how to paint sauder furniture

How To Paint Sauder Furniture

Sauder furniture could seem intimidating to paint, even to the most experienced DIYers. It is because they are laminated and have a smooth, non-porous surface. And painters either get entangled in poor adhesion after the paint has dried/cured or experience bubbling while the paint/primer is still wet.

This painting hoops can cause one to keep banging his/her head against the desk, trying to squeeze out some ideas on how to fix the problem.

Here, we have the ultimate guide on how to paint Sauder furniture without having to face any of these problems.

How To Paint Sauder Furniture

painting sauder furniture

Below, we’re going to show you a step by step guide to painting Sauder furniture so you can start doing it immediately even if you’ve never tried it before.

Remove furniture hardware (optional)

If there are knobs, pulls, or other visible hardware attached to the piece of furniture, remove them before painting.

It’s imperative to do so, as there won’t be any obstruction while rolling paint. Also, feel free to mask the areas you won’t be painting with painter’s tape.

Sand the entire piece

Due to the slick, non-porous laminate surface, you will have to sand it to create a roughen-up-ground, so the primer and paint could bond with the furniture.

Failure to do so will result in poor adhesion once the paint dries.

To do it right, use 120-to-220-grit sandpaper to scuff the surface until you start seeing a little white spot on the material, and the shine is no more.

For me, I have a preference for a palm-grip sander because they are lightweight and easy to use.

If you want to sand at your comfort too, you should get one for yourself. They cost about $30 at home improvement stores.

Don’t sand it so vigorously until you get to the plywood or other pressed wood that is underneath the laminate, else mission has failed.

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Clean the surface area

After sanding the furniture, ensure to clean up any dusty residues with a handheld vacuum and a damp cloth.

At this point, the furniture should be clean and dry.

It’s now time to prime the piece!

Unlike wood, laminate is a slick, non-porous material that needs something to grab onto, and the primer will do the trick.

Priming will determine whether or not you will have a professional finish because it enhances the life of the paint, as well as its appearance.

Choosing a good primer for the job could be frustrating as there tons of models from different brands in the market. You can opt for whatever primer that suits your taste, but sure it says for shiny surfaces as well.

But if I were you, I’d go with either KILZ or Zinsser, especially Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primer because it is ideal for all types of projects, including laminate.

You should apply 1-2 coats, while the drying time will take up to 7 days to dry COMPLETELY.

I know this has probably ruffle your feathers because other brands may offer a considerable length of time.

But here is a well-known fact: your Sauder furniture could dry to the touch in a matter of hours, but it won’t be able to resistant scratches until the primer is fully hardened. So take note!

I urge you should follow the recommended coats and dry time for the best result. There is no need to rush, trying to paint over the primer before it cures.

Now comes the fun part – To paint!

After you must have finish priming, it is time to PAINT!

Pick any paint of your choice. Use a foam paintbrush for the corners and a foam roller for the flat areas to achieve a smooth finish.

My choice for the paint is an interior eggshell sheen.

I go as far as applying 3 to 4coats and lightly sanding in-between with fine-grit sandpaper to achieve a professional finish.

Furthermore, always pay attention to drips and remove them with a single-edged razor once dried and repaint.

Assemble all the parts

Let the paint dry overnight before reassembling the parts.

You are likely to experience scratches when putting the shelving back in because they could be very tight to fit.

And when it occurs, you should touch up those scratched areas and the spots you missed with the foam brush. Then let them dry – there you have it!

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Expert Tips For the Best Result

how to paint sauder furniture

Never paint over damaged Sauder furniture

Ensure you repair major/minor damages or re-face the furniture before applying the paint. It is because the cracks, warps, or peel can interfere with the bonding of paint.

Do not leave dirt and grit residues behind

It could be tempting not to put in the time and effort to clean the piece. But your dirty little secret will unveil when the paint fails to adhere to the Sauder.

It is critical to wipe away settled-on grime or grease using trisodium phosphate if need be. Then rinse with freshwater and let the furniture dry completely.

And other useful tips are:

  • Never to use an old primer or paint.
  • Don’tleave brushstrokes behind.
  • Minimize your exposure to fumes by working in a well-ventilated room and put on PPE to protect yourself.

What kind of paint do you use on laminate furniture?

Latex paint is recommended for laminate surface painting projects because of its durability and smooth finish.

How do you paint laminate furniture without sanding?

Paint a little bit of chalk paint on the flat surface of your laminate (so it’s super easy to remove if it doesn’t stick). Let it dry for 24 hours and then try to scratch it off with your fingernail. If it sticks really well, then you’re good to paint the rest of your laminate furniture with chalk paint.

Can Sauder bookshelves be painted?

To start I am going to Paint Laminate Furniture! It’s possible and is a great way to bring life to old dull furniture. This is a laminate bookcase and YES you can Paint Laminate Furniture. I did some research and asked some questions to make sure I did this right.

Can you paint Ikea Besta furniture?


Painting the IKEA Besta cabinet lets you be as simple or as creative as you’d like. With painting, there are so many different design options and colors to choose from, it’s easy to find something that matches your room and your style. A latex-based or oil-based paint is best to use when painting furniture.

Will chalk paint stick to laminate furniture?

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint will adhere beautifully to laminate. All I do is clean my piece to remove any residue or dirt and then apply the paint. Once again, laminate top.

Will chalk paint stick to laminate?

When painting laminate with Chalk/Mineral Paint (brand name or HMCP), the steps are EXACTLY the same as Method #1 EXCEPT NO PRIMER is needed. With Chalky Paints sanding is usually not required, but to get a long-lasting finish on the laminate, a light sanding is still a REALLY good idea!

Can you paint composite wood furniture?

You can use a satin or semi-gloss latex paint on interior wood composites, but be sure to use acrylic latex enamel on exterior wood composites. Apply the paint in the manner as you applied the primer. It should dry in about four hours.

What kind of primer should I use on laminate?

Zinsser Primer for Laminate Furniture

Zinsser BIN Primer – This primer is shallac based and sticks to all surfaces – including laminate furniture – without sanding. This primer goes on in smooth, thin coats. It drys very quickly, and it works with any top coat, including water-based latex paint.

Can you paint laminate tables?

You can sand, prime and paint laminate as if it were a solid wood piece of furniture! Because it’s often somewhat glossy-looking, and important to sand it down until the finish is very dull before priming. We recommend using 120 grit sandpaper for this.

Can you paint particle board shelves?

If you’ve noticed your particleboard bookcase, end table, or chest of drawers. The easiest method is simply to paint it. Painting particleboard will help you save money by eliminating the need to buy new furniture, and it can add more personality to an existing piece.


With our guide and your prior knowledge about painting, you can learn how to paint Sauder furniture like a pro.

But, from what I’ve gathered, I urge you should go the extra mile protecting the paint with a sealer/topcoat.

And even after the Sauder furniture has dried completely, it isn’t always advisable to put anything on it, not at least a week.

It is because painting takes approximately 30 days to cure fully. And since it will be carrying heavy books and accessories, you shouldn’t use it immediately, as you might ruin the paint.

Patience is the ultimate weapon when painting Sauder furniture.

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