How To Spray Paint A Bike: 6 Steps For Perfect Fashion Look

Hello Spray Paint Lovers! Here we’re to discuss the topic of how to spray paint a bike. Along with including the main topic we’re also going to discuss basic topics like What spray paint means? How to spray paint a bike? What are the instructions you need to follow? What are the materials required to spray paint a bike? What is the best paint for painting a bike? We will give information to you in the form of video and images in an interesting way. Keep on reading for more details in this article. Before completion of this article, we will include the main details you require in an easy manner.

How To Spray Paint A Bike

You can get an idea about the topic of how to spray paint a bike in the form of a video

How To Spray Paint A Bike In A Deep Way

Before going to the main topic let’s first know about spray paint.

What Does Spray Paint Mean?

Paints used in airbrushes and spray guns are also forms of spray paint but, in common use, the term “spray paint” is synonymous with the aerosol-can form, also called “aerosol paint.” The paint can be used wherever paint is used, but it is particularly connected with municipal signage and the underground art form. Pressing the nozzle of the can changes the air pressure inside which causes the liquefied gas to boil and become a vapor. Pressing the nozzle also siphons gas through the nozzle hole, releasing the vaporized paint and creating the “spray” effect.

how to spray paint

The liquid product is poured into the can. Then, after the can is sealed, the gas is pumped in at high pressure which causes it to push down on the product. When you press down on the button, the valve opens and reduces the pressure at the top of the can. Using spray paint allows you to cover surfaces quickly and more evenly than traditional paint, and can be an effective way to touch up or apply a new coat of paint for many different kinds of DIY projects.

How To Spray Paint A Bike By Your Own

Anyone can paint their bike themselves as long as they have all the necessary tools and a little bit of time on their hands. But did you know that if your bike is looking a bit worse for wear, or if you simply want something that looks a bit more individual, then it’s actually fairly straightforward to update the look of your bike and achieve a fantastic new finish using spray paints?

how to spray paint a bike

The Montana Gold series is a high-quality range of acrylic lacquer paints that have been developed to deliver a professional standard finish on a wide range of surfaces, including steel and aluminum. They leave a finish that is smooth, free from cracks, and durable enough to withstand the worst of British weather while you’re out on your bike. So if you’re thinking about updating your bike with a fresh new paint job, let’s take a look at the steps involved.

How To Spray Paint A Bike In Detail

Before You start preparing your bike for painting you should first use it to pick up all the necessary materials for painting it properly. Below we had explained to you what are necessary materials required for painting a bike. Have a look at it!

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Plastic sheets to protect the ground from paint stains.
  • Fine-grit sandpaper (400 grit and 600 grit).
  • Rubbing alcohol.
  • An old towel or a piece of cloth.
  • A spray primer.
  • Spray paint.
  • Rust reformer (only if the bike frame has rust on it).
  • Some masking tape if needed.

Materials Required To Spray Paint A Bike

Before you start spray painting your bike buy the best primer and spray paint ( you can find it in your local hardware store). make sure to read the two sections about choosing the best paint and the best primer for painting a bike. If you’re not sure to choose what is the best primer and spray paint, don’t worry below we had researched and explained to you the best paint for painting a bike and the best primer for painting a bike. Keep on reading!

The Best Paint for Painting a Bike

Choosing the right type of paint for your bike is very important. Because if you use the wrong type of paint then you might have to repaint your bike after only a couple of weeks because the paint either peeled off or got scratched too easily. Hence always make sure to choose or use the right paint. There are many paints for painting a bike but you may have a question what is the best paint for painting a bike? Great question! In short, “Enamel Spray Paint” is best for painting bikes.


As enamel paints are durable, scratch-resistant, and water-resistant at the same time these paints don´t yellow when exposed to the sun. As there are many enamel paints you may have a doubt about what is the best enamel spray paint? Our answer is The best enamel spray paint for painting bikes is the “Automotive Acrylic Enamel” from Rust-Oleum. The great thing about the Automotive Acrylic Enamel Paint from Rus-Oleum is that it is two-in-one spray paint. It is a paint and a primer in one.

The Best Primer for Painting a Bike


If you are using a 2x paint, as I mentioned above, then you don´t need a primer but when you use a regular enamel spray paint then I highly recommend you to apply a primer first. The best primer for painting a bike is a strong adhering primer for any surface. By using such a primer it is possible to paint any bike frame no matter what material they are made of. The primer should be applied to a clean surface in multiple thin coats. A big advantage to using a primer is that you can use it to smooth out some small uneven dents in the bike frame.

How To Spray Paint A Bike In 6 Simple Steps

learn how to spray paint a bike in 6 steps

Before applying paint to the bike the main important thing you should keep in your mind is to prepare the proper surface for painting. You should do this because to stay the paint for long. When you do not follow this the paint may not live for long. Before painting a bike it is recommended to sand and clean, but it is not always necessary. Nowadays most the paints adhere well enough to a surface that has only been cleaned. But paints will adhere better to a surface that has been sanded.

Let’s See How To Spray Paint A Bike

1. Disassemble the Bike To Spray Paint A Bike

The first step is to dismantle your bike. It is very important. Unfortunately, bikes are assembled slightly differently depending on the brand and the type of bike. But here are some tips that will help you to assemble the bike easier later on if you follow them. Disassemble your bike on an even surface where you can easily find parts that might fall down during the disassembling process. For example, concrete.

Disassemble the Bike

Put all the parts that belong together in one place. If you are having screws or other small parts that are loose then put them in a small plastic bag and tape them to the part of the bike they belong to. This way you don´t have to search for them later on and you know exactly where they belong. And finally, you can clean or oil parts on your bike. You can also repair, and remove rust on all the parts of your bike.

2. Sand the Surface To Spray Paint A Bike

Use Fine-grit sandpaper to sand the surface

Now it is time to sand the frame of the bike. As I mentioned above, you don´t have to sand the frame if the frame is not rusted or the paint is peeling but it is recommended to ensure that the paint adheres properly when you sand the frame. So with the use of fine-grit sandpaper start lightly sanding the surface of the bike frame. If you have areas that are rusted then try to remove as much of the rust as possible.

NOTE: You don´t have to apply a lot of pressure it is just important that you rough up the surface to give the primer a better chance to adhere properly.

3. Repair Smaller Holes and Dents To Spray Paint A Bike

When your bike frame has smaller dents or even holes then you might want to fix those before you apply any new paint to your bike. You can do this in an easy way by using some epoxy putty. Epoxy putty is a two-part putty, you need to mix well before applying. It has the consistency of dough. You can buy epoxy putty at your local hardware store. Epoxy putty adheres very well to almost all materials and it will fully harden within 12 hours. Once it is hard you can further sand it to ensure that it is flush to the surface.

NOTE: Combine two parts of epoxy thoroughly before applying it to your bike. Make sure to smoothen the epoxy with your hand(it´s recommended that you wear gloves for this) as much as possible.

4. Clean the Surface To Spray Paint A Bike

clean the surface with rubbing alcohol

Just clean the surface from dust and grease with some rubbing alcohol using a piece of cloth. Try not to touch the surface too much after cleaning or before you apply the paint. This process is must require because when you clean the surface the paint will live long. If you neglect to do this the paint will come out within a short period.

5. Apply a Primer To Spray Paint A Bike

rust-oleum peal coat primer for car and bike

You don´t need to apply a primer if you are using 2-in-1 paint. But I would still recommend applying a primer anyway just to be on the safe side. The primer should only be applied in a well-ventilated area. Apply the spray primer in thin and even coats. It is better to apply the primer in multiple thin coats to ensure that no drops form and to ensure that the primer is applied evenly and smoothly. Let the primer dry in between coats.

6. Applying the Paint


And the very final step in painting your bike is obviously painting it! So get the paint of your choice and apply the paint in pretty much the same way that you applied the primer before. It doesn´t matter if the first coat of paint covers fully or not. You will need to apply multiple coats. You should end up with a nice even coat. You don´t need to apply a topcoat to enamel paints. Especially if they are automotive enamel paints. Now all that is left to do is reassemble your bike right after the paint has dried and you are done. You successfully painted your bike all on your own!

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In Closing

Here, I have come to the end of the article on the topic of how to spray paint a bike. I tried my level best to include all the necessary points that are required related to the article. I do hope my article would be interesting and may be ever knowledgeable.