How To Clean Your Spray Gun In 2 Easy Parts

Hello, Sprayers! In this article, we are going to discuss how to clean your spray gun. What is meant by spray gun? What are the advantages of a spray gun? What are the parts to be followed to clean your spray gun? And many more questions about this topic will be discussed in this article. Let’s discuss the topic of how to clean your spray gun. Before completion of this article, you may get a clear idea of the topic by reading between the lines of the content.

Clean Your Spray Gun

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Clean Your Spray Gun Complete Guide

Before going to the main topic let’s first know about what are spray guns and their advantages.

What Are Spray Guns?

Spray guns are nothing but a piece of equipment that can spray paint or varnish using air pressure to apply it or to spread it on a surface. The great reason why many people choose this gun is, that these guns can be used to paint on any type of surface(including metal, wood, stone, clay{ceramics}, porcelain, plastic, glass, and textile). Hence, for this reason, spray guns are fundamental tools for the type of manufacturing industry and repainting services as they allow industrial finishing of any of their products economically and efficiently.

What Are Spray Guns

These spray guns were invented in 1888 by Dr. Allen DeVilbiss in the United States. After that his son continued to improve the invention, producing the first spray gun to use compressed air. The development of spray gun technology has continued to this day. For the vast majority of industrial finishing jobs, it is essential to use spray guns. Simply, it is the option that is the best in price and production speed.

Advantages Of Spray Guns

  • Allow the paint to be applied uniformly on the surface
  • Allows different types of surfaces (even irregular or rough) to be painted efficiently
  • Save time and production costs
  • Can be configured for automated use
  • There is good diversification for specific applications
  • There are different ways to configure each gun according to the need for finishing

How To Clean Your Spray Gun

Spray guns are wonderful tools for finishing a surface really quickly and evenly, but cleaning them up can be a bit of a hassle. Here’s how to do it easily and safely!

Part 1: Initial Cleaning To Clean Your Spray Gun

  • The first step to clean your spray gun is to get rid of the leftover paint in the can. Make sure before doing this to put on the appropriate safety gear( such as gloves and safety glasses) for working with strong chemicals and fumes.
  • If you’re working with water-based paint, use a general finishes brush and gun cleaner or waste thinner on a rag and wipe out as much paint as you can from the container and lid. If you’re working with oil-based paint instead, use mineral spirits for this. Doing a good job of this will make it much easier to clean out the rest of the gun.

Initial Cleaning To Clean Your Spray Gun

  • Fill the cup with the brush and gun cleaner, and secure the lid back on the cup. Shake the paint gun vigorously to coat the inside of the cup with the cleaner to dissolve any paint left inside.
  • Run that cleaner through the gun by spraying it out. Find a well-ventilated area and squeeze the trigger of the gun just like normally would when painting with it. Repeat this process a few times in order to thoroughly clean out your spray gun, and wipe down all parts until they’re dry. Before disposing of them make sure to lay out the rags from inside the can in a well-ventilated area. Now you can spray your cleaner into this convenient can instead of making a mess!

Part 2: Clean Individual Components To Clean Your Spray Gun

To clean your gun, you’ll need to take it apart. For each of these following steps, clean all parts with your GF brush and gun cleaner, waste thinner, or mineral spirits as you remove each component.

  • Remove paint cup and lid (turn it counterclockwise).
  • Remove the fluid adjustment knob, and then remove the spring that is revealed once the knob is gone.
  • Pull the trigger and pull the fluid needle straight out. This is important to avoid bending or damaging the needle while removing other parts.

Clean Individual Components To Clean Your Spray Gun

  • Remove the air cap on the front of the gun (turn it counterclockwise), then remove the fluid nozzle as well.
  • Once you’ve finished removing and cleaning each of the above parts, wipe the gun dry and rinse with cleaner/mineral spirits. This includes the gun body, cup lid, air cap, and all parts that have remaining paint (except for air gaskets, if applicable).
  • Finally, reassemble all parts and wipe off any excess liquid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Clean A Spray Gun With Water?

Your HomeRight paint sprayer comes with a handy white brush that works great for cleaning a paint sprayer and getting the hard-to-reach areas like inside the tube. But as long as you clean the paint sprayer after your project with warm water and a little soap you should be fine.

Can I Clean My Spray Gun With Acetone?

Many people turn to acetone for its well-known paint stripping properties. However, using acetone as a paint gun cleaner can pose some health and safety risks. Acetone is a volatile organic compound that is flammable, environmentally hazardous, and harmful to the health of the user.

When Should You Clean Your Gun?

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to clean your gun after every trip to the shooting range. Defensive firearms that don’t get used frequently should also be cleaned occasionally. Try to give them a deep clean and inspection about once a month.

How Long Can Paint Sit In Spray Gun?

This is probably the most common storage method for most airless paint sprayers. Most painting professionals and contractors fall into this time span. Fresh, clean mineral spirits are considered a storage fluid for this time span, use it or another pump preserver such as Graco Pump Armor.

How Long Can I Leave Paint In A Sprayer Between Coats?

Whenever you’re painting anything, like a wall or trim, there is usually a period of waiting between coats of paint that lasts about 2-4 hours. Using a paint sprayer in an unventilated area is an efficient way of putting a quick-drying latex in.

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End Note

Here, I have come to the end of the article on the topic of cleaning your spray gun. I tried my level best to include all the necessary points that are required related to the article. I do hope my article would be interesting and maybe ever knowledgeable.