Fix Uneven Spray Paint: 7 Elite Steps To Be Followed

Here we’re to discuss fix uneven spray paint. Along with including the main topic we’re also going to discuss basic topics like What spray paint means? What are the ways to fix uneven paint? What are the instructions or steps to be followed to fix uneven spray paint? We will give information to you in the form of video and images in an interesting way. Keep on reading for more details in this article. Before completing this article, we will include the main information you require in an easy manner.

Fix Uneven Spray Paint

Have an overall idea on the topic of how to dispose of spray paint in the form of a video

Fix Uneven Spray Paint In a Huge Way

Before going to the main topic let’s first know about spray paint.

What Is Spray Paint?

As we said earlier we are introducing the terms in the topic first among the topic have an idea of the what is spray paint. You will get more information on the given link in the term what is spray paint.

Why Is Spray Paint Uneven?

Uneven spray paint can be caused by a number of reasons. One of the main reasons could be because of not having properly cleaned area or there might have been residue left behind from other cleaning products used. There might also be oils on the surface that you are trying to paint over, causing it to take unevenly. This will make the paint peel much faster. If the surface is not properly sanded then areas that are sanded less will have much better adhesion allowing them to take more layers of paint, while the other areas that are not sanded evenly will collapse after just one layer of paint because they won’t have a good base to build on.

uneven spray paint

Another reason for uneven spray paint is the qualities of the can itself. Spray paint cans sometimes just don’t function as well as they should. Maybe it has been shaken too much, or you’re using a different type than what’s recommended on the can. However, the most common reason for uneven spray paint is user error. Even if your surface has already been cleaned and sanded correctly, you could still mess up the application of the paint with some simple mistakes like shaking or tilting the can while spraying, not letting it dry between coats, or trying to spray too close causing an uneven finish.

Let’s Know How To Fix Uneven Spray Paint

Are you in rush to know how to fix uneven spray paint? But you are confused why does spray paint looks uneven? We had explained to you already in detail way why spray paint is uneven above. I do hope you got an idea by reading that. As we said there are many reasons behind the uneven surfaces. Mostly uneven surface happens when the surface is not cleaned properly if the surface is not properly sanded when you fail to apply the necessary coats required.

Learn how to fix uneven spray paint

Are you thinking about how to get over all these problems? Don’t worry if you work through a clever process getting out of these problems is so easier. In this article, you’ll find the complete teaching on it. Furthermore, you’ll also get some other exciting information which will be helpful for you. The method we are going to discuss is so easy and simple. You do not need experience. The main important step you need to keep in your mind when you’re fixing uneven spray paint is “Patience”. When you do the process in a hurried way, you’ll face many problems.

Information You Must Need To Know About An Uneven Spray Paint Job

Orange Peel: Orange peel means nothing but improper paint surface, which has a rough texture. These happen just because of not having proper spray guns. This also happens when you use wring angle or use thick coatings. These small minor errors lead to uneven spray paints.

Paint Drips: Paint drips are another severe problem you just need to know. This problem is faced in your places mostly. But have you ever got a doubt or raised the question about why this happens? Simple! It just happens when you use too much thinner or when you use it in the wrong way.

Fish Eyes: Fish eyes are nothing but the unattractive occurrence which happens on your painted surfaces. When you’re painting make sure to be conscious of not allowing water or oil to get into the air stream. When you are in a hurried way and ignore them, then fish eyes will appear.

Supplies Needed To Fix Uneven Spray Paint:

  • Spray gun or spray can.
  • New paint (If you want a strong solid finish, use Rustoleum, or if you have less demanding projects, you can opt for latex).
  • Respirator.
  • Cardboard.
  • Drop Cloth.

materials NEEDED

  • Sandpaper.
  • Sanding block.
  • Wire brush.
  • Alcohol.
  • Trisodium phosphate (TSP).

How To Fix Uneven Spray Paint In a Simple Way

Step 1 – Surface Preparation To Fix Uneven Spray Paint

The surface preparation will be different depending on different surfaces. We had explained to you in deep which preparations you need for which surface? Take a look at some points we had explained below which might help you to prepare the proper surface.

Metal Surface

metal surface

The start step you need to do for the metal surface is removing dust and other pollutant particles which present on the surface using a moist cloth. If the surface is rust make sure to clear it using a wire brush. If you find any loose paint left on the surface make it clear with the help of fine-grit sandpaper.

Plastic Surface

plastic surface

For any surface, the starting step you need to do is clean your surface using a soft cloth or moist cloth. To remove the base coat that is present on the plastic surface you need to wet sand the surface lightly. To avoid oil on the surface, make sure to remove it with the help of alcohol.

Wood Surface

wood surface

You need trisodium phosphate (TSP) to remove any precious paint on the wood surface. To remove the base coat, use sanding. To create a smooth surface, use fine-grit sandpaper.

Step 2 – Adjust the Pressure of your gun To Fix Uneven Spray Paint

Have an overall idea of how to set up and use a spray gun in the form of a video

To adjust the pressure control of your spray gun, if you’re looking for perfect efficiency then adjust low pressure. When you set low pressure it gives you perfect efficiency hence we recommend you to set low pressure. You can have doubt what is the use of setting perfect pressure? In short, it helps you in obtaining fine and satisfactory results on your surface. If your surface contains heavy edges or gaps, increase a little bit of pressure.

Step 3 – Maintain A Proper Painting Distance To Fix Uneven Spray Paint

Depending upon the gun you’re using the distance varies. At the same time, the setting of guns also changes because different guns have different settings. So it totally depends upon you which gun you’re using and how much distance you must keep.

Here we explained to you the different types of guns and the distance you should maintain:


  • HVLP Gun: There must be at least 6-8 inches from your painted surface.
  • Conventional Gun: Try to keep 8-10 inches from your painted surface.
  • Air-assisted Sprayers: You must be 10-12 inches from your painted surface.
  • Airless Sprayers: There must be at least 12-14 inches from your painted surface.

Step 4 – Position Setting To Fix Uneven Spray Paint


This is the most important step, you should keep your position well to the height of your painted surface. You may have a question Is there any use in doing this? In short “Yes”! Doing this increases your process of painting, at the same time you can complete your job as early as possible. If you’re looking for the best output then make sure to move your whole arm, don’t move only your wrist.

NOTE: Make sure to keep the position of your spray gun perpendicular to your painted surface.

Step 5 – Start Painting To Fix Uneven Spray Paint

If you want to obtain even coverage on the surface, simply take your arm in a straight line. When compared to thick coats, thin coats are better. If you’re looking for better coverage just apply one coat and let it dry. After it seems dry, then move towards the next coat. You may have questions or doubt about how much time does it takes to dry? In short, 30-40 minutes. This is not for all paints it varies according to the paint you choose.

to fix uneven spray paint start painting

Don’t forget to have the correct color of your paint. By spray painting start your first coat. If you want smooth and even coverage then move towards the second coat. Finally, at last use a top and clear coat. While fixing an uneven spray-painted wooden surface, it’s good to use polyurethane because it’ll give you a clear coat and a solid finish. You can choose semi-gloss, gloss, or matte finish based on your preference.

Step 6: Final looks

final look

After completion of your painting make sure last check the project. When you’re checking, if you feel any spots pick up the fine-grit sandpaper. You can also choose a dry cloth and start rubbing the paint very gently. After doing this, repaint the final coating.

Step 7: Cleaning of Your Equipment

The last and final step is to clean your equipment. Don’t leave your equipment in the worst condition. Pick up all the types of equipment you used for your project and start cleaning one by one. For cleaning spray guns, you mostly need water or solvent.

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In Closing

After performing all the above steps, we congratulate you because now you’ve wonderfully fixed uneven spray paints. Now you’ve got an idea of how to fix uneven spray paints. Pick up your supplies and start fixing uneven spray paints at home with the higher expectation of great results. We hope that you’ve found this guide useful.

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