Why Use Vinegar to Remove Paint From Concrete

How to Remove Paint From Concrete with Vinegar

In today’s article, I will be sharing with you a simple DIY recipe on how to remove paint from concrete with Vinegar, in five stress-free steps with the use of regular home tools like a paintbrush, scraper, and the rest.

You can use this guide to make any paint disappear in just an hour — even though it is oil-based enamel paint.

But will vinegar remove paint from concrete? Yes, if you are not aware, your regular flavorful cooking ingredient “vinegar” doubles up as a powerful, green-cleaning product and can easily get paint off concrete.

Let’s use it to our advantage!

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Will Vinegar Remove Paint From Concrete?

Ok, I know what’s going through your mind right now, you’re still somewhat confused and asking yourself “does vinegar remove paint from concrete?”

Well, the simple is YES! Vinegar is an incredibly effective, eco-friendly, and affordable method of getting rid of dried, stubborn paints from different surfaces like metal objects or concrete without discharging toxic fumes or harmful chemicals.

Therefore, if you’ve been considering using vinegar to remove paint from concrete, I urge you to go ahead with it as it’s good for the job.

Why Should You Use Vinegar to Strip Paint?

How to Remove Paint From Concrete with Vinegar

First of all, because they are 100% safe for us.

For those of you who want to remove paint from concrete without using harsh chemicals or toxic fumes in your homes, vinegar is a go-to option. Even if you don’t like the aroma of vinegar, don’t worry. The vinegary smell doesn’t linger.

Vinegar is a safe, readily available product (in everybody’s kitchen pantry) that you can use when next you are faced with some serious paint mishaps like splatter.

Quickly head to the kitchen pantry or refrigerator and reach for a bottle of Vinegar. You don’t need to wear a respirator, safety goggles, and gloves. You can start removing paint ASAP!

However, if vinegar isn’t available at home, you can easily grab them at a nearby grocery store for only a few bucks or simply get this one from Amazon. Vinegar is VERY inexpensive almost anyone can afford it, compared to pricey chemical strippers.

Lastly, vinegar will remove just about any type of paint without destroying the concrete in question.

To put it more succinctly, vinegar is an inexpensive and effective eco-friendly method to remove stuck-on and dried, stubborn paints from any concrete anytime and where.

What Will You Need Alongside Vinegar?

That is an interesting question because you won’t be needing anything besides Vinegar. One of the many wonders of vinegar is that it is a standalone recipe.

It doesn’t borrow strength or make alliances with other substances to perform effectively.

The other supplies you need to complete the paint removal job – after vinegar has softened the ground for you – are common household appliances and tools like a paint scraper, a measuring cup, a paintbrush or a sponge, a microwave, and a source of the fire.

There is no use of high-end equipment that requires learning curves or other red tapes.

How to Remove Paint From Concrete With Vinegar

Why Use Vinegar to Remove Paint From Concrete

Step 1: Prepare the solution

Measure half a cup of white distilled vinegar into a small saucepan and put it on the kitchen stove.

Alternatively, you can turn the vinegar into a microwaveable bowl, and microwave it.

Heat until it is hot, but not up to its boiling point.

Step 2: Feed it to the concrete surface

Dip a clean sponge or a paintbrush in the hot vinegar, and dab it onto the painted areas – scrubbing it into the concrete.

Step 3: Allow the Vinegar to work

Let the vinegar sit for about 10 to 15 minutes, allowing it to break and soften the bond between the paint and the concrete.

At this point, you should be expecting bubbling or something. However, If the paint is still stuck on, you should reapply the vinegar and let it sit at the same time frame.

Step 4: scrub the loosen paint

Use a paint scraper to remove the loosened paint. Then use a damp cloth or tack cloth to wipe down the surface area, removing any atom of vinegar and paint residues.

Rinse with clean water and let it dry.

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What Type of Vinegar Should You Use To Remove Paint?

What Type of Vinegar Should You Use To Remove Paint

There are wide varieties of vinegar in the market such as distilled white vinegar, champagne, rice wine, apple cider, malt, balsamic, and many more that you can use for the job.

But they are grouped into two major categories: non-organic and organic vinegar.

Organic vinegar was gotten from fruits or organic grains. And are manufactured following organic guidelines. You may notice floaters or strands using organic vinegar.

As for the non-organic vinegar, they are clear. They have gone through a pasteurization and straining process where all the bacteria (used in making the vinegar) has been removed.

Distilled or not, it doesn’t cut down its effectiveness as a natural cleaner, so you can use any vinegar.

Although serious DIY enthusiast prefers using distilled white vinegar.

But research claims that the organic variety is more earth-friendly because they were made with grains that are not genetically modified or treated with fertilizers or pesticides.

Are Vinegar The Only Safe Paint Removers?


Vinegar is not the only hero that can rescue your concretes from pestering paint. There are numerous mediums you can use to safely remove paint from your painted surface such as baking soda, boiling water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Soda, and Flour.

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Does vinegar remove paint?

Yes, vinegar dissolves both water-based paint and oil-based paint from wooden and metal surfaces. It’s a natural paint remover, making it one of the best ways to remove paint.

What will take dried paint off of concrete?

A deeper look at how to remove paint from concrete

  • Give the concrete surface a deep cleaning and allow it to dry.
  • Apply a paint stripper.
  • Give the paint stripper some time to set.
  • Scrub the surface.
  • Follow up the scrubbing with a power wash.
  • Repeat the process as necessary until all the paint is removed.

What is best product to remove paint from concrete?

Top 6 Concrete Paint Strippers

  • Dewalt Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel.
  • Klean-Strip Quart Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser.
  • Katzco Wire Wheels Brush.
  • Paint Stripper Super Remover New Generation.
  • Smart Strip.
  • 3M Heavy Duty Stripping Pads.

Will vinegar remove spray paint from concrete?

White vinegar is versatile and can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, which is why some people recommend using it to remove paint. However, I caution against using it on concrete—especially a sealed concrete floor. If you fail to dilute it correctly, the acid could strip the seal coating.

How do you remove paint from concrete basement floor?

Project Summary

  • Clean the concrete surface thoroughly and let dry.
  • Scrape peeled or chipped paint.
  • Apply paint stripper and wait.
  • Remove paint stripper residue.
  • Reapply paint stripper as necessary.

How do you remove paint from concrete without chemicals?

If you want to remove paint from concrete without using chemicals then a pressure washer and soda blaster are the eco-friendly options. There are also nontoxic paint strippers such as soy gel, nontoxic, biodegradable paint strippers, etc.

Does WD 40 remove concrete paint?

WD40 is a light penetrating oil that can be effective in loosening latex spray paint from concrete surfaces.

How do you get masonry paint off stone?

water washing: including gentle sponging or scrubbing with a soft bristle brush may be effective for emulsions, limewash, and other very old, friable paints. steam stripping: superheated low-pressure steam stripping for water-thinned paints, such as emulsions, can clean without saturating the surface of the stone.

How do you remove paint from concrete posts?

Use a wire scrub brush or a scraper to remove the loosened paint. You could also use a pressure washer for outdoor concrete surfaces such as driveways or patios. Repeat the steps if necessary. In some cases, a second or third application of paint stripper is needed to thoroughly remove paint from concrete.

Conclusion | will vinegar remove spray paint from concrete?

By following through our guide on how to remove paint from concrete with vinegar, you will certainly make any paint disappear.

It doesn’t matter if it’s High-Strength Concrete, you can effectively get rid of the paint quickly and without hassle. And if you’re also asking the question “does vinegar remove spray paint from concrete?” The answer is also yes, spray paints aren’t excluded.

I mean, who doesn’t love a quick fix for any DIY mishap?

Well, you’ve just gotten yourself yet another quick and easy method to strip paint from one of the most intimidating surfaces: concrete.

Should there be any complaints, don’t forget to lay it down the comment section below, as we’ll be obliged to address the issue.

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