How do you grow salad rape?

How do you grow salad rape?

Cultivation Advice Organic Sprouting Seeds Salad Rape For sprouting seeds rinse and empty the seeds into your sprouter if you have one or any tray / container. Set anywhere in low light and at room temperature (70xb0 is optimal). Rinse and drain every 12 hours for 2-5 days depending on required sprout size.

What is supermarket cress grown in?

When produced commercially, salad cress must look, as well as taste good. All seedlings must be the same length, have an open leaf and be dark green in colour. Cress can be grown in any container from an eggshell to a plastic pot. A yoghurt pot is ideal.

What happened to mustard and cress?

Disaster struck in the 20th century when a cress-growing entrepreneur replaced the customary 75 per cent garden cress, 25 per cent mustard, with 85 per cent rape seed, 15 per cent garden cress. Salad cress was created, and blandness became the order of the day.

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