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Hand Painted Mugs: 6 Stunning Ideas

Hello Creative People! Here we are to discuss Hand Painted mugs. Before going on to the main topic let’s first discuss the basic topic such as How to paint mugs? What are the materials required to paint Hand Painted mugs? We will give information to you in the form of video and images in an interesting way. Keep on reading for more details in this article. Before completion of this article, we will include the main details you require in an easy manner.

Hand Painted Mugs

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Hand Painted Mugs

Hand Painted MugsIf you’re the one who loves to paint but doesn’t have an idea of what to paint. Here is the best suggestion from us is, to start painting mugs on your own. When you’re making hand-painted mugs you may think Am I a child to paint mugs? since painting hand-painted mugs seem like something that a child would do. But it’s absolutely wrong thought you got because when you’re painting your own mug you can feel fun, relaxing and you can be creative. In this article, we have researched and gathered several examples that will show you how you can do that and that will hopefully serve as inspiration for your own original project.

Supplies You Will Need To Make Hand Painted Mugs

1. Acrylic Pens To Make Hand Painted Mugs

Acrylic PensThese acrylic pens are a very important material you needed when you’re making hand-painted mugs. Because these pens give you the detailed designs you want, one of the great advantages of these acrylic pens is they are very easy to use. As these acrylic pens are highly pigmented you can draw your designs right onto your mug. These acrylic pens are found in local stores or paint stores and contain 12 vibrant colors in the set. You can also use these acrylic pens on other projects also as these will work on just about anything, like glass, wood, plastic, etc.

2. Plain Mugs To Make Hand Painted Mugs

Plain MugsThe main material you need when you’re making a hand-painted mug is a plain mug. As these plain mugs work great for your project, you can really use a plain white mug you might have already.

3. Ceramic Paint In A Pot To Make Hand Painted Mugs

Ceramic Paint In A PotIf you prefer the paint and brush method these paints will work well on your mug painting project. With 12 lively and bright colors, these paints are ideal for ceramic and will even show up on darker surfaces. These paints will be permanent after 72hrs of drying time.

4. Fine-Tipped Paint Brushes To Make Hand Painted Mugs

Fine-Tipped Paint BrushesThese fine brushes are perfect for mug painting as these allow you to easily create even the most intricate patterns and designs. With almost 15 thousand positive reviews, you don’t need to just take our word for it, have a browse through the reviews and see for yourself! In the pack, you’ll receive 6 brushes of varying sizes.

Hand Painted Mugs: Ideas

Chalkboard Hand Painted Mugs

Chalkboard mugsYou can paint your mug with different designs you’re having. Here’s one great idea to customize a mug. For doing this you’ll need a tape and chalkboard paint. Know with the help of tape you’re having to create a straight line separating the painted area from the rest of the mug. After completion of tapping your mug apply chalkboard paint to the bottom area of the mug, and leave it until it dries. After it dries then write a message you want.

DIY Cat Hand Painted Mugs

DIY Cat Hand Painted MugsIf you’re looking for cute mugs then paint up your mugs with cat designs with simple faces and gold handles. When you paint your mugs with these cute designs your mug looks classy and attractive. Your mug also seems cute for looking. All you need is a fine paintbrush and a steady hand! You can paint it easily.

Messages For Hand Painted Mugs

Messages For Hand Painted MugsFor those who want to write messages on mugs, you can write all sorts of messages. You can get a question How to write a message on the mug? Don’t worry we are here to explain. First of all, you need to write a message on the mug by using a sharpie. After that, you bake it in the oven and leave it dry for some time. By doing this process the design you have created will become permanent.

Glitter Dipped Hand Painted Mugs

Glitter Dipped Hand Painted MugsIf your looking for a shiny look then paint your mugs simply by adding glitter. You can ask How to make glitter-dipped mugs? Simple just have glitter in one bowl and then apply a tape for the mug rest of your design. Know to dip your mug in that bowel the glitter will apply to your mug. These mugs add glamour to your kitchen as it looks spark. You can make it very quick by having only a few materials. The main important thing to note in your mind is don’t keep this in the microwave, it’s not safe as the mug contains glitter. It does need a long drying time though (around 28 days to fully cure).

Monsters Hand Painted Mugs

Monsters Hand Painted MugsPaint your little monsters this quirky monster mug with only a black porcelain marker pen. With this tutorial, you’ll find freebie templates and you’ll be shown how to easily transfer them onto a mug of your choice. Why not make a set of 4?

Striped Hand Painted Mugs

Striped Hand Painted MugsIf you like stripes then you should use them. Here’s how you can make striped mugs: you’ll need white coffee mugs, porcelain paint in the colors of your choice, a thin paintbrush, and a cup of water. Pour a little paint into a disposable plate and dilute it with water. Then paint the stripes on the mug using the paintbrush. Let it dry for 24 hours. Then bake the mugs for 35 minutes to make the paint dishwasher safe.

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