30 Stunning House Painting Designs and Colors For Your Home

This post presents 30 house painting designs and colors you should try today and see how happy you will make yourself feel right there in your home.

An attempt has been made to touch on different areas making up a house; you should expect to see ideas of painting designs and color for that brightens your mood at any time anywhere in your home.

Let’s start from the painting designs suggested for the very first area you or any visitor approaching your home will see.

House Painting Designs and Colors

Below are the 30 house painting designs and colors you should check out today:

Home Exterior Painting Designs

The painting designs of your home exterior should be relevant to you. On your way back home from a hectic day, you would want to heave a sigh of relief as the frontage greets you.

Even on a fun-filled day during the summer, you won’t want to spoil the whole fun as you approach the door of a poorly painted house. The following are ideas of color and painting designs for your home exterior.

1. Gray Plus White Plus Dove

Gray Plus White Plus Dove

If you want to have a classic look at the front view of your home, you can try to design the combination of gray, white and dove as the on the exterior walls of your house. You will undoubtedly love the adorable appearance that you will see every day as you step into your house.

A thoughtful combination of these colors is all that is needed. And like the house here, their particular use on your window boxes, cutouts on the shutters, and the brick path will give your home the classic Cape Cod vibe.

2. Yellow Plus White Plus Black

Yellow Plus White Plus Black

If you make yellow the dominant color and add white and black rightly according to your instinct, you’ll have a beautiful view, especially when your lawn is regularly mowed and flowers well taken care of.

Just like the one here, you can use the white paint to emphasize the architectural features of your house and trim the porch windows with black. You could design anything graceful with these three colors.

3. White Plus Gray Plus Dark Blue

White Plus Gray Plus Dark Blue

It’s going to be an exquisite design if a white color is combined with gray and dark blue as a home exterior design. This works better if the design of that frontage is not just about paint.

Be it stonework, woodwork or any other craftsmanship; those colors can make a gorgeous home. The house here exemplifies this. Check out the thoughtfulness of the color design here.

The stonework frontage is complemented by white as the second dominant color which highlights the brownness of the set of stones dotted with just sufficient grayness. The gray paint naturally blends. The blue on the window and deep-blue on the shutter finalizes the uniqueness.

4. Ivory Plus White Plus Aqua

Ivory Plus White Plus Aqua

As you can see in the sample here, if you try ivory as the primary color and line it strategically with white and then put blue in places like your shutter, you’re making a statement about heritage, formality, elegance right from the entryway.

5. Teal Plus White Plus Red

Teal Plus White Plus Red

If you try something around deep-sea and white and give a little chance for red to show, you’ll be adding a new twist. Imagine how your frontage will be if your staircase design is given red with teal all over lined by white.

6. Black Plus White Plus Ruby Red

Black Plus White Plus Ruby Red

Red can also reflect the beauty of architecture if, for example, it’s used to design the door. The exterior painted white and black will show how bold and beautiful the arched red door can be.

7. Black Plus White Plus Mediterranean Blue

Black Plus White Plus Mediterranean Blue

The blue color on a door also can be an inspiration to a homeowner if everything surrounding the blue is white with windows in black.

8. White Plus Clay Plus Mossy Green

White Plus Clay Plus Mossy Green

Living in a house with an exterior painted in mossy green can produce a semblance of a forest. The homeowner can be inspired to plant a luxuriant green flower and keep green the lawn to harmonize the entire frontage.

As exemplified here, the clay on the door matches the roof tile. And white on the porch and the roof vent does its usual work.

Living Room Painting Designs

The first part of your home, where you have the first feel of security and comfort, is the living room. Once you settle in there, you’re reasonably free from, at least, the elements. So your living room needs to be painted to reflect your personality and family values.

As you’re basking in the pleasantness of your thoughtfully-designed and elegantly-painted exterior, your living room paintings shouldn’t contradict the message on the exterior. That’s why it can be challenging for many people to find the best living room paint colors.

Well, here are a few ideas for painting designs and colors that you need to try out in your living room.

9. Rouge Plus Cream

Rouge Plus Cream

Combining lighter shades of white and beige with cream can be a good design idea for the living room color.

Because they give the feeling that the whole place is roomier and brighter than they are, a lot of people are trying different innovations with these colors. You could add some red furnishings to make your living room, chiefly painted in green, stand out.

10. Burnt Orange Plus Gold

Burnt Orange Plus Gold

If you want to keep up the warm ambiance of your home and retain the feeling that the similar exterior evokes, you won’t want to quickly jettison the rustic shades as a potential color design for your living room. You can try to combine burnt orange with gold.

This will not only give a sense of greatness but also radiate warmth and comfort. Just be modest with it if you need to come and relax in a cozy and inviting space.

11.  Black Plus White Plus Powder Blue

Black Plus White Plus Powder Blue

The colors black and blue have continued to feature for ages in the house paint and color design. And the combination has come to stay. However, adding to the white a vibrant powder blue can be another dimension to the house painting design.

Let’s say your walls are painted in a crisp powder blue which is coordinated by white and black, for example. Your accessories and furnishings like carpers, pillows and other decorative objects will blend harmoniously. All of this will give you a comfortable living room.

12.  Faded Pink

Faded Pink


The views of home designers about pink are changing in recent times. They’re now trying different ideas with it, and it’s becoming more attractive. You could start with a faded, muted pink.

The slightly feminine symbol can be a significant update to your living room. It’s a versatile color that can pair excellently with any color.

If you pair faded pink with cream, white, and graphic black, you’re adding another sophistication and elegance to your living room and all the fittings there, including couches and pillows.

13.  Mint Green Plus Pink

Mint Green Plus Pink

Still on pink; let it blend with mint green and see how cool, calm, and welcoming your living room can be.

If you begin by having a pastel palette on your wall and add silent pink accessories, you’ll be having it both warm and cool in your living room at the same time.

14.  Citrus Plus Burnt Orange

Citrus Plus Burnt Orange

Burnt orange and citrus are the same similar hues that can be mixed and matched to produce a great look. This, however, can be a bit tricky.

This is because shades of orange are not quite popular as interior designs. Still, if you skillfully handle burnt orange and citrus color, you can have a modest combination that will give your living room a new life.

Bedroom Painting Designs and Colors

The general look and mood of a bedroom are essential. So its painting designs and color should not be left to chance.

No matter how beautiful the other parts of the building are, this is the first place you see daily. If the colors are not suitable for your mood, don’t be surprised if your first hours at work are always moody.

Your bedroom is the last place as you’re winding down or ending your day. You need a nicely painted bedroom to have a night of sweet sleep.

Here are inspiring examples of painting designs and colors you need to try in your bedroom, to be enjoying sweet nights and good mornings.

15. Bright White

Bright White

How does it feel to wake up each day in a bedroom painted in a showstopper, plain, and simple color? Never mind those who claim that white is the absence of all colors; it’s bland and tasteless.

In spite of this and other negative opinions regarding having your room painted in white. You’re making a statement of peace each morning, and each night you spend in your white bedroom.

Coming back to the design; with walls of your bedroom in white, every other thing in your room becomes conspicuous. Your sofa, fan, beddings, and other fittings will shine forth under the white wall design.

16. Light Lilac

Light Lilac

If you want to sleep under something light but you don’t fancy white, light lilac provides you with an alternative. You can have it cool and understated while still decorating your bedroom with an admirable color.

Yes, it bursts with purple being the base of lilac; it will give you serene and calm energy every morning you find yourself and, probably, your spouse in your bed surrounded by light lilac. On a sunny day in your room when you don’t have to rush out, you’ll appreciate the beauty of lilac.

The color perfectly absorbs the early morning sun as the ray is penetrating through your blinds. It also has a way of contrasting textures, shapes, and finishes in your bedroom. A choice of white base paint with lilac hint will give you a similar vibe.

17. Terracotta


A clay or brown bedroom exudes warmth when you have a large piece of art to help break up the darkness dominating the terracotta color. Your white bedspread and pillowcases will make this brown a pronounced wall paint color.

If you want to experiment with color, try out the terracotta in your bedroom. But make sure your room’s other decorations are of brighter colors. And don’t try a bright neon and playful pastel. You won’t love to spend nights elsewhere!

18. Coral Peach Bedroom

coral Peach

If you can paint the peach on blush walls to contrast it with the high-impact black, you’ll have an enormous wall painting. This also contrasts well with white wall art.

Not only that, but peach also pairs with bright red if you won’t mind that strange contrast. But it pairs excellently with steel blue-gray tones. You can try any other color with it.

19. Mint Green

Mint Green color bedroom

The color of the painting of the bedroom in this picture gives a rare but admirably great pairing. Try it out — even in the other way round—and you’ll see how sweet your sleep will be.

Blending here is everything on the ceiling and the wall. This is a traditional landscape painting for a modest room that is not clustered.

20. Baby Blue

Baby Blue

If you long for a feeling of freshness as you walk into your bedroom, try that soothing soft baby blue design there. You’ll get not only that.

Baby blue introduces fragrance, elegance, and dreamy quality to every space it enters. It is also versatile and cool everywhere.

Any linen bedding or makeshift side table accent chair features nicely on this blue. Well, one thing with this color is that it sedates you. So it’s well-suited for the bedroom.

21. Pale Beige

Pale Beige

Some who don’t love anything bright will tell you that beige is dull and uninteresting. It’s such a dependable, warm, versatile, but subtle color.

You’ll get one of the best paint color designs for your bedroom if you focus on pale beige. Any bedroom light will give that needed contrast and warmth to your bedroom.

22. Marigold


As you can see in this picture, the marigold can be so beautiful if the room is filled with navy blue and olive green furnishing.

You don’t feel bad when the sun shines with its strength because it makes your golden room brighter. Any bright dark accessories in the room are a compliment.

Kitchen Design Ideas and Colors

Though the kitchen is one of the least visited areas of your home, visitors still once in a while have access to the place.

Besides, if people can spend so much on the kitchenware, it goes to show that it’s a place to be given some attention. Whether it’s personal or general, it’s good to add colors to your kitchen.

It takes the task out of your cooking and adds some fun to it. The food cooked in a nicely designed kitchen becomes psychologically tastier.

At least, to introduce some taste and fun to your cooking, here some examples of painting designs and colors you may want to try out on its walls.

23. Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf

Try gold leaf in your kitchen to make it quite metallic. This could be on the kitchen wall as well as the kitchen cabinet. Any other material you add to your kitchen will find its place under this gold leaf planting, as you can see here.

24. Cream Color for Kitchen


If it’s challenging to maintain the white painting in your kitchen, the cream can be less maintenance intensive and more beautiful for your kitchenware.

You’ll still have the feeling of light and brightness. You can add some warmer undertones to make your kitchen more inviting. You’ll enjoy your cooking.

25. Sage Green

Sage Green kitchen color

The kitchen also brings out the beauty in green. A sage green design can enhance your culinary skills if you make a statement with it.

You don’t have to paint your cabinets. Just try it with the most visible wall and see what more beauty ideas will be popping up in your mind.

26. Matte Black

Matte Black

The black paint on your kitchen wall can give you a very sexy design. This can be especially so when you have the bottom of the overhead cabinets and other fittings in your kitchen covered in gold.

Matte black is a great color idea that you can try in your kitchen.

27. Coral Pink Kitchen Color

Coral Pink

Coral pink is not a typical paint design, especially for kitchens. So you don’t get to see it often. But if you appreciate hanging frames and other decorations on your kitchen walls, their beauties can be better enhanced by the background of coral paint on the wall.

28. Wine Red

Wine Red

Light up your kitchen with a high-gloss deep red wine red. You’ll get depth and glamor in your kitchen with the robust, full color. Other kitchen décors will applaud the cook.

29. Marine Blue

Marine Blue

Marine blue is always formal and brightens up the mood anywhere it’s used. If you paint your kitchen wall in it, it’ll fall somewhere between the dark and bright colors. And your recipe ideas will flow better if you cook in such an environment.

30. Blush Pink

Blush Pink

The kitchen here is an illustration of how things can look in a kitchen where the blush pink opens and brightens up the walls of the kitchen.

Which Colour paint is best for House?

10 Best Wall Color Combinations to Try in 2020 for Your Home

  • Pastel colours. Pink, mauve and baby blue, lacking strong shade are called as pastel colours.
  • Purple and Gunmetal Grey.
  • Soft Pink and Turquoise.
  • Aquarium Blue and Grape.
  • Blue and Yellow.
  • Orange with White.
  • Navy blue and White.
  • Grey on Grey.

What are the most popular exterior house colors for 2021?

9 Trending Exterior House Colors in 2021

  • Linen. Conjuring a classic look with a strong neutral tone, such as beige, can transform your home’s exterior into something sharp and exciting.
  • Gray Heron.
  • Caramelized Pears.
  • Flagstone.
  • Autumn Red.
  • Snow.
  • Red Rock Falls.
  • Earth Tones Combo.

Which Colour is best for exterior of house?

  • White. White is the symbol of peace and serenity.
  • Grays. Grays are one of the most popular home colors outside.
  • Warm Blue Gray.
  • Classy Turquoise.
  • Natural Sage Green.
  • Cool Mint Green.
  • Butter Yellow.
  • Whimsical Pale Blue.

Which Colour combination is best?

So, we suggest you some of the best two colour combination ideas for your bedroom walls and the exact paint colours to recreate it.

  • Indigo and White.
  • Brown and Cream.
  • Lavender and Off-white.
  • Light Blue and Radiant Yellow.
  • Shades of Grey.
  • Light brown and Muted Green.
  • Lime Green and Wisely Pink.
  • Peach and White.

Which paint is good for walls?

Emulsion paint

Emulsion paints are water-based, making them almost odour-less and the most preferred choice for interior wall paint colours. The paint is quick drying and has a very low level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

What colors make the outside of your house look bigger?

Choose light colors

Making the exterior of your home a light color is the best way to make your home look larger, brighter, and more inviting. Light colors such as white, ivory, pale gray, and sage green reflect higher amounts of light than dark colors, tricking the eye into perceiving the home as larger than it is.

What is the new trend in exterior house colors?

These days, black exteriors are trending and Tricorn Black is a modern choice for a house body or siding color. Indeed, painting your house black can be an option for more contemporary home styles.

What is the most popular color for 2021?

Here are 10 color combinations that we’ll see everywhere in 2021.

  • Sage and turmeric. These two don’t only pair well together in cooking.
  • Brown and red. Via Dulux.
  • Pastel green and light blue. Via Nordroom.
  • Teal and red. Via HGTV.
  • Olive and terracotta. Via Pinterest.
  • Mustard and wine.
  • Petrol blue and blush pink.
  • Rust and pink.

What is a popular house color?

What is the most popular color for a house exterior? Blue-Gray is the most popular color for a house exterior. This trend became popular in the last decade. Today, designers merge their tones to create a welcoming color.

How do I choose exterior paint?

Ideally, an exterior scheme should have three major parts: A field color that dominates; an accent color that brings shutters, doors, and other smaller parts to life; and the trim color. Once you have chosen an appealing combination of field and trim, make it stand out with an eye-catching accent color.


It’s obvious that every part of your home deserves to be given attention as far as painting is concerned. Everywhere need to be beautiful. The house painting designs and colors shown here are to help you think more deeply. Try them out, and you’ll be happy you did.

Since we often view house painting and designs as being very expensive, it can feel like a difficult task to change the appearance of your home. But house designs and painting doesn’t have to drain your pockets; there are several ways you can modify the look and appearance of your home without spending a lot of money.

We hope you enjoyed this article covering our favorite house painting and design ideas and managed to come up with some ideas of your own!

Happy decorating!