dry for 2 hours. Then you’re work done!

Painting Plastics Tips

  • When the surface is too glossy then the paint may not stick to the plastic. You can have a question for us that is there any solution to overcome this? Simply “Yes” sand the plastic thoroughly to a matte finish for great results.
  • To avoid drips keep the spray light.
  • An initial tack coat of about one-third to one-half coverage will help later coats stick better.
  • Hold the can upright as much as possible to avoid splattering the paint.
  • Shake up the can to keep the paint mixed after every couple of sprays.
  • Avoid using up the very last part of the can, as this tends to splatter the paint.

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Here, I have come to the end of the article on the topic of how to spray paint plastic. I tried my level best to include all the necessary points that are required related to the article. I do hope my article would be interesting and maybe ever knowledgeable.