How To Arrange Two Sofas In Living Room

In this article we are going to focus on the keyword how to arrange two sofas in living room. When arranging the couches in a living room, it is important to set the tone for the entire area. A typical living room set includes one sofa and either chairs or a love seat. If you need to accommodate two people on a sofa, there are a few ways to do so that the flow of your room is comfortable and relaxing. We researched a variety of sources to help you decorate your living room the way you need it. 

How To Arrange Two Sofas In Living Room

The most common way to arrange two sofas in a living room:

  • Two couches opposite each other
  • L-Shaped arrangement
  • Wide shaped angle

There is no one definitive way to layout two sofas in a living room. It depends on the shape and size of your room, as well as your personal taste. If you are new to arranging couches, don’t worry! Here is our guide on how to arrange the couches.

Two Couches Opposite Each Other

This layout is a standard one. It features two couches facing each other, which creates a great space for visiting with friends and family. A mirror image of the room’s layout is created by using a symmetrical arrangement of furniture. This look is best suited for square or rectangular rooms, not ones with angles. This layout works well with the two couches spaced close together or far apart. A great way to help everything come together is to place a coffee table in between them.

Two Couches Opposite Each Other

This Convenient Concepts table can help you pull together the design (and two couches) together.Some people may not be happy with the arrangement of having a TV in the living room because it makes it difficult to see other things in the room. If you want to use your living room for movie watching, this might not be an ideal option. To help illustrate what this arrangement looks like, we’ve selected a few examples.

Two Couches

This room has a layout that helps create an open space perfect for entertaining guests and makes the focal point of the fireplace. If you have a great accent wall or fireplace, this arrangement is a great option. This layout has windows on all of the walls, so it’s not possible to add a television. This makes the space good for face-to-face conversation because the couches are spaced far apart. It’s open and inviting.

L-Shaped Arrangement

If you’re not as concerned with symmetry or your room isn’t square-shaped, the L-Shaped arrangement is a great choice. You can get a sectional look by putting two couches together. This design is great for those who want a media entertainment space. It helps ensure that everyone can see the movie without having to crane their necks. This seating arrangement can be a bit cramped, and it may not be conducive to conversation. Additionally, the room might look small if it is not a large area. Remember to choose an arrangement that will look good on you.

L-Shaped Arrangement

The TV was difficult to position due to the fireplace in the center of the wall. Sofas can be positioned in a variety of ways to make everyone comfortable and entertained. In this arrangement, the couches are placed against the wall to create more open space. This room is designed with an L-shaped layout that focuses on the views outside. If you do not want the fireplace to be a focal point, this is a great way to do so. 

In a Wide Angle

This concept is great for irregular shaped rooms, as well as open concept and large living spaces. If you want to use your armchair or recliner as part of the layout, we recommend this layout. This setup often results in the couches being spaced far apart, which makes them difficult to use. If you choose to use this layout on a square-shaped floor plan, it can cut off some of the corners of the room. This eliminates a lot of usable space. The aim of this sofa design is to create a cohesive space by positioning the sofas at wide angles. 

In a Wide Angle

The couches are placed at different angles to create a spacious area that is comfortable and great for lounging. The layout of this room is sensible and there is a bay window which makes it look more appealing. Additionally, the additional chair helps to make the design more complete. 

Wide Angle

This concept also works for this room. The couches in the living room are angled such that a small area near the windows is cut off.The owners chose not to use the fireplace in this case. You can choose to have a variety of arrangements in your living room, it all depends on what you like. 

How Many Couches Should Be in a Living Room?

Decide how many couches you want. If you have a smaller room, one couch will suffice. It may look better than two sofas if they are close together. If you are looking for a versatile seating option, consider sectioning off one side of your living room into its own mini-couch area. This way, you can easily accommodate guests or put away toys when the kids are not around.

If the room is small, try adding a chair. This will help the room from feeling overcrowded. If the room is large, you could have three couches, one against each wall with one open side. Before purchasing an additional sofa, it would be smart to assess the room and try out the area with the sofas you currently have.


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