fiberglass step ladder review

Fiberglass Step Ladder Review

While carrying out a painting job, imagine you could work safely at heights without worrying about ladder hazards or any control measures, how would you feel?

Now that’s your reality!

If you’re a painter and you’ve been searching for a ladder that will enhance your performance, and also eliminate the chances of falling and sustaining a severe injury, look no further than our fiberglass step ladder review.

These ladders are not only durable but also easy to lift and transport to your workspace.

And, after comparing and testing dozens of models, we believe our picks should set you up for any residential and industrial use.

Apart from painting, you can also use the fiberglass step ladder for other DIY tasks that have to do with height.

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Best Fiberglass Step Ladders

What is Fiberglass Step Ladder?

fiberglass step ladder review

The ladder is called “fiberglass ladder” because it was made of fiberglass.

Fiberglass is a glass-reinforced plastic built with a polymer made of a plastic matrix that’s strengthened by the fiber of glass.

Benefits of Fiberglass Step Ladder

If you’re a DIY homeowner without a good ladder, how would you maintain your home properly?

Below, are a couple of reasons why you should use a fiberglass ladder instead of other conventional ladders:

High-Quality Material and Production

Fiberglass ladder was made of fiberglass, which has distinctive benefits over other types of ladders like wood and aluminum.

Fiberglass ladders have a uniform size, design, and strength due to the manmade materials used in production.

You might have doubts that aluminum ladders are manmade and are strong as well. But, aluminum ladders have different grades and the cheaper ones could bend under heavy abuse.

Stability and Durability

The fear of climbing, falling, and getting hurt when working from a ladder, shall be a thing of the past.

Fiberglass ladder is sturdy, and it offers maximum stability and durability for both standing and walking abuse – which makes it inherently safer to use.

Resistance to Electric Shocks

One of the major reasons to use a fiberglass stepladder is because it’s non-conductive to electricity.

Fiberglass can resist electricity, as well as electric shocks, which gives you an edge over steel and aluminum ladders – especially if you’re painting or working around power lines.

For clarity sake, some fiberglass ladders use aluminum rungs. But, they were appropriately insulated, keeping the aluminum rungs separate from the main body.

It Offers Great Versatility

In any weather, come rain or shine, fiberglass ladders never lose its authenticity. It will never buckle under heavy load or the adverse effects of weather conditions. For this reason, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Resistance to Flames

Not only those it resists electricity, but also flames.

So if you’re a fire-fighter or handling a fire operation that calls for a ladder, fiberglass is a go-to option.

Don’t dare use a wood or an aluminum ladder this kind of situation, because you won’t live to tell what happened!

Finally, not as though the fiberglass ladder does not have its drawbacks. Of course, they do. But putting the overall benefits into perspective, I must say they’re the best for residential and commercial use.

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Fiberglass Step Ladder Review

Don’t be frighten! We considered everyone’s pocket before putting the best fiberglass step ladder review together.

So, even if you’re are looking for an affordable ladder or a premium ladder for painting and other heavy-duty construction, we have you covered.

1. DeWalt DXL3010-04 Fiberglass Step ladder Review

DeWalt DXL3010-04 covers your every need from working residential constructions to heavy-duty construction jobs.

There is a work station at the top of the ladder that keeps your tools within your grasp. It includes a paint bucket holder, drill and tool slots, hardware, magnet tray, curved ergonomic front, and a 2×4 holder to increase productivity.

The DeWalt DXL3010-04 is a 300-pound capacity fiberglass ladder, with a classy design and finish that can withstand abuse from heavy-duty constructors.

The safety and comfort exceed all safety standards set by OSHA and ANSI, which means you’re safe working from this ladder at any height.

The pinch-resistant spreader braces offer maximum stability. Also, the boot style shoe is slip-resistant, which gives added protection to the outside lower ladder rail.

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Built for safety and standing comfort
  • Last-long life
  • Useful pipe holder
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Poor packaging

2. Werner 6205 300-Pound Duty Fiberglass Step ladder

The Werner 6205 is another durable and reliable fiberglass ladder that’s suitable for your DIY/hobby projects.

Werner 6205 stepladder is 5-foot and has a 300-pound capacity. Also, it features a holster top lock-in accessory system, as well as a sturdy paint hanger. This way, your working materials are at your fingertips and safe from falling.

Werner 6205 features non-marring, slip-resistant traction-Tred steps along with heavy-duty internal spreader that ensures your safety while enhancing your performance.

The footpads are riveted to the edge structure that improves strength and boosts protection against damage.

The rails are electrically non-conductive and are safer to use around electricity.

If you are using a ladder on a daily or weekly bases, you can count on Werner 6205 because it provides a durable and safe work surface

  • Good Size & Weight
  • Sturdy and comfortable on the feet
  • Attractive design
  • Robust 300 Ib. load capacity for maximum productivity
  • non-conductive to electricity and fire
  • It’s somewhat expensive
  • Flimsy spreaders

3. Louisville Ladder L-3016-06 Fiberglass Step Ladder

Louisville L-3016 is a 6-feet, 300-pound duty rating step ladder that can handle almost any DIY height task and more.

It’s full reddish fiberglass that’s non-conductive, that you can be proud of for years of durable service.

The ladder comes with a wide vertically U-shaped back braces on one-foot intervals that ensure maximum stiffness.

Whereas, the inside spreader braces of each step are fastened with semi-tubular steel rivets give you the superior strength and stability you want in a stepladder. Furthermore, they prevent them from damage or hook during transit.

Also, the aluminum angle feet, with thick rubber tread provide sure footing and maximum stability. There are non-conductive structural molded-in slots that help keep the tools at hand.

  • It has maximum strength and durability
  • You won’t slip or fall from the steps
  • Several slots for tool placement
  • IA Duty Rating
  • non-conductive to electricity and fire
  • Heavy to carry

4. Werner T7404 Fiberglass Multi-Use Twin Ladder

The Werner T7404 is a multi-use twin stepladder because it’s compactable for a two-man job (one per side).

This ladder is completely dependable, each ladder is slip-resistant traction-tread steps, with double riveted and knee-braced that guarantee safe climbing and descending.

Besides, the molded brace and foot-pad provides maximum strength and protection against damage during work or transit.

Each step has an aluminum external rail shield that preserves it against abrasion damage. The rails are non-conductive to electricity, as well.

Werner T7400 features extra-ordinary energy diffusing geometry bracing system.

In conclusion, the whole construction concept aims at safety and long-term use for your heavy-duty job.

  • Ideal for two-person jobs
  • Can withstand even the most challenging tasks
  • Build to last long
  • Non-conductive to electricity and fire
  • Slip-resistant
  • Not the best bet for one-man use

5. Louisville10 Feet FS1510 Fiberglass Step Ladder

Use Louisville 10-Foot Ladder to beat all height fright and get the job done safe and sound.

You won’t find a sturdy, reliable ladder-like Louisville, despite the height. Not only will it ensure your safety, but also make your work easier.

It has an elegant design, together with a contemporary look. Aside from that, it’s a 300-pound capacity that can take on heavy-duty abuse from the weight of user and tools.

There is a mold copolymer top with recessed hardware tray, drill slots, paint bucket holder, magnet tray, tool slots, and pipe and 2×4 holder, and curved front surface that permit varieties of handyman’s tools.

You can painlessly reach out for your tools, without getting on and off the ladder.

Besides, the construction is protective and offers maximum stiffness that discourages unsafe climbing. The inside spreader braces protect the ladder from getting hooked or abused in transport.

On top of that, all four legs are slip-resistant, which provide sure footing.

The ladder is double rivet step construction, whereby each step is strengthened with six, large-headed, semi-tubular steel rivets for superior durability.

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  • Beautiful design and extended height capacity
  • Easy folding
  • It provides sure footing
  • Superior impact absorption
  • Reach higher areas
  • Complains about poor quality delivery

What To Consider When Buying A Fiberglass Step Ladder

best fiberglass step ladder

There are many fiberglass step ladder on the market, but it takes an expert to spot them. Below are some key features to look out for, to buy the ideal fiberglass step ladder.

Look For Basic Features

A quality fiberglass step ladder should have all of the following characteristics:

  1. Slip-resistant (to prevent fatality)
  2. Molded brace and foot-pad (for strength and protection against damage)
  3. Mold copolymer top (for placement of tools)
  4. Non-conductive construction to an electric
  5. Meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI standards

Weight Limit

The fiberglass ladder is of heavy-duty materials. But just like any tool, they have load ratings/weight limits. So keep in mind these load rating statics below, when buying the ladder:

  • Type IAA: Can withstand up to 375 Ibs. If you want a heavy-duty step ladder indeed, then this type is your best bet.
  • Type IA: Can deal with 300 Ibs. These types of ladders are excellent for broader construction sites and various DIY household tasks.
  • Type I: Can support up about 250 Ibs. These ladders can handle a lot of household chores.
  • Type II: Can handle up to 225 Ibs. Ladders with 225 capacity can handle only basic DIY projects.
  • Type III: Able to support approximately 200 Ibs. It’s only ideal for lightweight use.

Consider the Height

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What type of house do I live in, story building, or a bungalow?
  • What type of project would I work on?

Height matters when opting for a ladder and Fiberglass ladder have a length scale of 4-to-12 feet.

So, if you’re installing some top shelves in your living room or library, or removing a low-hanging fan, choose the step ladder high enough for the job that allows you to reach the object without straining your body.

Meanwhile, if you have a task that calls for a ladder higher than 20 feet, you should check out our list of the best extension ladder, as they can reach up to 60 feet.

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Frequently Asked Question

What are some limitations of Fiberglass ladders?

The major disadvantage is weight. Due to the dense and heavy material use in production, the ladder can be inconvenient to carry around.

Another drawback is the high cost. Fiberglass ladders are expensive compare to aluminum ladders.

Do Fiberglass ladders Expire?

There is no expiration date for ladders, so the fiberglass ladder doesn’t expire. On the other hand,  it has a long life span provided you follow the proper storage criteria and treat it with care.

Which is better aluminum or fiberglass ladder?

Aluminum ladders are lightweight but shaky. The good news about aluminum is the low price. They’re so affordable and easy to carry around.

While fiberglass ladders are heavier and hard to move around, they’re sturdier and safer compared to an aluminum ladder.

At what height do you need a harness?

6 feet or more above a lower level.

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Are fiberglass ladders good?

Fiberglass is more durable and long-lasting than aluminum due to its superior weather-resistant nature. You can expose a fiberglass ladder to sun or rain for days on end, and it won’t rust or lose strength. Couple it with aluminum guardrails or a handrail system and you’ll have access for years.

Which is stronger fiberglass or aluminum ladder?

Fiberglass tends to be much stronger than aluminum. This doesn’t mean aluminum ladders are not strong. An aluminum ladder is fairly resistant to weather, but a fiberglass ladder is even more resistant. In addition, fiberglass ladders are resistant to electricity, which means they are safer around power lines.

Do fiberglass ladders go bad?


When properly cared for, your fiberglass ladder can last a long time; alternately, heavy or poor use can shorten its lifespan. Before stepping onto your ladder, you should always check it for signs of damage, including fiberglass bloom.

What type of material is best used for a step ladder?

Fiberglass is also the most durable material for resisting rust and corrosion. Steel: Steel step ladders are durable and heavier than either aluminum or fiberglass, so they offer a sturdy base on which to climb, but steel also tends to corrode and rust if it gets wet.

Why do electricians Use fiberglass ladders?

Wooden ladders are not conductive to electricity, but they can rot when exposed to moist conditions over time. Fiberglass ladders offer the best choice for both for long life and safety from electrical conductivity.

How long does fiberglass ladder last?

between one and three years
A fiberglass ladder that has not been maintained at all can be expected to last between one and three years, but its lifetime can be extended by periodic washing and waxing.

Do fiberglass ladders rust?

Fiberglass ladders are weather resistant and won’t rot or split. They are a smart choice for construction and heavy industry because they are non-conductive.

What size ladder do I need for a 2 story house?

On most two-story homes, this can only be done with a 28′ extension ladder. (This 3′ extension rule also holds true indoors and for shorter heights like one-story dwellings; you’ll just need a shorter ladder.)

Can you leave Fiberglass ladders outside?

However, no matter how tired you’re feeling, fibreglass extension ladders and fibreglass step ladders must always be moved and stored indoors. When exposed to sunlight, fibreglass material can break down. This means the quality of your ladder will deteriorate and ladder safety compromised.

What are some limitations of fibreglass ladders?

The main drawback is its weight – the material is much heavier and denser than its competitor, aluminium. This can make fibreglass ladders inconvenient to carry around. Another drawback is the high cost of fibreglass – but if you need a non-conductive ladder, fibreglass really is the only option you should consider.


The models on our fiberglass step ladder review offer maximum durability, stability, and safety, although they might vary in height.

So remember some tasks might require a lengthier ladder, whereas, some may demand a two-man compactable ladder.

To get the ideal one that is suitable for your needs, I urge you should glance through our buyer’s guide and review section once more.