How To Paint Dollhouse Furniture: 6 Elite Steps

In this article we are going to discuss about how to paint dollhouse furniture at same time importance of dollhouse furniture. Let us discuss about dollhouse furniture. Let us see how it is used for interior designs. Importance of dollhouse furniture for home design in living room, dining room, bath room entire house.

How To Paint Dollhouse Furniture

How To Paint Dollhouse Furniture

Use a semi-gloss latex or acrylic base paint for all painted surfaces in a dollhouse. These paints for miniatures allow easier cleaning of all surfaces of the dollhouse. When dust accumulates or fingerprints appear, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Painting a dollhouse seems to be easy until you actually go to do it! In this post I’ll share all my best tips for how to paint a dollhouse, plus recommendations for the best type of dollhouse paint to use.

Whether you’re building a new dollhouse from a kit that needs painted or you are giving an old dollhouse a fresh new look, these tips for how to paint a dollhouse will make the process a lot more fun and easy.

What Type Of Paint Is Best For Dollhouse?

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The first thing you need to consider when painting is the type of paint you plan to use. Latex paint, which is the same kind of paint you would use on the interior of your real house – is the perfect choice because it is economical and you can get it in almost any color.

I personally prefer eggshell and satin so the walls do not look too glossy, but if you want a glossy finish, the semi-gloss is a great choice because it’s also the most durable over time. Most often I use acrylic craft paint when painting my dollhouse furniture, because it’s easier to manage for small projects. However, it will stick to any wood surface, though you’ll want to first use a coat of primer.

Should You Varnish A Dollhouse

It is usually not necessary to varnish a dollhouse when you are using latex paint. Varnish can sometimes cause colors to be cloudy, so unless your plan was to put it outside to be exposed to rain and the elements, I would skip the varnish all together. In addition to paints, you may sometimes want to use wood stain for different parts of your dollhouse.

How To Paint A Dollhouse

Step 1: Remove Anything You Can That You Don’t Want Paint On

This step mostly applies to painting a dollhouse that is already assembled. For example, you may want to remove window panes or any other pieces made of Plexiglass. If removing this isn’t possible, you will instead want to use painter’s tape to carefully mask off any areas you do not want to get paint on.

Step 2: Apply a Primer or Base Coat

Your first coat of paint is going to be absorbed into the wood and not look very good at all. Fortunately, you can simply use primer in this step. They make spray on primers, but I personally prefer to apply primer using a foam brush.

Step 3: Sand The Area You Just Primed

Every time when you paint, you want to lightly sand the area. This is the secret to a smooth finish. Be sure the paint is 100% completely dry and that you’ve allowed at least a few hours between painting and sanding. You do not want to sand the paint off, you simply want the surface to be smooth. After sand, run the microfiber tack cloth over the surface to remove any dust particles.

Step 4: Paint the Walls

Paint the walls of the dollhouse by using either a foam brush or a mini paint roller. The mini paint roller can go a bit faster, but the most important thing is you get the finish that you desire. Be sure you allow the walls to fully dry and set for several hours.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 4-5

If you decide that you need another coat of paint, simply repeat steps 4 and 5. The basic rule is you should always sand between coats of paint. This will give you the smoothest and most professional looking result. Your final coat of paint should not be sanded.

I hope these tips for how to paint a dollhouse are useful for you.


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