How To Paint Teak Furniture

In this article we are going to discuss about how to paint teak furniture at same time importance of teak furniture. Let us discuss about teak furniture. Let us see how it is used for interior designs. Importance of teak furniture for home design in living room, dining room, bath room entire house.

How To Paint Teak Furniture

teak furniture

Teak wood makes furniture that repeals terminate invasions and other pests that destroy wood. Teak wood has natural oils that the lumber lasts longer and effect rots and decay. At same time teak has a natural shiny look that makes it perfect for your outdoor and indoor furniture. But with all these advantages of teak wood, people still look for ways to increase the wood’s durability.

It is easy to paint teak wood. You can choose your preferred colors. Painting gives the teak wood a good nick. The multiple colors at your disposal encourage you to add your personal touch to your environment. Therefore, consider reading this article for more information.

How to Paint Teak Wood

When you are working with an old and weathered teak wood proper preparation before painting is a must important. Also it does not hurt to seal it before you get on with the job. Below are some basic steps to help you paint your wood perfectly.

Step 1: Wash The Wood

Cleaning the wood is must compulsory before painting. As when you clean-up it eliminates excess oil, dirt, and mold that can alter paint in process. In addition you may not need to sand off gray wood layers because a thorough clean-up is sufficient. During cleaning wood the most important thing you should get up is getting a strong detergent such as tri sodium phosphate(TSP). know mix it using ½ to 1 cup of TSP in a gallon of warm water. After that Wipe down the wood with the mixture Consider using goggles and rubber gloves to keep your skin safe from the chemical. At last Wash the teak with water and allow it to dry.

Step 2: Fill The Holes And Brush The Surface

Sanding the teak wood before the painting process is not a requirement although it will help provide additional protection from peeling. Therefore, get 220-grit sandpaper and brush the surface. Also make certain that to fill holes and gauges with an epoxy wood filler. Holes may compromise your painting results. Thus, you want to cover them before you paint the wood. Additionally, it would be best to mix the epoxy filler with the recommended hardener and spread it on the wood. Finally, sand flat with 120-grit sandpaper.

Step 3: Use Stain-Blocking Primer

Teak has natural oils that will bleed through the paint coating. Therefore you need to seal the wood with a primer. We have high-solid primers that can work well but you can consider a shellac-based solution. Use a natural bristle paintbrush to apply the primer. Also, ensure that you follow the wood’s grain as you brush and let it cure before touching.

Step 4: Paint At least Two Coats

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For perfect results you should need at least two coats especially when you use primer with a color close to paint. Also, the primer and the paint should be compatible. Use a natural bristle brush for your oil-based paints and a synthetic-bristle brush for latex paint products. Then brush the surface with first coat after it dry and uses the same procedure to do the second coat. Wood hardeners are essential during the priming process. They stop decay especially when you have an old wood desk. In addition, the products seep into the teak’s pores and harden them to make them more intact.

FAQs On How To Paint Teak Furniture

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Teak Wood?

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You are at liberty to use a variety of paint products for your teak wood. However, the most recommended paint is latex or oil-based. These products work well over shellac-based primers and will offer excellent finishes. Also, ensure that you use the correct brush for each product. For instance, natural-bristle brushes are perfect for oil-based paints, and synthetic-bristle brushes are ideal for latex paint products.

Can You Change the Color of Teak Wood?

Change the Color of Teak Wood

Yes. You can change the color of teak furniture. Mostly you achieve color change results by staining. Apply an even coat to all over the surface with a foam or bristle brush. Also you can use stain dipped cloth to color the wood. However if you do not want to have stains on any parts of the surface protect them using masking tape.

What Is the Best Finish for Teak Wood?

Finish for Teak Wood

Teak is an exotic hardwood that will give you much pleasure as you use it. The wood possesses resins that protect it from water, rot, and insects. Therefore, it has multiple applications and accommodates the needs of many projects. Also its beauty and functionality make it appropriate for ocean-going ship projects.

Does Teak Need To Be Sealed?

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Teak is a unique type of wood as it naturally resists water. Therefore, you may not need water sealers to preserve it from moisture damage. In addition, please avoid pressure washing as it damages and discolors the wood surface. However you can use teak cleaners, clear coating, and oils to enhance its durability and natural properties.


Here, I have come to the end of the article on topic how to paint teak furniture. I tried my level best to include all the necessary points that are required related to the article. I do hope my article would be interesting and may be ever knowledgeable.