differences between the deep base paint and medium base paint

Deep Base Paint In 4 Best Types

Deep base paint, In this article we are going to discuss this topic in a detailed manner. Do we know what is the deep base paint? And do we know why it is called deep base paint? Is it a type of paint? Or Is it a mixture of different paints? What is the use of this paint? Where can we know about the deep base paint?

Where can we find about the deep base paint? Is it use on the surfaces of the furniture, metals and canvas? Let’s find out the information regarding this topic deep base paint Wow! It is getting more interest to know by raising these questions.

Deep Base Paint

deep base paint let's know about it

Deep Base Paint Before going to this topic, Let’s know about the what is base paint? We have all known the basic thing what is paint is?

Base Paint

Let’s know about the base paint in deep base paint. Base paint means the fine solid particle that builds the paint. Now we have known the base paint is. The paint properties and the recognition of the color is due to the base paint. It makes the paint consistency bulky.

You may surprised that how the paint is polished, smooth, elastic,opaque. It doesn’t break. These things are happened to paint texture because of the base paint only. we should really appreciate the particle for enriching the qualities in paint.

base paint

Make it clear one thing it’s not a primer. Primer is a base coat that apply before paint. It makes the surface to adherence of the paint when paint. Base paint acts as a medium to makes the paint beautiful. How would it be like to see?

It seems like white color paint. If you watch it thoroughly the base is bulky. On addition of the colorant products to the paint. It allow the solid particles to insert and gives the final color.

By the addition of the colored products to the transparent base made the paint hue.

This is the reason you may observed that the different colors sometimes. Even you may directly apply it on the surfaces. It gives the broad sense look by the addition of colors.

Types Of Paint Bases

There are different types of bases. They are:

types of base paints

  • Base 1:- This is apt for light bases and white pastels. Depends on the white pigment, it is used for lighter tones.
  • Base 2:- It is used for darker colors. It contains low amount of white pigment. It gives lighter shades.
  • Base 3:- It is used for medium based tones. It allows the more colors to enrich the paint tone. It has low white pigmentation.
  • Base 4:– It makes the rich and most pigmented paints. It allows to add more colors to vibrant the paint.

Deep Base Paint

Let’s know about the deep base paint is. It is also called medium base. But there is a difference between the two terms. Here the deep base paint or medium base based on the addition of the white pigment.

It depends on the ability of the paint when it is tinted.

Deep base paint: By having the least quantity of the white pigment in the paint gives the opaque consistency. It means you can add the more colorant to the paint it will give rich colors, darker colors.

Medium base paint: It consists of the high quantity of white pigment not equal to high slightly resembles the high quantity. It gives better consistency than the deep base paint.


A deep base can change into more transparent by the tinting process to the dark colors if you want to paint dark colors. You may tint the light colors to lighter colors.

Most of the companies forget the numbering so label their paints deep base, medium base, pastel base, light base or white base. When you approach the store there is one type of the base called accent base.

It is merger quantity of paint. It is acts an ideal. It results the more pigmented colors. Based on the two variations the deep base paint may learn more.

  1. Coverage
  2. Amount of white pigmentation

deep base paint

  • Coverage:Titanium dioxide in paints not only influenced thing in the paint the white pigment also influence the variations in color intensity.
  • The base paint along with the white pigment gives the less coverage on actual paint.
  • It is simply says that the deep base gives the enriched colors but gives the less coverage.
  • For example on the furniture when you want to paint. Then tint doesn’t added to the paint.
  • While applied on the surface then the paint shows the deep base paint color due lack of the high coverage.
  • Due to this reason don’t apply the deep base paint without tint preparation.
  • Because the tint with the white pigment gives the best coverage to the paint.
  • Amount of white pigmentation:- The base paint has some white pigment but in case of the clear base pigment it is none.
  • Titanium dioxide in deep base paint has less base paint.
  • Due to this reason the deep base paint allows more colors. It accepts the more colorants and darker tones. White base paint has the rich amount of the titanium dioxide.
  • For light colors it is less amount of titanium dioxide. So it produces the darker tones.

Medium Base Paint


If we calculate from the ancient times number the intensity of the white pigment.

Medium base will get the number 3 or 4. The base paint limit the addition of colors added to medium base paint.

If you more of the base paint to the medium base paint then the dryness ability and quality ability affected.

If you apply less quantity then it affects the coverage less.

It creates the shades to the pastel base or white base. Low addition of the white pigmentation helps the allowance of the more colors. Saturation of hues gives enrich colors.

Differences Between The Deep Base And Medium Base

Alright readers, so far you will aware of the terms elucidate manner. Let’s look into it.

differences between the deep base paint and medium base paint

  • To bring the actual color you have to mix the deep base color and the medium base. Two of them have low white pigmentation. Due to the lack of the high amount of pigmentation in both results the actual color.
  • But the capacity to absorb the color is more for the deep base paint and less capacity to medium base paint.
  • Deep base for the lighter shades and the medium base for the both light and dark colors.

Deep Base Paint Used For

It has the capacity to create the darker bold colors with certain combination with tint. You may paint at home by mixing the different paints.

To make paint colors join the white paint gives you the light colors.

But the deepening color is difficult. Deep base paint prevents the guess work of painters.

Alright you may touch the topic wisely what is deep base paint is? Let’s learn how it would be used for?


There are three ways to approach the usage of the deep base paint. They are:

  1. Tinting 
  2. priming
  3. Finishing


Pick a color and make sure the deep base paint get tinted by professionals. This not yet ready to paint. To achieve a good color on the paint you should tint the paint.

Mostly the colorants are already mixed up with the machinery. These machines certainly mix up with the amount of pigment to the gallon of deep base paint.


Too much addition of the tint leads to the ruin painting. Deep base paint with the tint is in high amounts it will take time with the dryness. No damage will occur after the addition of the tint application Painting



In this step you will select the apt primer. Deep base paint needs high quality of the primer and the tint as a base coat. so it gives the low coverage. The tinted primer and the tint will accelerate the coverage results.



It has the tendency to shows the attractive painting. Avoid the overlapping lines on painting.

Make sure the paint is distributing equally over the surface.

Avoid the painting from the deterioration.

Avoid the painting from the U.V rays. It will add on the interior surfaces and the exterior.

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The topic deep base paint gives an approach to learn in an easy manner to you. I hope you may look into the topic in broad sense. I think you will satisfy with the all information regarding the topic deep base paint let’s know about it. Enjoy the topic and you may refer on given below words for more details. It will add color to the Painting.

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