How To Hydro Dip Without Spray Paint

How To Hydro Dip Without Spray Paint In 3 Best Steps

Hello! Fun craft lovers. I am glad to share the topic with you about how to hydro dip without spray paint. Generally what do you know about the topic how to hydro dip without spray paint? Most of the people don’t know clearly what we are discussing. We will guide you, to explore about the topic what is hydro dip? What are the applications of it? Where can you observe them? How can you use the hydro dip without spray paint?

What are the mistakes you commonly do? How to hydro dip without spray paint, but swirl paint? How to hydro dip without spray paint, but enamel? How to hydro dip without spray paint, but with hydro graphic film? How to hydro dip without spray paint, but acrylic marbling? If you want to do yourself, then how can you do that? What is the best paint use for the hydro dip without spray paint? Let’s dig into the topic how to hydro dip without spray paint.

How To Hydro Dip Without Spray Paint

Have an idea on the topic how to hydro dip without spray paint in the form of an image.

How To Hydro Dip Without Spray Paint

What Is Hydro Dip?

What Is Hydro Dip (2)

Hydro dip is also known as immersion printing, three dimensional imaging and water transfer painting. It is a hydro graphic film that makes any substance as a three dimensional object. Finally it is a film forms over the water or hydro by dipping with paint or without paint forms an image in three dimensional way. And it acts as a base coat to any material or substance if you apply is called hydro dip. It is used in auto industry to make films. The film can also be used on wood, paper and metal if you want a three dimensional image on the substance. It is a fun art it is used instead of spray paints.

Hydro Dip With Out Spray Paint

Hydro dip without spray paint means dipping the substance on spray paint less film is called hydro dip with out spray paint. Now you want to know how to hydro dip with out spray paint. It means what are the methods includes in the process of how to hydro dip without spray paint.

How To Dip An Item Generally For Water Transfer Printing

How To Dip An Item Generally For Water Transfer Printing

Generally if you want to dip an item for water transfer printing this how you should do it. First you need to prepare the surface of an item for dipping. Then you need to sand and scuff the surface for water transfer printing. Here there are two types of coats giving to the item, They are base coat and clear coat. Between these coats a process will happen. It is called dipping process. Let’s see what is the process between the base coat and the clear coat along with dipping in the process.

Base coat

Base coat (1)

It is the layer which gives the support to the film and the film may vary in different surfaces, so you need to think right what type of color you want to design on surface. Because the base coat use to adhere the film and along with base coat apply for white color and black color differently. You can use on the tan coat even you can reuse the base coat apply on the white color film. If you use base coat on black color may not be reuse. It makes the film unique with the help of base coat.


Film is the water soluble substance and designed for absorption of moisture which makes the film to soften and pliable. Most films are hydrated at 90 degree F for 60 seconds. Along with some metallic ones have 90 degree F but take long time to hydrate about 90-120 seconds. Under the film there is water you need to be particular on which side you lay down the film and the film apply on the substance front face if you have done wrong at this process your willful design be reversed.


For film there is a special ink can be used on the substance called polyvinyl alcohol film with support of rotary printer. You can check whether the film position is in right way by place your finger on the film if  it is sticky it will cover your thumb or your nail. Then it is in the right direction.



Activator is the chemical that makes the film liquefies with color and completely dissolve and pliable nature to the film has hydrating. And also makes the film hydrated. You need to apply the activator on the film. Only after it is done by hydrating to the film.



Dipping done by the chemical reaction between the activator and base coat is called dipping process. When the item is dipped in the film it covers the item front side and makes unique pattern with spray paint. You need to dip the paint up to your requirement. Whatever the design you need it adheres to the base coat and activator makes them bond to attach the substance. Dip until the substance strongly attach to the design. Now you need another layer.



After dipping process the substance seems to be slimy so you have to get rid of it. You just rinse it. While rinsing gently rub the surface of the substance to remove the residue from the surface. Heavy rub makes the substance loose of its design. Don’t rub heavily. If the residue gone away then you will find out the substance get dry.

Clear coat

Clear coat

It makes the design to stay on the surface of the substance. It gives matte or glossy sheen to the surface. It is the crucial step to do in this process. For this process automotive grade paint is the best choice for long lasting results. Along with that cerakote used for bows and firearms. You can use spray paints onto the dipping process.

How To Hydro Dip Without Spray Paint

Slight changes in general process with spray paint step, at that time use some fun paints like nail polish, acrylic marbling, Hydro graphic film, Enamels and borax, swirl painting and unique patterns with different colors. You can make your own designs with your own creation in your home too. You just need water and film, activator e.t.c. are all available without spray paint you can do lot of designs on different substances.

Nail polish on to the hydro dip instead of spray paint

Nail polish onto the hydro dip

Acrylic marbling instead of spray paint

Acrylic marbling

Enamel or Borax

Enamel or borox

Hydro graphic film

Hydro graphic film

Swirl painting

swirl painting

This is how to hydro dip without spray paint.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Hydro Dip Without Spray Paint

1. How To Hydro Dip Without Spray Paint or with spray paint?

As earlier said in general process, a slight change on water has the film over, you can use spray paint on to the film whatever the type of design pattern you want. Without spray you can hydro dip with enamel or borax e.t.c

2. How To Hydro Dip With Acrylic Paint Without Borax?

Just take the acrylic paint on to the paint brush and dip into the water tap the film gently and you can observe it is thin and take your hand to the film surface place your hand away from the film and pour with paint brush onto the surface. You will find out the acrylic paint over the film now you can easily hydro dip with acrylic paint attach to the substance.

3. Spray Paint Hydro Dipping Problems?

  • Not taping your product properly.
  • Not preparing the surface of product.
  • Not applying a white base coat.
  • Not lowering on an angle.
  • Not clearing the paint away.
  • Not letting it dry before dipping.
  • Holding the spray paint too close to the water.
  • Water on top of your paint.
  • Not applying a finisher on paint.
  • Double dipping even the substance is wet.

4. Hydro graphic Spray Paint?

It is used for paint the spray cans and for intricate patterns. Along with that acrylic spray paint is enough to the hydro graphic spray paint.

5. Can You Hydro Dip With Regular Acrylic Paint?

Yes you can hydro dip with regular acrylic paint.

6. Best Spray Paint For Hydro Dipping Plastic?

Rustoleum spray paint for hydro dipping plastic is the best spray paint for hydro dipping plastic.

7. How To Thin Acrylic Paint For Hydro Dipping?

You can thin acrylic paint for hydro dipping by flicking and mixing it with paint brush.

8. What Kind Of Paint Can You Use For Hydro Dipping?

Cerakote for miniatures like guns and auto motive grade paint for ceramics, wood e.t.c. you can use for hydro dipping for long lasting ever.

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I hope you may like the content in this article how to hydro dip without spray paint. You will get so much of fun if you are doing in your home. You can apply on different surfaces metal, wood, leather, fabric, ceramic, steel e.t.c.

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