How-to-Dull-a-Glossy-Finsh refinishing in four steps

How To Dull A Glossy Finish In 2 Methods, 4 Steps

In this article we are going to discuss about the topic how to dull a glossy finish. What is this topic? What does that mean? It means that every wood worker wants to finalise the work with good finishing. In this topic we are talking about the furniture, the shine on it dull with glossy finish. You may also use sprayers to the furniture if the output won’t come good. If you want to update the secondhand furniture to look good, then it is worthy to spend. Taking the excess shine out is possible in these ways. If you want to dull a glossy finish then it might be a little labor expensive. Even though the look will be good.

How To Dull A Glossy Finish

Before going to the topic how to dull a glossy finish. Let’s get an idea on the topic in the form of video. We will talk about the topic in a detail manner after this video.

How To Dull A Glossy Finish In Two Methods 

  1. Method : With Sandpaper.
  2. Method : By Refining the finish

 1. Method: With Sandpaper

When it comes to dulling a glossy paint finish, sanding it may be the good choice. Also called “rubbing out the finish“, this process allows you to yourself remove some part of the finish material. In addition to, it roughs up the surface, take away of bright shine along the way.

Sanding gives you a lot of balance, as well. The grit you pick can explain how polished the surface ends up. The fine particles the final grit, the duller the look of the finish. It’s key to note that the sanding route isn’t risk free.

how to dull a glossy finish with sand paper

If you don’t know how deep the finish is, there’s always a possibility you’ll go all of the manners through. That might not be your aim, so it’s good to continue with caution. Start the application of some mineral spirits to the wood piece or Add water to the sandpaper. 

Next, give the surface fastly but consistent once over with 400 grit sandpaper. If you know that the finish is thicker, you may begin with instead 220 or 300 grit.

Despite of sand, keep your pressure steady and your movements smooth. Sanding may leave there some swirl marks if you aren’t careful on the surface.

Once at the stage of 600 grit, whether you think the finish is where it needs to be, give the surface a excellent cleaning. Then, take a good, hard look at the finish and decide if you’re satisfied with the result. It’s possible that debris was alternative to the look of the finish, it is wise to stop and check. 

2. Method: Refining The Finish

Some times, the finish may still need additional dulling. When this happens, you can go through the process above again. Some times a touch with wooden wax gives another additional approach.

However, if, after looking at the finish, you decide that it’s too dull, you’ll use a different approach. Moving to sandpapers with higher grit levels can let you restore some sheen a bit at a time.

refining finish

Wet 800 grit paper and give it a go. If you like that finish, stop. If it’s still too dull, go up further. Try a 1000 and then 1200 grit, pausing after each one to recheck the finish.

Whenever you hit the ideal finish, quit sanding. If you go through all of that and the finish still isn’t shiny enough, or you’re plagued with swirl marks, don’t give up yet. Now is the time to try polishing compound.

Dull A Glossy Finish Refinishing In Four Steps

It includes four steps to refinishing the dull a glossy finish. Hence the finishing is the required step to dull a glossy finish to the surface. 

Step 1: Take Away Any Polishing Compound

After that, Take some 220 grit sandpaper and give the piece a once over. That will roughen up the existing finish, ensuring the upcoming new coat will stick. Though you can use solvent if you add to trick. 

Step 2: Clean And Dry

Since this way is going to involve a new finish, you have to make sure the wooden surface is cleaned and completely dry. Otherwise, you’re going to get semi harsh results. Avoid chemical cleansers. Make it wipe down. 

How-to-Dull-a-Glossy-Finsh refinishing in four steps

Step 3: Choose Your Finish

If the last finish was much glossier than your expectations, then consider dropping down more than one level. For instance, you might want to go from semigloss right bound to matte.

Just understand that the difference might be important, so you may want to be more protective and only go down one level if you aren’t sure exactly what you’d like to see.

Step 4: Apply The Last Finish

When you apply a new finish, you want to add a light coat. When the coat isn’t very thick, it dries faster. Within as little as 30 minutes, you may have a fair good idea of how the finish will look once you’re done.

If it’s way too glossy, you may want to select a different finish. Then, you simply repeat the new finish process once you get the new product.

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Typically, Introducing with the first approach is the cheapest, and it isn’t much more labor intensive than a refinishing. However, if the finish is turn off, you might want to start with refinishing right after the finishing once.

Getting from a high gloss finish to a matte one would otherwise  you would require the elbow grease, and it might be more work than you want to take on. If that’s the case, head straight to refinishing.

I hope in this article how to dull a gloss finish you may get the sufficient information regarding it. Be careful while glossing the surface with finish, it might ruin the surface. You can adjust the glossy finish by repeating the coating and the addition of some wooden wax.

Mostly the wood workers focus on the surface to attract the attention of the people. They do magic with rubbing, by using different materials regarding the work. Be careful while doing it.
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