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How To Paint Mahogany Furniture

In this article we are going to discuss about how to paint mahogany furniture at same time importance of mahogany furniture. Let us discuss about mahogany furniture. Let us see how it is used for interior designs. Importance of mahogany furniture for home design in living room, dining room, bath room entire house.

How To Paint Mahogany Furniture

Painting mahogany wood can be a real challenge. You might even ask whether you can paint over mahogany wood. When painting mahogany furniture in a light color there will almost certainly be the matter of bleed through. You can prevent that if you take the proper precautions and use the right kind of products. Let me show you how to paint mahogany furniture white and what the best primer is for mahogany paint projects.

How To Paint Mahogany Wood

Mahogany Wood

Mahogany, cedar, redwood, walnut, maple and many other woods are rich in tannins. This acidic substance seeps from the wood’s pores long after the tree is cut and turned into building lumber. If you cover a mahogany surface with paint, the tannins will gradually bleed through. The right painting procedure eliminates tannin discoloration for a bright finish. With proper cleaning and priming, virtually anybody can paint mahogany wood with professional results.

Let Us See The Steps To Paint Mahogany Wood

When you are going to paint mahogany wood there will be some steps to follow. When you follow the steps given below you can paint easily. For those who don’t know (or) want to know how to paint mahogany wood those can follow these simple steps for perfect output.

Step 1

Sand the surface with grit aluminum oxide sandpaper. The sandpaper will help remove gloss if the wood was previously finished, and it gets rid of surface imperfections on unfinished mahogany surfaces.

Step 2

Clean the surface with a Tri sodium Phosphate (TSP) cleaning solution. TSP will help reduce oily residue on stained woods or naturally oil woods for a cleaner, easily paint able surface. Additionally, the cleaning solution will get rid of all that pesky leftover sanding dust.

Step 3

Apply stain-blocking primer to the mahogany wood’s surface. For tight corners use paintbrush and for larger areas use paint roller. Stain-blocking primers eliminate bleeding as the wood ages. If you’re painting the wood with a dark color, consider getting a tinted stain-blocking primer. Tinted primers go on darker than traditional primers, allowing for adequate coverage in just one or two coats.

Step 4

Paint the mahogany with an alkyd paint of any color and sheen. If you’re using a glossy sheen, use foam brushes and foam rollers. For eggshell or flat finishes, a regular brush and roller will work just fine.

Step 5

Apply a second coat of paint after the base coat dries. Wait a full 24 hours before using the freshly painted surface. Even though the paint will be dry in just a few hours, it’s best to let it cure for a full day.

Tips To Paint Mahogany Furniture

mahogany furniture

When you get ready to make changes to your decor, don’t throw out your mahogany furniture – up cycle mahogany furniture instead. You could save a substantial amount of money by painting the furniture yourself, but you must do the prep work before you can make the change. Clean, sand and prime the wood with a stain-blocking primer to ensure good paint adhesion. Follow with a quality paint of either latex or enamel base. With a little effort, dark wood furniture can easily be given a new lease on life.

As we already said we should follow some steps to paint mahogany furniture. Know let us discuss some tips to paint mahogany furniture which everyone should follow and focus on this tips before painting mahogany furniture. Let us discuss the tips that everyone should focus.

Cover the Floor With Drop Cloths

Cover any areas using painter’s plastic. Secure the plastic using painter’s tape. Mask hardware with painter’s tape. Prepare a cleaning mixture of hot water and tri sodium phosphate(TSP), per the manufacturer’s instructions, advises Newton Custom Interiors. Prepare a separate bucket of clean, hot water for rinsing and wash the furniture using a cloth soaked in the TSP mixture. Rinse the furniture using clean, hot water and a clean cloth. Allow the furniture to dry completely.


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