How Much Does Spray Paint Cost Of 10 Best Brands

Hello! Experts in spray paint. I am glad to share this topic how much does spray paint cost? Today I am wondering that you have come up with an excellent question.  Actually, spray paints are available in different colors and textures. They are versatile and everywhere. Available at a walkable place to get the spray paints in their vernacular place, what is the topic and what we are discussing, this is how you are thinking? If you think like that you are mistaken then. My motive for above said words is that the cost varies for different colors and textures in spray paints compare to normal spray paint.

And What is the cost if you order in commercial apps compared to local shops? OK. Let’s dig into the topic of how much spray paint costs.

How Much Does Spray Paint Cost

Have an idea on the topic of how much does spray paint costs in the form of an image.

How Much Does Spray Paint Cost

How Much Does Spray Paint Cost For A Can

How Much Does Spray Paint Cost for a can

Here I am discussing the roots of the topic from a single can to we will jump onto various details about how much does spray paint costs. How much does spray paint cost for a can generally $4 to $16 per one can of spray paint? If you want that spray paint can of high quality one then you need to pay extra for the quality of spray paint. Quality spray paint gives the best results if you are going to do a big project. You don’t need to repaint again to your project. This is how much spray paint costs for a can

How Much Does Spray Paint Cost For Different Types

There are a bunch of spray paints that differ based on color, texture, and different purposes. Let’s look into those products which are categorized and their costs. Let’s see how much spray paint costs. They are:

Aerosol Spray Paints


In this category, aerosol paints serve for different surfaces like metal, wood and ceramics e.t.c. Let’s see how much spray paint costs for aerosol and what is it’s availability. For example, Sun masks aerosol spray paint cost 75 Rs/- per 1 bottle of spray paint. It is available in multi colors and it gives the best sheen to the surface. This aerosol spray paint is especially used for the metal surface.

Metallic Spray Paint

Metallic spray paint

This spray paint can be used for different purposes and along with that it is mostly used for shades. It helps to reduce sagging problems. It gives a premium finish. It is a glossy and matte finish. It quickly dries. Coverage is high. Nontoxic and Eco friendly. It has high color intensity and durability.

For example Classic shades with white metallic spray paint are the best example of it.

Zinc Metal Spray Paint

Zinc Metal Spray Paint

Zinc metal spray paint removes the rust from metal, it is anti-corrosive and it repairs the Zinc plated surfaces. It is consumer friendly one. It protects from corrosion. It tampers the proof. It quickly dries. Heat resistant. It has similar to dip galvanization metal with high gloss. It costs 750 Rs/-

For example Zinc galvanizing spray paint is the best example of zinc metal spray paint.

Gold Spray Paint

Gold Spray Paint

It is specially made for metal purposes, and easy to use. It looks like gold the gloss is super brilliant. Good coverage. Heat resistant. It is acrylic paint. It costs from 150 to 1200 per can based on the quality features.

For example Sun flower acrylic gold spray paint. It costs 150 Rs/-

Wax Coat Spray

Wax Coat Spray

It forms a greasy film. It contains high-quality corrosion inhibitors. It will easily stick to the surface. It won’t do in strange conditions. It prevents the salt conditions like your house in sea shore the house may effect from the salt in seawater when it touches the house. It protects the metal surface like a barrier and environment. It will protect from outdoor and indoors. It will protect up to 1 year. It costs from 272 to 1500 based on the quality and different purposes.

For example ISC Yellow NOKRUST 82 WAX SPRAY, For Industrial Use, Packaging Size.

Anti Rust Paint

Anti Rust Paint

It provides extra protection for corrosion a polymer-based underlying coating is resistant to any type of washing like diesel wash. It is not necessary to mix another color. The cost varies from 90 to 1000 plus depending on the quality it gives the best coverage and sheen to the surface.

For example UE ELITE black Car Anti Rust, For Metal, Packaging Type. It costs 120 Rs/-

Peelable Booth Coating

Peelable Booth Coating

It costs 700 per liter. It protects any nonporous surface item like metal, wood and ceramic, or any other surfaces. It is used for indoor purposes. It is best for building construction.

For example Water base Peelable coating. It costs 200 Rs/-

Heat Resistant Spray Paint

Heat Resistant Spray Paint

It is designed for heat resistant to industrial purposes. It withstands high temperature and drying, corrosion, and heat protection. This exclusive formula provides instant finishing to the surface. It costs from 80 Rs/- to 1000 plus based on per piece and per kg.

For example Apar Heat Resistant Spray Paint Matt Black 600 degrees Centigrade.

Fluorescent Spray Paint


High performance with real pigments, Quick-drying, long last, Good Coverage, Corrosion Resistance, highly adhesive, durable, very Bright, brilliant, and smooth Matt finish. Recommend it for photographic and artistic jobs. It can also be used in Gardening, Transport, Fine arts, Graffiti, Sign painting, Plumbing, Industry, Walls, steel, etc.

For example Apar Fluorescent Pink Spray Paint, 225 ML. It costs may vary.

Water Based Anti Spatter Spray

Water Based Anti Spatter Spray

These are suitable for engineering workshops and are thus provided with metalworking fluids. Further, these are suitable for particular applications and feature general-purpose fluids and specialty fluids. Developed in conjunction with engineering workshops & distributors, these products address the problems & needs behind each machining application.

For example Cal Guard – Water Based Anti Spatter Spray Liquid Gel.

Anti-spatter liquid and Gel Eliminate the need for hard chiseling and grinding for spatter removal after welding, thereby reducing expensive downtime. Nonhazardous and non-flammable contains no petroleum solvents. No toxic gas generation and does not leave any residual odor. Replaces conventional oil-based anti-spatters which normally interfere with welding operations. No residue formation thereby facilitating clean non-defective, radiographic quality welds. This is the way to find how much spray paint cost.

What Are The Brands Of Spray Paint

There are different types of brands of spray paint. Among them top-rated brands are:

1. Rust-OleumRust-Oleum

It has a lot of varieties and transporting facilities it has been running for a long time with good reason.

They provide low-cost effective to the customers.

Maintaining high quality.

The good spectrum of spray paint lines.

Their brands are pretty durable.

Touch 2x Ultra Cover line provides the high gloss black and white gives nice finishing.

2. Krylon Spray PaintKrylon Spray Paint

In this brand, Rustoleum spray paints have high gloss black and high gloss white spray paint cans are available at low cost.

Just $5 per can.

Semi-gloss black and semi-gloss white are having great demand for this brand.

It is simple to find out this paint on the amazon website it is now out of stock.

It has a lot of varieties and colors with high quality.

3. Montana Spray PaintMontana Spray Paint

It is tricky to spray paint.

Mostly spray paints are used in artists’ works.

It has that much vibrancy.

It has an upgraded style.

It is for graffiti style.

It contains 80$ to 100$ with pretty colors and varieties.

4. KOBE Spray PaintsKOBE Spray Paints

Al spray Traffic Yellow Spray Paint, 400 ML
It costs ₹ 160/ Bottle.

5. Bosny Spray Paints

Acrylic Paint Bosny Color Spray, For Metal, Packaging Type

It costs ₹ 230/ can.

6. F1 Spray PaintsF1 Spray Paints

Aerosol 300ml F1 Chrome Spray Paint, Packaging Type
It costs ₹ 180/ Bottle.

7. Nippon Spray Paints

Star Shield Nippon Spray Paint, Packaging Size: 1 Ltr.
It costs ₹ 1,190/ Litre.

8. Com-Paint Spray PaintsCom Paint Spray Paints

Star Shield Functional Com-Paint Spray Paints, For Metal, Packaging Type: Bottle
It costs ₹ 890/ Bottle.

9. Nova Spray Paints

Nova Paints, For Metal, Packaging Type: Tin
It costs ₹ 750/ Litre.

This is how much spray paint costs for brands.

How To Apply Any Type Of Spray Paint On Different Surfaces

For suppose now I am going to paint the glass surface with spray paint. They are:

How To Apply Any Type Of Spray Paint On Different Surfaces

Prepare the surface

Prepare your work area where you want to paint on glass cover the area with newspaper or a cloth to prevent the spray paint marks on the floor and along with that the paint is aerosol so make sure it is well ventilated to circulate the air from the room to outside. Then you can escape from the toxic fumes of the spray paint. Gather the materials and the glass is reflective, so do not place the glass face towards the sunlight. It is better to do it inside than outside, handle it with care because it is delicate material you are dealing with. If you want to paint small or large material the same process will be applied.

Clean the surface.

Clean the surface of the glass with cleaners and sanitizers to wipe away the stains from the glass surface. You can apply two coats of primer onto the surface it makes the glass surface sheen and smoothes it helps to adhere the spray paint to the glass surface.

Sand the surface.

It is not necessary but it may require in case the item of glass you are dealing with. Then you need to wet or sand the glass surface to stick the spray paint well on the surface. It gives a smooth surface and along with that, it flushes out the water from the glass surface with the help of sandpaper mostly it is not necessary to do that if it in case you are handling the item which needs more to do that you can do this step. You can apply two coats of primer onto the surface it makes the glass surface sheen and smooth it helps to adhere the spray paint to the glass surface.

Prime the surface.

Then after sanding the surface you need to apply the two coats of primer onto the surface immediately. Very thin coats are suggestible for this process. So you need to prime the surface after sanding. Allow them to dry for each coat of primer onto the surface.

Apply on the surface.

Apply the paint to the glass surface with thin layers. Leave the glass to dry, you can use a paint shield on the large glass materials like doors or stairs to prevent the stains from them, then you can paint another coat onto the surface

Seal the surface.

It is also optional, after painting you can also seal the glass to extend the spray paint life on the glass. The glass substance makes the surface beautiful after having a sealer onto the surface. So the paint generally prolongs for 18 months on glass. It is the long period generally spray paint durability on glass. This is how to spray paint glass.

Precautions How Much Does Spray Paint Cost

You should follow some basic things if you want to know how much does spray paint costs. You should refer to the popular websites which are popular for that product. You need to know whether the spray paint is available or not. What is the exact rate? Check the other place to find out the rate is suitable for that product. Then you need to confirm all details you require in that product, has or not. So don’t forget you must check the cost available at different places same or not.

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I hope you may like the content in this article how much does spray paint cost? There are a lot of commercial sites to let you know the details of the product you want to purchase. Costs vary from one product to another product. And from one color to another color because of its availability and its high quality of it. There are the most expensive ones for building constructions like projects and all products are not available at one place. The products may vary from one place to another place. For that reason the commercial sites produce each and every product clearly.