Glow In The Dark Paint: 2 Best Ideas

Glow in the dark paint, In this article we are going to discuss about this topic. What do you know about the dark paint? What is dark paint? Where can we use the dark paint? Where it can be used? What does glow in the dark means? Regarding this topic find out some interesting things that makes to know lot of information about this topic. Are you ready to know the information.

Let’s look into it thoroughly. Now a days the interest on house interior designing have been increasing. The ideas regarding the dark paint in house makes more creative. I think the demand for dark painting in home as interior design makes the people very attractive.

Glow In The Dark Paint

Let’s get an idea on dark paint in the form of image. After that we will know about the glow in the dark paint in broad manner.

Glow in the dark paint

What Is Dark Paint


Glow in the dark paint means that, the paint which makes the room dark by its color. Mostly the people are fascinate to having the dark room. Because the fancy of having dark room makes more comfortable to them.

During night time having a dark room may feel them can get good sleep. 

What Is Glow In The Dark Paint

When you going to take deep sleep which is painted with the glow dark paint in your room. How do you feel it? It feels good having glow dark painted room.

Glow in the dark paint means a room is painted with the glow paint.

what is glow in the dark paint

It is also called phosphorescence. It can be used in all kinds of fun crafts and projects. Most of the people spends a lot of money outside for it.

How could we make a room glow in the dark paint? It is possible? Yes, of course it is possible. Here you can make your room at home. By following these methods with some requirements.

Two Methods For Glow In The Dark Paint

  • By using the phosphorescent powder.
  • By highlighting and water

Method One: By Using Phosphorescence Powder

Glow in the dark paint includes five steps. They are:

  1. Select a glow in the dark powder.
  2. Select a paint medium.
  3. Pour your phosphorescence powder in your bowl.
  4. Pour your paint in the bowl.
  5. Apply your paint.

BY using phosphorescence powder

Select a glow in the dark powder: It is available in all craft stores and art supplier stores. Powders available in particle sizes and different colors. The larger particles are more bright.

select a glow in the dark powder

It gives a rough look after painting. The smaller particles gives smooth after painting the wall. But it won’t give much brightness as much as larger particles.

Select a paint medium: You have to focus here the crucial step. In this step add paint that you want to sum up into the phosphorescence powder. If you want the paint to glow in dark the paint is important.

Add gel like acrylic gel. If you want that paint is visible in color, select the tempera paint or an acrylic on color you like.

selecting a paint medium

Make sure that your paint medium mingled with the phosphorescent powder. If you want to use a water based medium, then you will require the coated glow  powder also called coated phosphorescence pigment.

In case of oil based medium you will require the standard or uncorrelated glow powder.

Pour your phosphorescence powder in your bowl: If you want to pour 1 part powder to 5 parts paint( 20% by volume of glow powder to paint medium).

phosphorescence powder in abowl

Pour your paint in the bowl: Slowly pour your medium of paint over the powder in a bowl. carefully mix well. Until the medium consistency gets thin. Mix well and make sure the medium don’t gets any lumps.

pour paint in bowl

Many glow in the dark paints should be in immediate usage.

Apply Your Paint: It depends on the combination you made should be used within one hour. Because your fresh preparation may won’t have that much of shelf life.

apply your paint

So prepare your combination whatever the amount is required for the dark room in one time. If you want to store it then placed it in a sealed containers. If you want to use again then shake it well before use.

Method Two In Glow In The Dark Paint: By Highlighting And Water

It includes seven steps. They are:

1. Open a highlighter and remove the felt.

2. Run water through the felt.

3. Place cornstarch in a bowl.

4. And highlighter water.

5. Add food coloring.

6. Use your paint and let dry.

7. Watch it glow.

Open a highlighter and remove the felt: Make sure that glows black lights under using as highlighter. Test with this highlighter on some piece of paper. Then switch off the lights and hold the black light over it.

You should see the test results.

Run water through the felt: Place your jar in sink. Slowly add the water through the felt strip so that the yellow highlighter liquid  pass over the cup. Switch off the water and stops when the felt is white.

You may need to do this for multiple highlighters in order to make enough highlighter water.

Place cornstarch in a bowl: Use 1/2 of bowl of white cornstarch. It is the basic step for homemade glow in the dark paint. It should be in thin consistency. The ratio should be in equal amounts of cornstarch and highlighting water.

Add highlighter water: Take care while mixing 1/2 cup of highlighter water and cornstarch.

Add food coloring: If you want to convert the color of your paint, sum up the food color and stir it. And mix up the food coloring until whatever the color you want to achieve in the mixture.

Suppose, pour some paint in different small containers. Then the different colors using different food colors.

Use your paint and let dry: This paint is pretty speedy. Then let it dry. Apply several layers of paint. Excessive layers will happen the paint glow. It seems brighter and last longer.

Watch it glow: Switch off the lights make sure to close any black holes or shades.

watch glow

Switch on your U.V-A black light in order to see your paint glow.

Frequently Asked Questions On Glow In The Dark Paint

1. Glow in the dark paint price?

High Gloss Night Glow Spray Paint, Paste. ₹ 5,800 / Litre ; Retro reflective and Radium paint. ₹ 4,500 / Kilogram ; Cosmetic Glow Paints. ₹ 6,000 / Litre.

2. Night glow radium paint?

Night Glow In The Dark Radium Paint 207 ml – Rust-Ole-um Online @ ₹880 from Shop Clues.

3. What is the cost of 1 Litre Asian paint?

Get 1 Litre Ace Emulsion Asian Paints at the cost / price of Rs. 161.

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I hope you equipped with great knowledge regarding this topic glow in the dark paint. Enjoy the topic. The questions and thoughts regarding to this topic vested with the good information in this article. It will be fun by having glow in the dark paint in your own room which is made by yourself.